WakeUpWalMart.com: Manage Your Reputation or Else Someone Else Will

Wakeup Walmart

Online reputation management is a growing concern for the smallest business to the largest corporations. Blogging is one of the best tools to deliver messages and challenge erroneous information about a company brand. Social media networks allow companies to create profiles and pages which also act as a delivery system. The ultimate sum total of the effort to blog and create social media profiles and pages is to populate the page 1 Google search for the company name. The following is a perfect example of why companies of all sizes should be concerned and aware of how to defend their reputation online: WakeupWalMart.com


The plethora of information presented on this site is the best example of why WalMart should be concerned. The following are links to each category:

  • WalMart Facts: covering such subjects as cost to taxpayers, wages, worker injuries, worker benefits and many more issues that the site highlights
  • Take Action: a plea to write your story, start a group, or write a letter to the editor
  • Media Center: including video, pictures, and WalMart in the news

This site is a warning to all companies that you can no longer remain silent when your brand is under scrutiny. Have a online reputation management plan and execute it as soon as possible.

Twitter Strategies for Entrepreneurs: How Not to Use Direct Messages

Direct Messages

The most annoying habit of Twitter users is the strategy of sending a DM aka direct message as a greeting to anyone who follows their tweets. Why would, what appears to be a smart method of introducing yourself to a new connection, a DM end up being detrimental to your ability to connect? The answer is automated response tools.

5 Reasons Not to Use Auto Direct Messaging

  • Perception: you are immediately perceived as not caring enough to personalize your message to your new connection because no name is attached to a automated tweet
  • Sales Pitch: 70% of the DMs I receive are direct hard sell sales pitches asking me to become a facebook fan, read a blog article, or follow other Twitterers.
  • Interruption: this is interruption marketing at it’s worst. If you want to be relevant re-read Seth Godin’s idea of permission marketing
  • Follow Strategy: most automated response DMs are the byproduct of a Twitterer’s follow strategy. Most entrepreneurs that auto tweet have follow strategies built to create mass numbers regardless of the value of the following.
  • DM Examples to Avoid: never do the following if you must use automated direct message tools

Yay, I’m on auto but that doesn’t mean I don’t care! You’re on Facebook? Let’s be friends there too “

“I have written a free quide on the ‘smart’ way to Twitter: (url link) it’s to the point and it’s free. Thanks for following me. Hey it is great to follow”

Thanks for the follow! I found you via this Twitter marketing tool: link and If you want a lot of followers (like I do), you should check this amazing website: link”

Farrah Fawcett: 1947-2009

Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning (June 25, 2009)  after a 3 year battle with breast cancer; she was 62 years old. I could tell you that in the 1970’s our entire high school boys baseball, football, and basketball teams had her poster on one wall or another. I could tell you that she was the star and center of attention during a decade when “me” and “discovering yourself” were the mantras. I could even tell you that every girl, ages 13-33, had a Farrah wings hair-doo hoping it might make them look as sexy and beautiful as the real Farrah. But I am not going to tell you any of those memories; instead I am going to leave it to the one snapshot memory that brings me back to my teen years-good bye Farrah you will be missed!

Farrah Fawcett

USA vs. Ed Okun: Amended Preliminary Restitution Report

bank vault

The 1031 Taxgroup Ed Okun ponzi scheme rip off continues to baffle and frustrate those victims who have endured the worst experience of their financial lives. The continuing saga of restitution took a new turn with a newly amended government preliminary restitution report. If you are a victim of Ed Okun’s 1031 Tax Group fraud, this is a document you should read and familiarize.

Gearld McHale’s Trustee Tax Group Notice

The following is a link to a pdf file for the government’s amended preliminary report as to restitution made available on www.trustee1031taxgroup.com. Please read this document, released on June 9, 2009:

Click on Government’s Amended Preliminary Report as to Restitution follow this link to bottom link click on (orange) “linked hereto is the Order of the criminal court dated June 9,2009” for the report. Best of luck and our thoughts are with you all.

Mine Statistics For Twitter Strategies: Top 20 Twitter Locations


Courtesy Wikipedia London

ComputerShopper.com published this deansguide article in “Technology News” 6-21-09

Marketing firm Hubspot focuses on “inbound marketing software that helps your company get found online, generate more inbound leads, and convert a high percentage of them into paying customers.” Hubspot’s recently released report “State of the Twittersphere” has some interesting and thought provoking findings. Case studies and reports enable  entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations create Twitter strategies for their businesses. The best location to find research to build your twitter strategies: on Twitter.

