There Are No Words No Matter What Your Political Beliefs


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This is a reminder of the things we take as entitlements, the ideals we believe are our rights, the things that we hold near and dear. This is not a political statement. This is merely a reminder. Regardless of whether these kids wished to be in the military. Regardless of whether these kids wished to be trained to fight. Regardless of their ideals or morals.

One thing matters and one thing only. They are their enduring. We are here flourishing. If you ever feel down and out, worried or sick of it–then stop and remind yourself of what the “real world” holds out there.


Real Estate Broker’s Survival Kit Tool #4: Google’s Corporate Culture Applied To Your Business

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If you are over 40 years of age and worked in corporate America you have probably experienced corporate cultures from high stress “push it over the edge” to win-win watch out for the other guy. Because the corporate culture mirrors the company founders, many corporations were all about watching the bottom line and operating from a sense of “entitlement” only enjoyed by the privileged few in a corporation.

This theme of “inner circle” corporate cultures fostered work place drama, backstabbing, neediness, and general discord amongst employees. A sense of “us” (employees) vs “them” (executives) was the order of the day. The overall results of which was a revolving door effect where employees came and left as if parolees from a work release program.

Google was voted the Best Place to Work in 2007 for a number of reasons. The perks at Google are Disneyland like and the compensation is lucrative to say the least. Yet the answer goes deeper than these wonderful aspects of working at Google. Here is the key to the satisfaction of working for Google:

1. Hierarchy is Bad: Google disdains hierarchical order. Hierarchy breeds discontent, secrecy, and an inner circle atmosphere where many people are “left out of the loop.” Ultimately this type of structure kills individual communication, team communication, and ultimately the entire corporate culture.

Analysis: Create a feeling of ownership with each agent by making them privy to the company direction and communcications

2. Small Creative Teams: Google’s core philosophy incorporates the work concept of small creative teams highly flexible and extremely motivated. In addition to this core philosophy, Google allows it’s employees creative licence to a degree rarely exhibited in other corporate cultures.

Analysis: Create and task small teams with projects that can bring value to the company. Allow agents a free hand in exploring new marketing, business processes, tools, and other concepts that could differentiate the brokerage

3. Purpose: Google employees “Googlers” have a sense of purpose in their work fostered by the confidence the company shows in it’s employees. This confidence allows Googlers room to expand their boundaries, pursue projects, work independently, and work in small creative teams. Consequently Googlers are driven through their purpose with the results being high performance and even higher satisfaction.

Analysis: Purpose comes from motivation which is part of an employee’s buy in to the corporate culture. Without the first two Google concepts, your brokerage will never operate with a purpose driven sales force

Advice: View the following video not for the long list of perks your brokerage would never be able to match but instead watch for the information on employee work processes:

San Francisco Forty Niners 5 Super Bowl Titles: 1980’s Most Dominant Era In NFL History

All due respect goes to Tom Brady, a local Nor Cal guy, and the Boston Patriots. Great team but not the greatest ever. That designation, in my opinion, goes to the San Francisco Forty Niners voted team of the 1980’s. Why are the Niners my choice as the dynasty of all dynasties?

1. 1980’s: Coming off the heals of the NFL’s greatest era the 1970’s, the decade of the 1980’s included some of the greatest teams in NFL history. Powerhouses included the 49ers, Redskins, Giants, Raiders, Bears, Cowboys, Steelers, Eagles, Dolphins, Broncos. The talent level on each team was deep and Hall of Fame quality.

2. No Cap: Teams in the 1980’s were loaded. They could pay players without salary caps to hamstring their efforts.

3. Parody: In the 1980’s there were at least 8 great teams operating every year. Parody was not part of the equation as the philosophy without a cap is to produce the “super talented super deep” teams.

Today’s Patriot’s team, like Jordan’s Bulls, does not have enough quality foes to test themselves against nor enough quality rivals. The Patriots, like the Bulls, walk through mediocre (by 1980’s standards) schedules. They do not have the competition to compete against to consider them the greatest team of alltime.

“20 Ideas To Relentlessly Self Promote You and Your Business”:’s Ann Tardy Shows Business People How To Succeed

Last night I attended the San Francisco chapter of the Women in Consulting networking group in order to experience consultant Ann Tardy’sDriving Revenue in 2008 with Asking + Relentless Self-Promotion.” Ann is the force behind

Simply put Ann Tardy’s presentation was most valuable instructional 60 min workshop I have ever experienced. Ann’s delivery is crisp, fast paced and chock full of business altering information. She punctuates this onslaught of strategy, techniques, guides, and how to common sense with real life stories which establishes a sense of “we can do this together” camaraderie.

Hiring Ann Tardy and Lifemoxie will not only bring value to your organization but it will make YOU look great.

The following is an outline of Ann’s workshop:

1. Your 30 Second Pitch: Ann helps boil this down to 15 second “bites” that make a memorable impression

a) What problem do you solve?
b) What results do you produce?
c) What is one of your business goals for 2008?
Craft your 15 second pitch using your answers to these questions

2. Relentless Self Promotion: Identify the value you provide with your services or products; then constantly communicate this value 24/7. The key here is to be genuine and authentic with your communications. Analyze your interactions with people and learn to offer up the “right” information at the “right” time.

