Favotter: Social Bookmarking For Twitter

Favotter is a social bookmarking service based on  Twitter “Favorites.” This service allows you to make recommendations as well as house important information for research purposes.

What Can You Do?

  • New View: allows you to see the latest up to date tweets as they they become Favorites and track the hottest trends on Twitter
  • Best View: provides the hottest tweets favorited that day
  • Favored View: this view allows you to see if your tweets have been Favored by other Favotter members

Favotter’s Internal Search Engine

Favotter Search: here are the features of Favotter Search

  • You can search all favored tweets for keywords
  • Search results can be sorted by favored count
  • Search results can be sorted by posted-time and
  • Search results can be narrowed down by who tweeted or who favored


  • Crawls favorites for 300,000 English speaking Twitter users
  • Crawls favorites for 100,000 Japanese speaking Twitter users


Favotter claims to have a mobile phone version but there are no links to an application or other information yet

Yahoo and Twitter Strike a Partnership Deal

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Gamble&iid=5065726″ src=”e/f/b/0/Man_leaning_on_b23a.jpg?adImageId=10664733&imageId=5065726″ width=”234″ height=”312″ /]It was just announced on Mashable.com, within the hour, that Yahoo and Twitter have struck a partnership deal. According to Ben Parr’s post “Details: The Yahoo-Twitter Partnership” the deal between Yahoo and Twitter “would be comprehensive and more encompassing than Twitter’s search partnerships with Google and Bing.”The following is Parr’s description of the 3 major components of the deal our our “take” on each one.

3 Components of The Yahoo-Twitter Deal

  • Access to Your Twitter Feed on Yahoo: you will now be able to access your twitter feed via Yahoo Mail and other yahoo properties
    dg: This could be a significant development for Yahoo in their fight to remain relevant in the face of Google’s continued attempts to enter the social market with their own offering ie. Wave & Buzz.
  • Status Updates from Yahoo: you will now be able to update your status from “multiple locations” on Yahoo with Yahoo “becoming a Twitter client” according to Ben there is no word yet if this access will be via widgets or other methods
    dg: Being able to update your status directly from your Yahoo page or within one of Yahoo’s “properties” will keep more people from bouncing away from the site- but will it have a significant impact on “time on site” remains to be seen
  • Yahoo Search & Media Integration “Real Time”: “This brings Yahoo Search in line with its competitors in terms of real-time data.”
    dg: This may be the most critical piece as Real Time search will eventually and completely replace the “Web” search indexing Google has built it’s empire upon. Google is the leader in Real Time search and Yahoo has no choice but to follow

Twitter Strategies: Beware of What You Save in Your Favorites

Twitter’s Favorites section is a fantastic repository for you to save valuable research links, commentary from people you follow, proof that your efforts are working, or as a space to hold all relevant testimonials for your product or service. With all of this value that the Favorites section has to offer there is a dark side– a very dark side.

Beware of these Favorites Problems

  • Favorites can not be hidden or locked
  • Favorites can be accessed by the public like your tweets
  • Favorites can be mined and scrutinized by your competitors
  • Favorites can, if you favorite the “right” information, give your competition hints to your future plans
  • Favorites can showcase your prospects or current customers
  • Favorites can reveal the types of research you are examining


Until Twitter provides privacy or a locking option for your Favorites section, beware that what you place there can be used to evaluate your efforts.

Dave Winer Regarding Gmail Privacy: “I Wonder If They Look?”

Who is Dave Winer? Dave Winer is an expert technologist and one of the most important blogging Web 2.0 pioneers in history. He is also the man who takes on Google in “Google did something seriously wrong” a scathing report on Google’s rollout of Buzz and subsequent privacy breach. The following are excerpts, questions, and assertions from Dave that are difficult to ignore.

Google Buzz: What Happened?

“When Google rolled out Buzz last week they activated an unknown number of users and chose people for them to follow automatically based on who they email most frequently with. Presumably these people had to also be on Gmail. And the list of people you follow is public.” What does this mean?

  • The list of people you email with most frequently is now public
  • Google is trying to “close this hole as quickly as possible but the damage is done”

What Should Google Do Now?

  • Apologize: this requires a “CEO-level apology and statement of contrition”
  • Policy: “an explanation of what policies he’s (CEO) putting in place to be sure this never happens again

Tough Questions

  • What if it were Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s privacy?
  • Does Schmidt use Gmail?
  • If Schmidt uses Gmail, did Google publicly reveal who he most frequently emails?

Ramifications of Google’s Privacy Ignorance

Revealing who Eric Schmidt and the average person emails most frequently could cause problems with:

  • “Stock Market” issues
  • “SEC”
  • Business “partners”
  • Personal Relationships with wives
  • Adversaries “despots”
  • “Girlfriends”

Our Business Life Compromised?

In business or in our personal life, people examining the list of people we most often email might get the wrong idea. “Or they might get the right idea.” Who we email could be very damaging to our business if examined by our competition

Dave Winer: Does Google Read My Email?

“Sometimes as I’m entering a message into Gmail, I wonder if the ethics of Google prohibit them from reading the mail. Sometimes I email with execs at companies that compete with Google. I think “They’d probably like to know this.” I wonder if they look?”

Is The American Press Holding Google Accountable?

According to Winer they are not holding Google’s feet to the fire and asking the tough questions. In a relevant and thought provoking statement by Michael Gartenberg on Twitter on February 13th:

“If Microsoft released Buzz the way Google did, the lawsuits would have already started”

We all have those kinds of concerns. People might get the wrong idea if they saw the list of people I email most frequently. Or they might get the right idea. Permalink to this paragraphSometimes as I’m entering a message into Gmail, I wonder if the ethics of Google prohibit them from reading the mail. Sometimes I email with execs at companies that compete with Google. I think “They’d probably like to know this.” I wonder if they look. Permalink to this paragraph 

10 Ways to Leverage Twitter To Increase Your Business & Weaken Your Competition

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Swiss+Army+Knife&iid=5157499″ src=”0/4/4/d/toned_shot_of_d60a.jpg?adImageId=10241377&imageId=5157499″ width=”413″ height=”413″ /]What can you do with Twitter in your business? Many people think Twitter is simply a fad that will fade away. I am here to tell you that even if Twitter fades away, it would be replaced by a social network with the same simplicity, usability, and benefits. The following is a list of the ways we leverage Twitter for our clients. Before you can learn the benefits you must learn Twitter’s functionality.

Twitter Functionality

  • Prospecting for new clients
  • Lead generation from dissatisfied competitor’s clients
  • Broadcasting local news
  • Announcing information about your business
  • Reputation management
  • Networking within your niche
  • Feed new people to your Facebook Business page (fans)
  • Customer service (http://twitter.com/comcastcares)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Monitor your brand aka listening

Our Clients Benefit

We are performing all of these activities, using Twitter, for our clients. The results have been increased direct to consumer sales, increased traffic to websites and blogs, new sales from past clients, and the creation of a social media system (blog+Facebook page+Twitter account) that provides a footprint in the new sales and marketing channels of today

Who Are You On The Social Media “Playground”?

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=playground&iid=178818″ src=”0175/262ce8d7-0daa-471b-9143-d6ad7dcc1b6a.jpg?adImageId=10211886&imageId=178818″ width=”380″ height=”250″ /]Social Media networks are like a grammar school playground. There is a culture, different players, multiple personalities, all trying to have fun, meet people or stay relevant. Has your company ventured onto this playground without any idea of the rules or people they will meet? Is there a disconnect going on between what your goals on this “playground” and how you will benefit from being there? Before you can begin you should know the players.

Who’s Who on the “Playground”

  • Wallflowers: the shy companies and entrepreneurs unwilling to listen or participate
  • Bullies: the companies or entrepreneurs that know how to search, find, and steal your clients if you are not there in a network. They will also talk about you and your products in less than flattering ways.
  • Chatty Cathys: the companies or entrepreneurs who chatter away about nothing, with no strategies or goals, and wonder why they accomplish little within a network
  • Eggheads: the social media savvy companies and entrepreneurs who have strategies and measurable goals for their social media efforts
  • Know it Alls: the companies and entrepreneurs that think they know it all, refer to themselves as the “experts” in their field- yet they really don’t understand social media or the strategies involved in leveraging a social network
  • Shy Guys: the companies or entrepreneurs that are too shy to write a blog or participate in a social network yet they know enough to listen to the conversations about their brand~ even if they don’t have a tool to respond
  • Yard Teachers: these are the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These guys make the rules, enforce the rules, and change the rules at their discretion. If you don’t get to know the Yard Teacher you are destine to never get along well on the playground

Your Homework Assignment

Give yourself a “grade” of Very Good, Satisfactory, Average, or Below Average when comparing your company or personal social media playground “personalities” to the above menu. Do you know who you are

InnerArchitect Presentation to Hospitality Industry Association: 10 Reasons To Hire Us For Your Event

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Target&iid=5237563″ src=”f/0/b/4/Large_Group_of_332a.jpg?adImageId=10162734&imageId=5237563″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]If your company or association is searching for a valuable presentation on Social Media and how social networks are the new sales and marketing channels, please consider Innerarchitect.com your guide to social media strategies.

Last night we presented “Social Networks: How to Use Them in a Down Economy” to the Hospitality Industry Association of San Francisco. Our meeting outlined how LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the new sales and marketing channels. We presented tips and strategies:

  • Identify the etiquette and culture of each network
  • Identify the common and major mistakes companies make that hurt their brand within these networks
  • Describe the basic navigation of each network
  • Showcase the search functionality and importance of each network’s internal search engine
  • Provide statistics of page views, unique visits that support the growth and importance of each network
  • Compare and Contrast the old traditional sales and marketing channels to the new social media channels
  • Highlight Twitter’s prospecting-lead generation strategy via keyword search relevant to the group’s focus
  • Highlight Facebook’s CRM and rich blog like functionality
  • Outline Target, Dell, Starbucks’ case studies
  • Overview of real time Google search indexing and the mobile market

Are You Going To Allow Ed Okun To Get Away With This?

Chicago Sun-Times published this deansguide article 2-10-10

Ed Okun the 1031 Tax Group convicted felon is at it again. He now has a website, freeokun.com, that is ranked #1 on page 1 of a Google search for the keywords “Ed Okun.” If you lost your life savings to this man and are not seeing any of your restitution monies, you may want to correct the record. Please tell us your story and refute the idea that Okun is innocent.

Here is the landing page for freeokun.com word for word- are you ready to tell the world it is garbage?

Ed’s Story

Ed Okun was living his dream.  A native born Canadian, he was a self-made, multi-multi millionaire, on a trajectory to reach the Forbes 400. Of course, as a successful businessman, Ed had a full set of executive trappings and “toys” : a couple of corporate jets, a helicopter, a summer home on 30 waterfront acres in New Hampshire, a waterfront home in Miami Beach, along  with a 106’ Broward motor yacht (complete with full-time professional crew).  When his business took him to Indianapolis in 1999, he even sponsored an Indy race car in 2005 which placed 14th in the Indy 500.

Ed’s special talent was recognizing potential opportunities in distressed Real Estate, acquiring title to the property then adding capital and vision.  He thus turned “losers” into “winners”, which he then syndicated to pools of investors to whom he offered and usually provided the necessary operating management services, and earned substantial profits for all (including himself).”