Top 20 Locations Today and Past

  1. London–London
  2. Los Angeles–USA
  3. Chicago–San Francisco
  4. New York–New York
  5. San Francisco–Chicago
  6. Toronto–Los Angeles
  7. Atlanta–California
  8. Seattle–Toronto
  9. Boston–Austin, Tx
  10. Austin–New York
  11. Sydney–New York City
  12. San Diego–San Francisco
  13. Washington D.C.–Canada
  14. Melbourne–Texas
  15. Portland–Atlanta
  16. Houston–Washington D.C.
  17. Vancouver–UK
  18. Dallas–Los Angeles
  19. Brooklyn–Chicago
  20. Philadelphia–New York City

Twitter Strategies for Realtors: Hashtag Discussion Groups


Realtors are beginning to use Twitter strategies to create exposure for listings, open houses, REO sales, foreclosure news, and industry related developments Yet, one of the biggest mistakes that Realtors continue to make on Twitter is to “spam” the network with hard sell tweets about their products, services, listings, and information exclusively promotional in nature. This type of low signal high noise ratio in messaging leads to audience indifference, low priority, and a less than open level of communication between the Realtor and their intended target audience.

Twitter Hashtag Categories

Hashtags (#tag) allow Twitterers to create categories, groups, or subjects for tweets that their audience or other twitterers can use as well. With this in mind, Realtors could begin to create real time discussions with consumers, peers, and investors for a multitude of topical Real Estate information. Here are examples of subjects already being discussed on Twitter using hashtags:

  • #REO
  • #Foreclosure
  • #Realtors
  • #Realestate
  • #Listings

Twitter Hashtag Strategies: Hyper Localize

All of the above examples have current discussions but they all lack one thing: hyper local information. Brokers or groups of Realtors should combine efforts to create hashtags that would provide hyper local information for consumers in their area. Here are examples of hyper local hashtags that are not being utilized in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • #SanRamonListings
  • #SanFranciscoListings
  • #CitynamesRealtor aka #OaklandRealtors; #SanFranciscoRealtors; #SanRafaelRealtors
  • #Countynamesrealestate aka #Marinrealestate; #SantaClararealestate; #ContraCostarealestate
  • #Neighborhoods aka #PacificHeights; #NorthBeach; #RussianHill

Hashtag Strategies: Brand and Create Your Group

Create online discussion groups with your hashtags. Choose the most important subjects to your consumer audience that will provide the most value. Brand your business cards, website-blog, business communications, flyers, and promotional materials with your Twitter hashtag group discussions. Don’t forget your Twitter address too.

Hashtag Benefits to Realtors

The benefits for Realtors in setting up hashtags for consumer research, localized information, and marketing include:

  • Targeted Lead Generation: creating a hyper local hashtag discussion can attract consumers, if promoted properly, interested in a specific location, type of dwelling, or lifestyle
  • Research: hashtags on specific real estate functions can produce research content, via links, that helps educate and inform the public and real estate community
  • Audience: build an audience for any subject that pertains to your business services or products
  • Conversion: there are no statistics available but it would be interesting to measure engagement through hashtags. Specifically, do consumers click through links a Realtor provides in a hashtag discussion more readily than those provided in the general twitter stream? Are consumers more comfortable clicking through to a Realtor website-blog while engaging in a hashtag discussion?

Twitter vs. Blogging: 6 Most Common Excuses Not to Blog

Twitter logo

Blogging is the most powerful tool, with multiple uses, that an entrepreneur, small business, or large corporation can leverage in building their brand. Microblogging, Twitter being the best example, is a miniature version of blogging. Both tools have their push backs. Twtter strategies like blogging strategies help answer and discredit many of the most common excuses people have for not adopting blogging or microblogging. The following are the 6 most common excuses not to blog, reasons why they are myths, and how Twitter compares.

6 Most Common Excuses Not to Blog: Myths

  • Articles Must be Long: the fact is that the useability or readability of a blog article is best when it is short, 250-500 words, due to the reading habits of blog readers aka skimming. Check out the F Shape theory by Jakob Nielsen
  • Twitter: 140 character messages allow brief easy to write “posts”; the barrier to entry for writing is nil
  • Must Write Every Day: writing every day is best but it is not mandatory. It is beneficial to write 1-2 times per week
  • Twitter: again every day is best but it is possible to connect by writing 2-3 times per week
  • Fear to Write Publically: write about expertise do not write in diary format. Stay on business point
  • Twitter: the same holds true stay on business point, give value, and do not write in diary format
  • Resistance to Technology: learning the technology is about using the technology. Experience breeds confidence and efficiency
  • Twitter: far easier platform to learn, no coding, and much shorter ramp up period
  • Nothing New to Write: every subject has been covered but not by you with your expertise and skill. You must demonstrate your expertise
  • Twitter: same idea here but in far shorter messages; showcase your expertise
  • Who Will See My Blog: if you provide SEO, fresh relevant content, and network in the blogosphere your target audience will see your blog
  • Twitter: if you follow the right people, recommend them, and garner their respect through a follow back then your target audience will see your tweets

If you are interested in social media marketing strategies, please consider reading Inner Architect blog. We are a social media marketing and strategies firm based in San Rafael, California.