Twitter Strategies: How To Create a First Time Auto Response Direct Message

The worst method of messaging on Twitter is the DM aka direct messaging channel. Built as a private messaging channel for people to connect with private information, it has quickly deteriorated into a channel of autoresponder spam messages for MLM, affiliate marketers, and useless junk. The following is the best and most palatable method to utilize autoresponder DM for a first time message to a new follower.

Auto Response Direct Messaging Strategy: The Only Way to Do It

I received this DM from dave_carpenter a  “Success partner for high achievers” whose mission is “Helping people to be the very best they can be.” Nice work Dave as you found a way to leave a first time auto response direct message:

DM Twitter

Conclusion: Dave Does it Right

Dave’s message is:

  • Honest as he states he is “Auto-confirming” aka using a autoresponder so the message is not personalized yet
  • Reassuring the rest of his direct messages will be personalized
  • Affirming he wants to learn more about you by “hearing your voice”
  • Tone of honesty and transparency makes his message very compelling
  • Follow Dave @dave_carpenter the link is above