Unshorten.It: Open Unidentifed Links with Confidence

This guest post from Innerarchitect.com, digital marketing agency based in San Francisco, takes a look at content curation security. Opening links in today’s world is often a dangerous activity.

Safety in today’s Web world is often threatened by a wide array of malware, hackers, and unscrupulous cookies designed to steal your information. Marketers are often faced with security issues when curating content in their everyday duties. With the now industry standard link shortening services, marketers are faced with opening links that have no identifying attributes. What lurks behind a shortened link can be nothing but a great article or something that could cause real problems- until now.


Unshorten.It is a tool designed to take the fear out of opening unidentifiable shortened links. According to Unshorten.It “Unshorten.It takes any bullets for you, analyzing the website for safety and letting you see it before you decide whether to proceed.”   Unshorten.It provides:

  • Identifies the URL the link points to
  • Title and description tags of the target web page
  • Screenshot of the target website
  • Safety ratings as provided by Web of Trust 
  • Alerts you if the website is found in the HPHosts blacklist

Unshorten.It Results

Unshorten.It for each shortened link input returns a post title, destination URL, description, and safety ratings:

And the final output a screenshot: