Contra Costa Association of Realtors: The Most Powerful Influential Marketing Meetings in California?

Every Tuesday morning (8:30am) the Contra Costa Association of Realtors marketing meeting is held at the Concord Centre in Concord. With over 250 Realtors, Mortgage Professionals, and other affiliates in attendance, CCAR meetings remains the most well attended real estate marketing meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area. Professionals from all over the East Bay, some coming from as far as Palo Alto and San Francisco, gather to trade information on listings, products, services, and upcoming events pertinent to their businesses.

The rules for this meeting are standard operating procedure; yet their is marketing power in this gathering due to the turnout and “buzz” that turnout creates. In order to speak in front of the crowd, your company is required to “sponsor” one facet of the costs of hosting the meeting. You may choose to be a food, coffee, or room sponsor thus paying for in-full or in portion that particular overhead associated with producing the meeting. This sponsorship has a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year.

Two important factors besides the sheer number of attendees, makes this meeting a great place to network and meet like minded professionals. First this meeting has a tone of “family” where most of the people have been friends for years; new attendees are welcomed warmly and encouraged to network. Due to the seating arrangement, large tables for 6+, it is easy to meet new friends and possible business partners. In addition, CCAR allows people to stand in back and conduct, quietly, your own introductions and networking during the meeting itself. Most meetings only allow networking before and after the meeting while maintaining a nuclear submarine like “radio silence” during meeting business.

The second factor is the fantastic tour(s) available to all attendees. Going on tour allows Realtors as well as affiliates the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere, show off their respective properties, and also share some excellent food. Most tour stops are catered.

Finally a practice that should be standard procedure for all marketing meetings is the “Presentation or Tour” letter. This is a note on CCAR letterhead that verifies your Realtor has presented your house in front of the meeting and that the listing is part of the daily tour after the proceedings. Surprisingly this is a far more valuable asset than most people realize.

With 41 homes on 4 separate tours and over 50 listing presentations, the mood at this week’s meeting was one of real optimism for the market. The following are a sampling of properties listed:

*267 Castle Hill Ranch Rd., Walnut Creek

*2112 Torrington Ct., Martinez

*640 Persimmon Rd., Walnut Creek

*3898 Bayview Circle, Concord

*734 West Boyd Rd., Pleasant Hill

*361 Ridgeview Dr., Pleasant Hill

*540 Adirondack Way, Walnut Creek

*8014 Kelok Way, Clayton

*821 Oakwood Way, Oakley

*5139 Grass Valley Way, Antioch

*354 Shenandoah Dr., Martinez

*1082 Chloe Ct., Concord

If you would like more information about Real Estate Association marketing meetings around the San Francisco Bay Area and if you would like to be introduced into this grassroots method of marketing, please contact Dean.


4 thoughts on “Contra Costa Association of Realtors: The Most Powerful Influential Marketing Meetings in California?

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  3. I would like to know how to file a complaint against an agent and broker. We are sellers and we have really been getting dumped on by several of your wonderful agents. I’ve already got the infomation for the state board.
    Thanking you in advance for your help concerning this situation.
    Terri Harper

  4. Terri,

    Before you go forward and file a complaint, have you spoken with the agent’s broker? You say that you have really been getting “dumped on by several of your wonderful agents.” What does that actually mean?

    Describe what they have done wrong. Without that information, I have no idea what to tell you. As for the “my agents” part of your comment. I am neither affiliated or employed by the Contra Costa Association of Realtors; so none of the agents in question are my agents.

    If you are interested in going to CAR then why are you waiting? What I mean is why are you writing to me on this subject if the agents have done something that is legally damaging to your abilities to sell your property?

    I do not give anyone advice on this blog. I do vouch for the Contra Costa Association of Realtors as one of the finest associations in the country. I only know what has been my own experience.

    If you have a leg to stand on and a case against a broker’s agent–that broker will do what is necessary (within reason) to correct the situation without you having to move forward.

    If I don’t hear from you then I will have to assume that you do not have a legitimate complaint and you have decided against providing us with further details on your situation.

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