Graph Your Twitter Statistics is a fantastic visualization tool that allows user to graph their Twitter statistics providing a valuable visual presentation. The primary goal is to understand and measure your effectiveness on Twitter if you are a marketer. allows users to view their own stats or that of another user. Load times for your analysis depends upon your level of activity (or that of your subject) on Twitter. Stats “Stats”

  • Graphs of your Twitter clients
  • Users you RT and speak to the most
  • How often you tweet
  • Tweets per hour
  • Tweets per month
  • Tweet timeline
  • Reply stats
  • Your tweet density
  • Your favorite times to tweet

Garvey Brothers Vineyard Management Company Launches Blog

February 10, 2010, Napa Valley vineyard management company, Garvey Brothers, launched their first blog GarveyBrosVMC with the goal of providing an insiders view of the vineyard management industry and Napa Valley and Sonoma Valleys.

The Garvey Brother’s Story

Garvey Brothers Vineyard Management company was established in the spring of 1998 with a core value proposition in mind: “provide quality farming services to vineyards in the St. Helena and Rutherford Appellations” of Napa Valley. As a result of hard work, dedication, prayer and a little luck, Garvey Brothers VMC now manages 400 acres and provides consultation services for an additional 75 acres.

Licensed and Certified Farm Labor Contractor

Garvey Brothers VMC is a licensed and certified Farm Labor Contractor. This license not only provides protection for our vineyard owners in the form of a security bond, but also ensures that Garvey Brothers VMC is kept up to date on all new employment laws and regulations, providing additional value to our clientele.


At Garvey Brothers Vineyard Management, the goal is to provide excellent service and to make a seamless connection between our Team of Field Workers, Vineyard Owners, Winemakers, Administration Team, and Management. While we strive for this “seamless connection” we are working with the utmost integrity and remaining fiscally minded- as we continue to produce premium wine grapes in both Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Twitter Wine Industry Case Study: Drive Traffic To Your Tasting Room

The following Twitter case study was written by CEO Susan Hanshaw. The research was compiled by deansguide and analyzed by both of us in an effort to recognize the true ROI for Twitter. Our study was based on a 12 week marketing campaign we executed in the Napa Valley for a prominent boutique winery. The goal: drive consumers to the winery tasting room Monday through Friday.

Our white paper will be published in the coming weeks. If you are interested in receiving a copy, and you work within the wine industry, leave me your comment with email address.

Inner Architect recently compiled findings from a 12-week project we completed a few weeks ago for a boutique Napa Valley winery. Using a CRM tool, we tracked all our efforts and measured the results. The rates in which we converted messages to visitors–unheard of in email or postal campaigns--speaks to the power of targeting, personalized messages, and most importantly, 1:1 marketing.

The Campaign

We were working with a small budget that afforded only an average of 7.5 hours of time per week. Our goal was to generate traffic to the tasting room during the week, Monday through Friday only. We recommended that we could be most effective with a special offer, so we ran with a complimentary tasting for 2 offer.

The Measured Results

A CRM approach to this project provided us with the ability to measure the results of our campaign. Anyone who says that you can’t measure the ROI of social media simply hasn’t thought out the measurement points and set up a disciplined system for tracking.

Our CRM reports tallied that we made 260 unique offers in the 12-week period. These 260 offers were not mass blasts into the general stream. They were targeted messages delivered via Twitter’s @mention feature to prospects we identified using Twitter search.

We sent 84 people to the tasting room, with an average of 3.4 people per visit. That’s a gross conversion rate of 32% generated from 25 users, or a net conversion rate of nearly 10%. Anyone who has experience measuring email or postal campaigns understands that these rates are untouchable in the “traditional” channels.

Key ROI Finding

By keeping track of our efforts, we were able to uncover a key indicator that a prospect will convert to a visitor. Comparing the response rates of the group that visited the tasting room to the non-visitor group enabled us to see that 84% of the visitors responded to our first tweet effort versus only 26% of the non-visitors.

What this possibly points to is an opportunity to increase ROI by investing time only in prospects who respond to our first tweet and shifting more time in searching for targeted propects.

Twitter as a Direct Marketing Solution

A white paper is now in the works to describe more fully how Twitter can be utilized as a direct marketing solution. If you are interested in receiving a copy, email us your request and we’ll send you a copy when it’s done.

5 Super Bowl Twitter Sources

If you are lucky enough to have attended a Super Bowl then you understand the hype, media attention, and parties that surround that most American of events. In preparation for your Super Bowl experience, I have compiled a list of Twitter users that will be sure to keep you in the know, keep you laughing, and entertained. My top 5 Super Bowl Twitter user list.

