Who is Dean Guadagni?

Dean Guadagni, San Francisco native, established DeansGuide as a business, digital  self-help guide aimed at helping people step into the new social evolution.

Dean Guadagni is Inner Architect’s chief communications strategist with 20+ years of business development, sales management, and national account management experience. Dean is the author of a nationally recognized self-help business guide whose articles have been published by Reuters.com, Nielsen.com, FoxBusiness.com, Ziff Davis Enterprise’s “Microsoft Watch”, Computer Shopper, and the Chicago Sun-Times. Prior to joining Inner Architect, Dean worked with management consulting firm Domus Consulting Group and social media thought leader Patrick Kitano, whose mission was to help real estate brokerages and affiliates develop technology marketing strategies in real estate.

Dean is a frequent public speaker and workshop facilitator on social media strategies, blogging, and networking. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA degree in Speech Communications.



5 thoughts on “Who is Dean Guadagni?

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  2. Dean you are right, blogging is a vital tool in today’s business environment. The blogging technology is moving ahead with lightning speed and many companies are just not able to keep pace with developments – which means they are losing out. I think your idea of providing consultancy to companies who haven’t got time to get with “The blog thang” is a great idea!

  3. Dean,

    Great to meet you. My wife and I spent 4 years in SF while she was completing her medical residence at UCSF. We loved it. I was in real estate there, first in commercial downtown, then in multifamily management and leasing. Lets talk somet time,


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