Twitter Strategies: 4 Ways Heathclubs Could Leverage Twitter

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Twitter strategies are applicable to a vast array of businesses in need of a broadcasting, lead generation, marketing, and audience engagement channel. The following is a Twitter strategy that can be utilized in a business niche that is extremely competitive: the healthclub industry. The primary focus for healthclubs are membership retention and new membership sales. Here are a few simple strategies to help these clubs connect with their audience in a step by step process:

Connect On Site: Laptop

  • Place two laptops at the front desk- one open to the club’s Facebook page, the other open to the clubs’ Twitter account
  • Place open laptops next to each bank of large TV monitors
  • Place a laptop in the Women’s and Men’s locker rooms

Benefits: Members and Management

  • Laptops provide open immediate access to club members, and prospective members, to fan the club’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter
  • Allows members to immediately comment on their experience in the club
  • Encourages members become involved in social media networks if they are not already using them
  • Provides a voice to club members who know that the club management is monitoring their comments and engaging
  • Builds your list of current club members and prospective club members by making the sign up process as a follower or fan as simple as possible

Twitter Hashtags

  • Initiate hashtags for Pilates, Aerobics, Ballroom dance, Karate, and any other classes or activities offered at the club
  • Create a #Followfriday type of hashtag day such as “#workoutwednesday”

Benefits: Members and Management

  • Provides specific feedback for each class taught
  • Gives members a voice as well as a “Twitter club” specific to their favorite club activity
  • A hashtag day like #Workoutwednesday could act as a networking event for members to meet new members, manaagement to comment on members or instructors, and prospective members to “meet” people from the comfort of their homes first

Personalize Your Staff: Make Everyone Accessible

  • “Celebritize” instructors by initiating Twitter accounts for individuals. Follow the bar-nightclub strategy and make your instructors “stars” that people follow and prefer
  • Tweetups-have staff-instructors organize “Tweetups” at the club like a party to act as a lead generation event, networking event, and to showcase the club facilities

Broadcasting: Hyper Local News, Discounts, Deals, Specials, & Events

  • Become the go-to source for community information about your state, county, city, town, district, or neighborhood
  • Vary the messages to include issues outside, but effecting members, the health field
  • Broadcast your club discounts, specials, deals on memberships, gear, food-beverages, or events
  • Broadcast events or news pertaining to your vendors, affiliates, sister businesses, local businesses, or networking partners

Benefits: Members and Management

  • Members will  consider the club a source of valuable information and comeback to read club tweets and club Facebook entries
  • Management will be able to engage with their audience, sell their products and services, while adding value to their marketing efforts
  • Management will be able to point to their efforts to gain exposure for their affiliates, vendors, and networking partners
  • Management will be able to partner with networking partners by providing links for cross marketing
  • Members will be able to take advantage of discounts, deals, specials, and events specifically created for their Facebook fans and Twitter followers

3 thoughts on “Twitter Strategies: 4 Ways Heathclubs Could Leverage Twitter

  1. Great article – really interesting – I’d be tempted to consider advanced twitter apps where people can tweet about eg workout session which can help record how close members are to their goals etc.

  2. Saw CharlesAtlasLtd on Twitter it is the Charles Atlas company I found out! I was heavy and lost a lot of weight and gained muscle using the Charles Atlas course! I found the company at when I did a search on the internet. I was so glad I found the course! Thanks Charles!

  3. Joeol, Thanks for the kind comment! I really like your idea about using Twitter to announce progress in a workout session or program. I also love the idea of making each trainer a weblebrity.

    William, God bless! I lost a ton of weight 5 yrs ago after a tough recovery from injury. I am glad to see you made progress.


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