5 Super Bowl Twitter Sources

  1. @SuperBowl : incredible information about gear, parties, everything Super Bowl week
  2. @NFLPRGuy : Brian McCarthy NFL’s PR guy and source
  3. @NFL : official site of the NFL
  4. @JimIrsay : Colts owner and overall party guy
  5. @AaronRodgers12 : Green Bay’s starting QB Find Your Dream Parking Spot

Have you ever dreamed of driving into your favorite sold out concert, sporting event, or major bash knowing you would have a front row primo parking space just waiting for you? If you have the willingness to pay a premium, I have the service you have been waiting for all your life: .

The following is a description provided by ParkWhiz on how they can help you find the impossible parking spot.

ParkWhiz: How it Works

Get a guaranteed, reserved parking spot near hundreds of top destinations across the U.S. using ParkWhiz.

Find Your Parking offers reserved parking for hundreds of locations across the US, including stadiums, theaters, and airports.


When you find parking that meets your needs, you can reserve it immediately at the specified price. Click the Reserve Now button. Your parking is fully paid for – there are no extra fees or surcharges when you park.

Print or E-Ticket

After you successfully purchase your parking space, you’ll instantly receive an electronic ticket for you to print at your convenience. Select locations also offer the option of using an e-ticket on your smart phone.


When you arrive to park your car, present your ParkWhiz reservation receipt to the parking attendant who will show you to your parking spot. Your reserved spot is already paid for and waiting for you, so just park and be on your way!

How Important is Influence Within Social Media?

Influence is a hotly debated subject within Social Media circles. Many people believe that your influence, within social networks, is your most valuable commodity. Others believe that influence is often overrated and rarely measured with all relevant factors taken into consideration. Yet long before social media existed, influence was often considered critical in the sales process. Whether you believe in it or not you should consider Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence: Science and Practice”

Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence

  1. Reciprocation: If you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of you
  2. Scarcity: It’s easier to tell something that people perceive as popular and in short supply
  3. Authority: The customer will believe in you if you’re knowledgeable
  4. Commitment: If your customer publicly commits to an order or request, he’s likely to go through with the sale
  5. Liking: Ever bought something from someone you disliked? Every turned down someone you liked?
  6. Consensus: It’s easier to close a sale if everyone around is also buying your product

Guy Kawasaki’s One Tip to Becoming The Effective E-Mailer

In my previous article “Pingdom’s 2010 Internet by the Numbers” one of the most amazing, yet easy to believe, statistics was the fact that 89.1% of all emails are spam. In many cases people send emails that are not spam but because of the subject line or length, their efforts are deleted because they appear to be spam.

Guy Kawasaki describes 13 tips to becoming the effective e-mailer in his book “Reality Check.” Although each tip is worthy of mention, one in particular is the platinum standard: Keep it Short.

Keep it Short

Instead of diluting Guy’s tip by paraphrasing or interpreting it, I am going to provide this tip verbatim:

“The ideal length for an e-mail is five sentences. The ideal content level is one idea. If you’re asking something reasonable of a reasonable recipient, simply explain who you are in one or two sentences and get to the ‘ask.’ If it’s not reasonable don’t ask at all. My theory is that people who tell their life-story suspect that their request is on shaky ground so they try to build up a case to soften up the recipient. Another very good reason to keep it short is that you never know where your e-mail will end up- anywhere from your minister to the attorney general.”


The most important ideas within this tip:

  • The ideal length of an e-mail is five sentences
  • The ideal content level is one idea
  • If it’s not reasonable don’t ask

Do You Remember These Social Media Events?

Because it is fun and often revealing to look back into history, the following is a brief look at some interesting Social Media milestones. If you have other milestones not included in this lineup, via Mashable’s “The History of Social Media (InfoGraphic)”, give us a shout.  Here are some that stood out.

The First Email

How many people know this fact? We never thought it was this early in our evolution.

The Globe

Do you remember this social network? It was definitely a precursor of things to come in the Dot.Com meltdown.

Social Matrix: Is It Really This Big?


Friendster the grandfather of all social networks is still alive and well? It is interesting that few bloggers challenge the registered user statistics for all social networks. Twitter, a micro-blogging site, most likely mirrors blog attrition numbers yet nobody challenges them. Of the 190M+ registered users on Twitter, how many accounts are abandoned, run by bots, or the product of single users establishing multiple accounts? The same question for Facebook could reveal a much lower number of actual users. As we continue to see growth and adoption, what is the relevance of true registered user numbers in understanding the impact of each network? Only time will tell how far we have actually evolved.