3 Linkedin “Recommendation” Strategies For Realtors: Are You Doing It Right?

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FoxBusiness.com published this deansguide article 5-29-09

Like entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations, Realtors are beginning to leverage the power of Linkedin.com for their business. The growth of the site’s traffic and user base coupled with opportunities to join Groups, engage in Q&A’s, and broadcast information makes Linkedin an absolute necessity to any business of any size. The following are three strategies for Realtors in their quest to leverage the power of Linkedin Recommendations.


  1. Don’t Blatantly Ask: The worst approach to receiving  a recommendation is to ask for one. This approach puts undue pressure on your friend, leaves them with a decision, and it can make for awkward communications and weaken your connection to that person
  2. Write Recommendations: With a top down approach to clients and collaborators (start with the most relevant or important), begin writing recommendations for people. The benefits are goodwill with your network, top of mind reminder of your work, and status updates with your name attached
  3. Request: Write a well thought out and powerful recommendation. Before sending it, attach a message asking:
  • Does the recommendation meet their expectations and is it accurate?
  • Ask them for their feedback on the recommendation
  • Close by asking them if they would consider writing a recommendation for you if they feel they have benefited from your relationship together

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