3. 12 “Art of Asking” Strategies:
a) Know your goal
b) Know your value
c) Communicate your value with what Ann calls your “Keep me on the Radar Pitch”
d) Craft a powerful ask question. Ex- “What will it take for us to do business together?”
e) Practice
f) Make your case by leveraging your value
g) Be Quiet
h) Listen “Intentionally” Ann explains it as “knowing their concerns”
i) Respond
j) Salvage the “No” by asking “What is your concern?”
k) “Feed the meter” take a time out then come back after a brief timeout
l) Have a back up plan

The final piece to the puzzle is the 20 Ideas to Relentlessly Self Promote You and Your Business

* Have an easy to remember pitch about what you do
* Create a webpage and list it on everything
* Show up to networking events with your pitch and business cards
* Write articles on your expertise and include your company name, website, and if possible your keep me on the radar pitch
* Send a business card with everything you mail
* Use return address labels with your company name and logo
* Use your email signature line to pitch your business
* Create your voice mail with a pitch
* Answer the phone with a pitch
* Speak in public and write your own introduction that pitches your business and expertise
* Send holiday cards and mention your business and business successes in the year
* Send printed or emailed newsletters to customers or potential customers
* Be a resource for others–connect people
* Give samples of your product or service
* Put signs on your property
* Make t-shirts with your logo or tagline
* Have a fun and easy to remember tagline
* Join a leads group
* Ask people to refer you or introduce you to others
* Ask. . .

WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg Raises $2.9M In Funding: Blogging Can No Longer Be Ignored By American Media Or It’s Advertising Clients

Today marks the turning point and trumpets the arrival of the sea change in American media and culture; the revolution begins as the preeminent open source software platform for blogging, WordPress, creator Matt Mullenweg has received $29.5 million in a series B Funding for his company Automatic.

This event validates, legitimizes, and transforms the once thought art form ramblings of a dissident few into the collective “citizen journalistic” revolution of the next generation multi media channel in America.

This event is akin to Ray Kroc applying factory assembly line processes to a small hamburger stand and changing the way Americans ate out. Food cooked fast, delivered faster, with a smile and little wreckage to your wallet.

If you remain skeptical then you MUST read Om Malik’s awesome article “ Creator Raises $29.5M” which gives the story of creator Matt Mullenweg and his role in the explosion of the blogosphere crashing the traditional media’s stranglehold on news.

In my opinion we bloggers are perceived and mislabeled similar to the rantings that accompanied the name Andre Agassi when he first burst upon the tennis world. Andre was about “image” but as we all came to find out–Andre had great substance and style. He won with class and he won often.

Analysis: We (bloggers and consultants) continually stand up and make the unabashed statement that “Blogging is the sea change and next generation marketing that will change the media world as we know it” and today is another large granite block in the foundation of that posit.

* For those business owners, especially Realtors-brokers and mortgage brokers, to ignore the declining readership numbers and declining advertising revenue dollars of the large print media giants is to ignore the sea change.

* For those business owners to ignore the fact that former writers and prominent journalists are creating blogs and selling their offerings through ad based models essentially becoming their “own brand” is to lack vision. These journalists are leaving the constrictions of their newspapers and branding the same way real estate brokers have been branding their businesses for years.

* The most obvious signal that the real estate industry should adopt blogging comes with the simple fact that major print media newspapers are now requiring their writers to blog, they are hiring outside bloggers to write for them, and they are establishing their own ONLINE newspaper sites (ie. NY Times and WSJ) to capture the lost revenue they are leaking due to the internet and blogging revolution.

Resource Guide of Bloggers: The following list includes bloggers who are helping to transform and revolutionize the media landscape as we know it through their efforts. These bloggers are providing (free of charge) valuable and business changing information, strategies, tips, how to formulas, guides, and list. There are thousands of dollars worth of free information jammed packed into this list. Take advantage.

Patrick Kitano
Kevin Boer
John Harper
Brad Andersohn
Melanie Narducci
Director Tom
Thomas Marban
Zoli Erdos
Susan Hanshaw and

Experts Board: deansguide’s Plan For Best of Breed Business Directory

scientist.jpg published this article Jan 23, 2008

Everyday I am asked by someone in business or personal dealings “Hey Dean do you know someone or a company that can do____?” Because of this demand for best of breed services and products, I am currently compiling a “Experts Board” which will perform the following functions:

1. Best of Breed Services: A group of companies and individuals, friends and contacts, that have high standards of practice chosen by deansguide for their professionalism.

2. One Stop Shop: A yellow pages type directory that allows deansguide readers the opportunity to locate, on a global scale, a multitude of services and products.

3. Networking: The opportunity to contact Expert Board members to initiate networking and possible synergy with your company.

