How To Start Your Own Business–Tool #2: What Differentiates Your Business?

Reuters published this article on 12/15/2007 

The next step in starting your own business is finding the differentiating factor that sets your business apart from the competition. What makes your business “standout” is as important as having a driving vision for your business., our business model and new start up, is based on a new cutting edge frontier of personal development where the science of quantum physics converges with spirituality. The scientific evidence and ongoing research is providing answers to today’s modern “Human Capital” challenges that companies, especially in Silicon Valley, must address. The following employee retention issues are the focus of our business model: Employee Team Communication; Concentration and Focus; Feeling of Purpose; Productivity; Work/Life Balance; Stress Relief; and Setting Intention

Once you have identified the challenges faced by your target market, you can apply what differentiates your business to solving these challenges. offers three product-services to solve these challenges:

Training 1: Two-hour group presentation Science Meets Spirituality: Expanding Possibilities in Business

Training 2: One-hour practical workshop Meditation: Learning the Most Effective Fuel for Intention

Training 3: Two-hour practical workshop Designing Results: Developing an Effective Intention Practice

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