How To Start Your Own Business: Tool #1 “Vision”

It has been my life long dream to pioneer a new frontier concept, bring this revolutionary concept to market, create powerful mechanisms for positive change in people, and prosper from the experience. Today I am living my dream as I am proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary personal development, “Human Capital” focussed company. Our vision is to bring forward, to large corporations, organizations, groups, and individuals the concept that science and spirituality have converged to create a new and powerful way to create positive change and improved performance. Let me tell you our story. . .

As Business Director for

My focus is to develop awareness in the ongoing discoveries in science and spirituality which together are providing the platform for positive progressive development. Just as important as developing awareness of this new frontier in personal development, is the introduction of Susan Hanshaw’s work to our market.

My partner Susan Hanshaw

Susan Hanshaw is an author and inspirational speaker. A former Vice President in the direct marketing field, where she spent over 20 years successfully building a number of businesses, Susan left her corporate career to create a more purposeful and meaningful vision. Susan began this vision with her book “Unleashing Your Soul: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Heart.”

Susan’s next step was the establishment of Sanctuary for Change and her blog Soon thereafter came an appearance on the Martha Stewart Living Radio Show “Career Talk” hosted by life coach Maggie Mistel in New York City. This exposure and her continued work allowed Susan to conduct seminars, workshops, and one on one coaching focussed on personal growth, inspiration, purpose, and creating change through concentrated intention.

How did we come together to create

The journey began 3 years ago when my father was diagnosed with cancer and given 2-5 years to live. During this time, I discovered the power of intention and belief and I began to practice in order to help my father recover. Since his original diagnosis, my father’s condition has greatly improved and he has gained strength and a new diagnosis with no limitations to his life expectancy.

The lesson(s) in life

The lesson(s)I learned during this ordeal became the beginning of a personal change and realization that I could affect change in my world as well as reject the limitations I set for myself. As a result of my father’s recovery, I began to seek out information and I became open to the possibilities that surround this complete turnaround.

Due to my new outlook and journey to find more information, I met my partner Susan. Our meeting and subsequent sharing of like experiences, lead us to our current research.

It was a like minded vision that fueled our intentions

We shared this vision to investigate Innerarchitect’s new frontier and the pioneering process that became our company, our philosophy, and our mantra.

In order to succeed

In starting any new business, or a new philosophy, or a new approach to life you must first have a vision of the results you seek to attain. You must hold that vision throughout your journey by setting the intention for the results you wish to achieve. The rest is a continuing process of setting your intentions, dropping the limitations you have placed on your ability to create your dream, and following through with focus and concentration.


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