The format will remain simple. We will provide pages with a description of the service/product, a short bio, and links to our experts. The idea is to make it simple, fast, and convenient to contact and begin communication with our expert friends at deansguide.

Please gives us feedback by commenting on this idea and any suggestions you would like to see integrated into the Expert Board directory.

WebGuild’s Web 2.0 Conference & Expo Silicon Valley: The Future Of Real Estate Marketing


If you are a Internet marketing professionals, Web 2.0 professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, real estate brokers, or product marketing managers then you should attend the WebGuild Web 2.0 Conference and Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley-Santa Clara, California.

Why should you attend?

1. Cutting edge topics: Information about the Web 2.0 World and marketing

2. Keynote speakers: luminaries from Yahoo, Google,, Oracle, Intel and top companies

3. Web 2.0 Startups Profile: See the newest business models, technologies, and ideas

4. Network: Gain exposure with top companies, new entrepreneurs, make contacts, gain customers

What will you learn?

5. Web 2.0: technologies, strategies, techniques, opportunities and risks.

6. Successful Business models: Secrets to success and ongoing development

7. Trends: the direction Web 2.0 is going and how to leverage this path

8. Best Practices: See what is working and why

The sponsors of this event are a who’s who of Web 2.0 and technology:

Google; Intel; Sun Microsystems; Zoho; Mzinga; andiamo; chirp; Bloofusion; OpSource; Position 2; Groove;, and Mashable.

The registration cost for the conference is $299 for members and $399 for non members.

Realtor Safety At Open Houses: 3 Tips And A Warning That Could Save Your Life

As reported by John HarperEast Bay Rapist Arrested” nearly a year ago, ex convict Daniel Duran was attempting to assault Realtors at open houses in the Dublin-San Ramon-Pleasanton areas. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident as described by the following video about similar activity in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Warning: Do not get caught in the “Earthquake Syndrome.” Even though we, here in Northern California know we are in earthquake country, very few take precautions and prepare a plan ahead of time.

Watch the video then please consider utilizing any or all of the security tips provided below. Be safe Not sorry!

3 Tips to Remain Safe:

1. Buddy up: When possible have a family member, co-worker, or affiliate work an open house with you. Safety in numbers.

2. Surveillance: Insist that your broker provide video camera surveillance with accompanying posted signs alerting the public that they are on camara for the safety of the Realtor. If your broker will not provide the equipment consider bringing your own video camara and set it up. At the very least post signs alerting the public that they are on camara. Sometimes just the signs alone will deter possible problems.

3. Connectivity: You must always have a fully charged cell phone on your hip for quick access. Leaving your cell in a purse, in your car, or on the desk is not good enough. In addition set up a system with your office where you receive 1 check in call per hour as a way to stay connected.

The Sport of Kings Loses It’s King: Bobby Fischer United States’ Greatest Champion Dead


Brilliant, talented, eccentric, and controversial United States grand master chess champion and king of the sport Bobby Fischer died today at the age of 64. With Bobby’s passing goes a part of my life that I owe to this man and the game that is the “Sport of Kings” with all due respect to horse racing. It was chess and Bobby Fischer’s instructive book “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” that taught me lessons about life and helped save my life on one occasion.

My mother bought me the book as a 12 year old 6th grader, first published in 1966, in 1972. The lessons I learned from Bobby can be applied to life; at a time when many of my Realtor and broker friends are having troubles please consider the following:

1. Observe and Analyze: One of the first lessons Bobby taught me was to relax and analyze a situation. Observe your surroundings, circumstances, conditions, and situation. Pay attention!

2. Be Deliberate: Because your first reaction to a situation may be grounded in emotion, this decision could be a mistake. Once you observe and analyze–pause and allow your observations to “sink in” before moving forward.

3. Intuition is Your Friend: After a moment’s pause, analyze your observations. Use your intuition by formulating multiple scenarios/outcomes to the situation at hand.

My Story How Bobby Fischer May Have Saved My Life:

As a 18yr old kid, on a date in a town known for it’s redneck street level justice, in the late 1970’s I was thrust into a situation that could have had grave circumstances for me. Two men cut in front of a line of cars waiting to order at a Jack in the Box restaurant. The offending party then decided to get smart and flip off the angry occupants of the car behind them–a couple of older men who had the distinct look of a couple of newly released ex-cons.

After taunts were exchanged, the two older men left their car, dragged both of the offending men out of there car and began to smack them around. After a few punches, one of the “ex-cons” stabbed the driver in the abdomen 5 times with a hunting knife. Seeing this cutting, the driver’s friend ran away screaming.

My first reaction was to run to the scene to help the man that was stabbed and my girlfriend was yelling at me to “go help him-Dean!” But rather than acting before analyzing–I waited and gave myself a few moments to process. My decision was simply to button up and roll out of the parking lot with my life intact and my girlfriend safe.

Later I found out through a cop, friendly with my girlfriend’s family, that the man that had stabbed the driver was a Hell’s Angel who had skipped bail with nothing to lose.

Thanks Bobby! I hope somebody has your back.