Sell Wine or Bust: Social Media Is A Winery’s Secret Weapon to Survival

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Computer Shopper published this deansguide article 9-11-09

Is there empirical proof that social media sells wine? If you take my experience, as an example, it does sell wine. If you are a Chief Marketing Officer, Wine Tasting Room manager, or anyone tasked with selling wine you may say no to social media. You may have created a Facebook page. You may have registered on Twitter. You may have even established a blog. Yet all of your efforts have fallen flat with a resounding thud! No uptick in sales, no mad rush to the tasting room, no phone lines burning off the hook. What happened? You forgot to do a lot of something-here are 6 reasons nothing has happened yet:

  1. Participation: you set up your Twitter, Facebook, blog, and LinkedIn presences thinking they would run themselves with minimal participation- wrong
  2. Plan: you showed up on each network without a plan to engage, a strategy, or a purpose
  3. Call to Action: you don’t ask your audience to do anything; your messages simply make statements without a compelling reason for audience participation with you
  4. Targeting: you utilize the “more the merrier” approach where you will shotgun your messages without targeting the audience that is most interested in your products and services
  5. Twitter: you are not utlizing Twitter as a source of sales leads and list building with consumers as well as businesses
  6. Facebook: you are not utilizing Facebook as your customer relationship management tool to build and maintain customer loyalty
  7. Measurement: you are not developing a system to track and analyze which messages are working to engage with customers, which messages are eliciting a call to action. Without this information, you can NOT continually tweak your strategy and messages to improve results

10 Content Ideas For Winery Social Media Marketing

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The biggest mistake being made by wineries in their social media marketing efforts is the lack of strategy in the messages they produce. Many wineries on Twitter are simply chatting with no apparent strategy to bring information forward about their product, service, benefits or features. Often times the messages are either too much hard sell or not enough “beef” about the winery. The following is a list of ten ideas that wineries can write about right now. The orgin of these ideas? The winery website-blog:

10 Social Media Marketing Ideas: What Do We Say?

1. History: what is the history of the winery, owners, and vineyards? Within this history, bring out the mission of the winery

2. Wine Club: features and benefits as well as the differentiating factor or why people should join your wine club

3. Harvest: every wine fan wants to know who is making the wine, what the harvest process looks like

4. Partnerships: if you have a restaurant, limo, resort partnership then give all details that benefit your customers

5. Education: if you offer hands on classes in wine making,  storage, or collecting give people the details

6. Discounts: in today’s economy always highlight the deals you are offering your consumers

7. Events: notify your audience about upcoming events

8. Tours: describe the tour(s) benefits, features, and history

9. Tasting Room People: many ultra premium bars in Las Vegas hire bartenders with followings and their own persona. Allow your tasting room staff to create their own persona and engage with your consumers

10. Food: food and wine go together naturally. Showcase the best pairing ideas