Twitter Strategies for Entrepreneurs: #FollowFriday Tips


One of the most impressive Twitter “traditions”, and Twitter Strategies for adding followers, is an online meetup called #FollowFriday. In the spirit of giving, Twitterers have set aside Fridays as a day where they can recommend people in their network to other Twitterers as people worth following. Micah Baldwin the creator of #followfridays had no idea how big his online “meetup” and recognition party would become–a growing trend


#FollowFriday: How’s It Work?

The Hashtags aka pound sign before a word or set of words were created as:

  • “Hashtags were developed as a means to create “groupings” on Twitter without having to change the basic service”
  • “A community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets”

#Followfriday is one example of a hashtag here are a few more:

  • #Domus: Used by Domus Consulting Group for online training purposes as a place to gather webinar attendees
  • #SanDiegoFires: Nate Ritter, the inventor of hashtags, used this method to mark his tweet updates on the San Diego Fires

Twitter Strategies: #Followfriday

  • Mine Favorites: review your favorites section to find people who have added the most valuable links that you have saved
  • List Favorites: write a list of people you have added into your Favorites section who give the most value for you
  • Groups: write your #Followfriday messages with flair. Take a group of people from the same niche, industry, or category and recognize them together.Example: “Fantastic new thought social media strategiests worth following @pkitano @peterkim @Webguild @dannybrown @timoreilly #followfriday”
  • Recommendations: during your #Followfriday efforts use a combination of messages. Write three #followfriday messages then create a Mr.Tweet recommendation. Note: make sure to check the auto tweet option on your Mr.Tweet recommendation so it shows up in your tweet stream

Twitter Strategies for Job Seekers:


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The latest in open source client applications is a tool that allows job seekers to create their own 140 character “resumes” that can be tweeted into the Twitter stream. While job seekers feverishly build their twtjobs resumes and twitter strategies, recruiters have a spot to place job listings as well.

What is twtapps?

The tool is brought to you by Felipe Coimbra the man behind a suite of free Twitter open source applications for Twitterers. The rest of the twtapps lineup:

Top 10 Twitter Strategies for Realtors, Entrepreneurs, and Corporations published this deansguide article April 17, 2009

The Top 10 articles providing tips, strategies, and ideas for deansguide have garnered attention from the twitterverse, networking partners, and most notably Google. We rank #1 or #2 for the keywords “Twitter Strategies” and for the new robust Twitter search engine tool “Twazzup Strategies.” This is a guide for Realtors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate directors of any department to utilize in understanding the power of Twitter.

Top 10 Twitter Articles

Twitter Strategies: 6 Reasons to Use Twitter Search Engine

twazzup-logo1Entrepreneurs and job seekers looking for leads, networking, and opportunities have a new Twitter search tool more powerful than Twitter’s internal search engine or the recently reviewed Twazzup is the best tool I have found so far to search keywords for conversations you wish to engage within or simply listen.

In Louis Gray’s well written post “Twazzup Takes on Twitter Search to Make Sense of Real Time Web” Gray describes as:

“. . .  looking to extend the Twitter Search platform, by not only providing real-time updates to the search results, but also highlighting popular users, links and tweets relevant to searched keywords.”

1. Real Time Updates

This is a scrolling real time lineup of the tweets related to your keyword search. The movement on the scroll depends on the amount of people talking about your keyword. If your topic is hot, you can choose to slow the flow of information down with a simple click of the button.

2. Popular Tweets


The most popular tweets for the keyword search you performed. This also changes, in real time, with the amount of conversation surrounding your keyword. This feature provides marketing exposure, networking opportunities, but most important it can help to start a viral avalanche of word of mouth traffic

3. Trend Makers


Twazzup lists the people whose tweets began the trend your keyword(s) is creating. The most popular Trend Makers is also in real time and can change depending upon what is being tweeted. This is a great way to gain exposure for your company, products, services, or for your online presence.

4. Related Photos


Photos related to your keyword search show up in this real time stream. This feature can help bring people back to your blog, website, or social media profile. It is also a great way to provide a visual of your company logo, product, or service.

5. Most Popular Links


Most Popular links for the keyword search you perform is the most important feature for viral marketing opportunities. If your tweeted link makes this list, it is sure to be RT aka retweeted and moved forward to hundreds or even thousands of Twitter users.

6.  Ten Keywords Associated with Your Search


This is a list of 10 keywords that fit with your keyword. Our example search was on “Social Media” and the keywords in the above graphic show the words that combine with Social Media. Clicking on any of these keywords brings an addition real time stream of twitter convesations about this new combination. This is a great method of finding even more information or places to network while you are still running your main keyword search

Twitter Signal to Noise Ratio Strategies: Many Fail Whale Efforts

Companies showing up on twitter to take advantage of the massive growth potential are often showing up without a strategy. In a vast majority of these cases, terrible mistakes are being made that weaken and even tarnish their brand.  The biggest problem, stemming from this lack of strategy, is message tone and makeup. Simply put there is a horrific Signal to Noise ratio at the heart of the problem.

Signal to Noise Ratio

Here are some simple steps to fix the problem of tone and noise in a company’s Twitter strategy:

  • Signal: For every 10 tweets, 7 tweets should be valuable information (with links) that will help your audience & information that is not about your company
  • Noise: For every 10 tweets, 3 should be about your company, they should give value, and they should be informative in nature


  • No Hard Sell: NEVER tweet the hard sell, act desperate to sell, or attempt to create (old school) urgency for your audience to buy anything
  • Mix: After repeating the formula of 7 signal to 3 noise, your next 10 tweets should be about recognition
  • Connect: In this set of 10 tweets, 5 tweets use @company-individual to recognize their work, engage, network, or ask to collaborate
  • Recognize: In this second set of 10 tweets, 5 tweets use RT (Retweet) to recognize someone’s writing, open lines of communication, and network to meet companies or individuals