Open House Tips: 3 Steps To Marketing On Sundays

Open House signCourtesy RealtySignXpress.comF published this deansguide article 9-24-09

How many of you Realtors are guilty of arriving at your open house, spending 30 minutes setting up flyers and marketing materials, and then sitting back and reading the paper? Making phone calls to friends? Feeling bored with nothing to do? Be honest and don’t lie to yourself. If that is the scenario for any of you, I have an alternative activity that will help your business.

Step 1: The Laptop

  • Display an open laptop, online, with pages open to your Facebook Business page
  • Display a second tab with your Twitter account
  • Call to action by asking Open House attendees to “fan” your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter

Step 2: List Building

  • Provide your standard Sign-in sheet but place it next to the Laptop(s)
  • Display a third tab that allows Open House attendees to sign up for your “newsletter” online giving them the option to join you in the “real world” or online

Step 3: Your Blog

  • Display your blog in a fourth tab
  • Call to action by asking Open House attendees to RSS subscribe to your blog
  • Write a blog article about your open house and describe the city, neighborhood, and the property-your online sales pitch

Conclusion: Benefit-Takeaways

1. If Open House attendees do not know anything about blogging, facebook, twitter or social media-this is an Opportunity to provide them with a nice introduction to social media-tutor them (on the spot) if they are willing

2. The Laptop becomes your “coffee table book” a point of curiousity and a conversation starter.

Children’s Tip: Kids hate Open Houses and parents drag them into open houses all the time. If you are bold and want to keep the children inline, set up (with client permission) a non violent playstation game for the kids to play while the parents stroll the property


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