Publishes Inner Architect Book Review: “She Is Writing This So I Can Be My Own Life Coach”

inner architect book cover

Awareness continues to build for author Susan Hanshaw’s new work “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” with global media giant publishing Lori Hoeck’s amazing review July 3, 2008 at blog.

The original story was published on June 24, 2008 as a deansguide article: “Smashing Review For Inner Architect: She Is Writing This So I Can Be My Own Life Coach.” syndicated the story for their News and Environment sections at

Live Workshops and Keynotes For Inner Architect

1. Mill Valley Rotary Club July 22, 2008

2. Sausalito Rotary Club July 24, 2008

3. Cupertino CSIX Connect Employment July 29, 2008

4. Fremont ProNet Employment August 15, 2008

5. San Francisco networking August 19, 2008

6. Menlo Park Job Train Graduation September 5, 2008

7. Menlo Park Workshop: “Changing Careers: Laying Your Foundation”

Date: Saturday, Sept 6, 2008
Time: 10am – 4pm
: Menlo Park, CA
Workshop price before Aug 6: $85
Workshop price after Aug 6: $95


2 thoughts on “ Publishes Inner Architect Book Review: “She Is Writing This So I Can Be My Own Life Coach”

  1. Hi and thank you so much for creating this blog. I am always wanting to learn new ways to enhance my life in every way possible.

    I hear there is a new movie called The Compass that has teachers from The Secret and The Opus. I don’t know why, I just have a good feeling about this one.

    I found it at

    Does anyone know anything. I looks pretty cool. Cannot wait!

  2. Becky,

    That sounds like the type of project that might be a spin off rather than original material. I will keep looking for it.

    I have a deep seeded problem with “The Secret”: the people. I am not impressed by The Secret because it never presents itself as anything more than a “think positively and you will acquire anything you want” piece of propaganda.

    In my opinion if Oprah had not identified the potential ratings bonanza of The Secret (people are longing for help as am I) and featured these people, The Secret would have never gotten off the ground.

    As it is, The Secret and it’s misguided definition of the Law of Attraction are no longer part of the lexicon, part of the consciousness, and NOT even close to being a movement.

    The missing piece to their puzzle was the fact that you must first believe in yourself, feel spiritually connected, and you must remain in this state in order for the Law of Attraction to “kick in.”

    The Secret is based on “getting yours” fulfilling your “monetary” dreams and little else. As I predicted 14 months ago–The Secret about “The Secret” is there is no substance to “The Secret.”


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