REUTERS.COM BUSINESS-FINANCE: deansguide’s articles published

The following is a partial listing of deansguide articles that have been published on Reuters News Agency in their “Business and Fianance” section. As a former member of Blogburst, now Demand Media, my work was selected to appear in Reuter’s online properties. Note: due to the short shelf life of links on digital magazines, newspapers, and websites, the links are no longer live. In addition, use of Reuter’s News logo is prohibited as I was unable to attain permission.

November 2007

1. The Ultimate O.P.M. Boot Camp For Real Estate Investors: Serious Strategies For Investors Looking For Answers” Nov 3, 2007

2. “Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #5 “Global Markets”: Get Off Your Local Porch and Think Globally” Nov 8, 2007

3. San Francisco Oil Spill Disaster Solution: “Frozen Smoke” Amazing Answer To Environmental Accidents” Nov 10, 2007

4. “Rupert Murdoch Drops Wall St. Journal Online Subscription Fees: Blogging aka Citizen Journalism’s Impact on Traditional Media–Do You Get It Mr. & Mrs. Realtor?”
Nov 14, 2007

5. “Update: New York Bankruptcy Court Appointed Trustee Produces First Newsletter Outlining 1031 Tax Group Asset Status” Nov 19, 2007

Note: This article appears in both the “Politics” and the “Business and Finance” sections of on the same day.

December 2007

6. “How To Start Your Own Business–Tool #2: What Differentiates Your Business?”
Dec 15, 2007

7. “How To Start Your Own Business–Tool #3: Networking The Lifeblood of Growth”
Dec 18, 2007

February 2008

8. “10 Year Old Eddie Van Halen!” Feb 23, 2007 published in “Entertainment” section

March 2008

9. “American News Media and Real Estate Industry: Your Business Models Are Changing Are You Ready To Survive?” Mar 17, 2008

10. “Newsflash: Ed Okun Indicted And Arrested On Charges Of Mail Fraud, Money Laundering, and False Statements” Mar 18, 2008

11. “Okun Attorney To Miami Herald: Ed Is Confident He Will Be Proven Innocent In A Court Of Law” Mar 20, 2008

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