How To Unleash Your Brain Power-Tool #1: “Our Brains Are Designed to Directly Connect To The Brains of Other People”

I recently explored the ability of the brain to stay “fit” and avoid the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive losses through Dr. Michael Merzenich’s “Brain Fitness Program.” According to revered international author, science journalist, PhD, Dr. of Psychology Daniel Goleman as interpreted by Gina Stepp author of

“People who are good at maintaining important relationships in their lives have always instinctively known what researchers are now discovering: good relationships are crucial to our health and well-being”

Dr. Goleman posits the following about the new field of Social Neuroscience: “Our interactions with anybody are a two way street where one person’s brain is setting the other person’s brain in any of a thousand emotional states.” Our brains are built to connect in ways we have never realized in the past. The “chatter” between brains is the basis for love, rapport, and the basis for interaction between people.

The health implications are monumental. According to Goleman, our interactions with people and the connections we make begin to add up over time. This accumulation effects our health depending upon the types of relationships we foster. Relationships that add stress to our lives or are contentious at best are a drain and negative force which undermines our health. Conversely solid, loving, friendships bolster our health and physical well being.

In the fantastic article “Wired to Connect” at Dr. Goleman’s concepts are highlighted in the following video:

For more information on Dr. Goleman’s concepts go to his blog at or buy his book “Social Intelligence.”