8 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: #FollowFriday To Recognize & Attract New Followers

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  5. David,

    Earlier this summer, Twitter announced they were changing how @ replies were seen within the Twitter system. The change essentially means that if you use a @ reply that tweet can only be seen by your followers and not the general Twitterverse at large. I found an article by a much smarter strategist who found that by placing any character in front of the @ sign, allows your replies to be seen by your network of followers and more.

    I chose the period as it is the most unassuming character to use


    • That’s interesting! But, wouldn’t the period only be needed on the first @username?

      Also, this only applies when you start a tweet with @username, no? If you start a tweet with regular text, the point is moot… all followers will see the tweet.

  6. David,

    I stand corrected! This just in from Emily Chang “emilychang Hi Dean! Twitter tip: you don’t need to do the period (.username) unless it’s the first word in your tweet. Ppl will be able to see it…”

    My mistake. I assumed it was necessary throughout the process of writing your @username replies. Thanks for the help on this one!


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