Blog Strategies: Revisit Your Library of Content To Create New Articles

deansguide 10-16 top 3

The top 3 articles for 30 days ending October 16, 2009 on deansguide are

  1. “Twitter Strategies: #FollowFriday To Recognize and Attract New Followers” with 909 pages views
  2. “Hearst Mansion: Nation’s Most Expensive Residential Listing-$165,000,000 and The Godfather Too!”
  3. “Immigrant & Social Order: The Oakland Chapter of the Hell’s Angel’s 50th Anniversary”

My deansguide blog has 573 articles published to date. That library of content will be buried and unbeknowst to the reader if I do not do the following things to ensure it’s continued readership.

Leverage and Repurpose Your Content: Revisit Your Past

The content you write on your blog builds a library or reference point to your past. The following are strategies that will continue to add new readers, gain exposure for past articles, and provide you with an easy to write blog articles when necessary:

  • Internal Linking: make sure to create internal linking to your past content library of articles. By linking past articles to current work, you open the gates to new material for readers unfamiliar with your past works
  • Categorization: categorizing your articles makes it easier for readers to find your work;  another benefit of categorization-you can create an article on the best of a particular “category”
  • Retrospectives: if you have written a past article or series of articles, you can write a retrospective aka “look back” article to analyze where that particular subject matter has progressed today
  • Repurpose: if you have articles in your content library that were too long, losing readers in text, you can repurpose an important point creating a new “tighter” succinct version of the old content
  • Listing: like so many great bloggers, see, you can write an article based on your best articles from any time frame ie. quarter, month, or week


The Top 3 articles by page views this week for deansguide were written:

  1. September 25, 2009 Twitter article
  2. July 10, 2007               Hearst Mansion article
  3. March 30, 2007          Hell’s Angels article

Your content library will serve you well if you understand how to link back to it, create new versions, and make the content easy to access.


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