Twitter Strategies: 8 Reasons To Make “Following” Widget a Blogroll

A following blogrollWhat fixes or features would you implement on Twitter if you were one of the principles? If I could fix something simple it would be to give each user control over the “blogroll” aka people you follow list that shows on the right side bar. This “following” widget shows the last 36 people or companies you have followed. What if you could choose the 36 people or companies who are displayed in this widget? This widget then becomes a true blogroll and it’s functionality becomes very important. This is what I could accomplish with this new feature:

8 Reasons to Make “Following” Widget a Functional Blogroll

  • Showcase: I could provide exposure for my most influential people-companies I follow
  • Best of Class: my following widget could be populated with the best providers of information
  • Perception: the perception of me or my company suffers in the eyes of my followers if less than appropriate or different people are showing up in my following widget aka blogroll
  • Change: provide each user the ability to change their “blogroll” daily, weekly, or monthly. This would allow me to run blogroll themes. Examples would include best of social media; social media companies, best hyper local resources, best regional information, niche information
  • Hashtags: I could feature the most prominent Twitterers from hashtags
  • RT: I could feature the most prominent RTers of my information as a recognition and thank you
  • DM Abusers: I could feature companies or people who use the DM as a spam messaging channel; This would be a warning system for users
  • Unfollowing: this could be a list of people or companies I am about to unfollow

Twitter Strategies: How Smart Do You Want To Be?

Great GazooCourtesy The Great Gazoo Wiki

Before Twitter became my biggest resource for research, I was an old schooler stuck with a library card. From that library card, came the advent of the internet and portals–places information flowed from with little structure. And from that evolution came the dawning of the Web 2.0 social media paradigm shift we have today. Although is not the biggest or the baddest social network on the block–they do hold one major distinction–real time instantaneous access to valuable information.

Why Twitter Is The Resource for Information

  • Real Time: instantaneous information links
  • Multitude: information from every niche, subject matter, topic, and genre can be found on Twitter
  • Freemium: the information is free, it is not charged for except in the case of the “old school” news agencies unwilling to understand that information is becoming an “open source” commodity
  • Authority: forgetting the welebrities for a moment, some of the smartest most brilliant new thought leaders from many niches share their research, expertise, studies, and cases
  • Crowdsourcing: information can be examined, commented upon, and scrutinized via the masses with new information formulated based on these “group” efforts
    Mr Peabody and Sherman Courtesy The Big Cartoon Database

Grow Your Brain On Twitter

Twitter is like your diet. If you choose to consume junk and crap you will end up with a bad body. But if you choose to be careful and mindful of what you consume, perform your due diligence, and be open minded–the sky is the limit. Here is how to get started:

  • Identify Niche(s): before you can learn you must target the niche(s) you want to learn about in depth
    How: that is up to you so look within for this answer
  • Create Lists: once you have your niche(s) you need to create rough lists of people-companies to follow that fit your research needs. These lists will change as you become aware of more resources. Note: always be willing to experiment & tweak your list(s)
    How: you can use any number of Twitter applications to create lists. Some of the favorites are Tweetdeck, Hootesuite, and soon to be “Lists” function on Twitter
  • Search For Sources: roll up your sleeves and begin looking. Start with, try, utilize Twitter’s internal search engine, & look on Google
    How: list your keywords & keyword phrases relevant to finding your sources; input these keywords with relevant factors like region, geography, or demographics if they apply
  • Due Diligence: once you have your list of resources, begin to follow their tweets. Perform some due diligence by going through their tweets to make sure they are the right source for you
  • Mine The Blogroll: after finding each important resource (person-company) mine their blogroll of people-companies they follow. Note: this is often an accelerated way to gain new resources to follow
  • Save Your Links: once you begin to utilize Twitter you will find massive amounts of important links containing great information. The fastest way to bookmark, bank, these links is by using the “Favorites” button. By favoriting a tweet you automatically save it in your “Resource Bank” for later consumption

Twitter Strategies: Twitter_Tips’ Viral “Sharing” Strategy

Our deansguide article “Twitter Strategies: #FollowFriday to Recognize and Attract New Followers” was RT aka ReTweeted today by the powerful and important Twitter_Tips Twitter service. The results have been excellent with 195 page views from this one RT. The viral passing of this link is also impressive with the Twitter_Tips network of followers numbering 136, 050 and counting. During my due diligence in investigating where my traffic was originating, I discovered a neat trick that Twitter_Tips uses to save time and create more recognition opportunities. This is a great Twitter strategy that everyone should utilize.

Twitter Strategy: “Share”


Above is the RT by Twitter_Tips of the deansguide article. Twitter_Tips provided this RT without the traditional “RT”and they used it for #Followfriday further showcasing our article. Here is the cool tip:

  • 1st Shortened URL: this is the http://mp/mtdNg and it is a direct link to the deansguide article
  • Share: here is the cool tip. After the word “Share” is a link that when clicked on brings the reader directly back to Twitter with the RT already written out ready to be tweeted like so:


The finished product above makes it extremely simple and compelling for readers to:

  • Virally pass your article along to their network
  • No need to write a RT as it is already prepared for the reader
  • Waste time positioning links
  • Waste time deciding whether to RT or not to RT