Twitter Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Research Using Favorites

Favorites sidebar002Chicago Post-Tribune published this deansguide article 6-2-09

Twitter is one of the most robust resource for links, ebooks, pdf, and information available to any entrepreneur, job seeker, or business person today. I use Twitter for 85% of my content research for both of my blogs deansguide and innerarchitect. One of the best strategies once you have found your nuggets of information is to use the “Favorites” option on your Twitter home page.

Favorites: Location

Favorites is found on the right side bar beneath the “Direct Messages” section and above the “Search Box” area that allows Twitterers to search the site for keywords.

How Does it Work?

When you find an important link to an article that you wish to keep for future reference, you can move your cursor into the right side of the tweet message. On the far right side, invisible until you move your cursor over it, are two icons. The top icon is a star which denotes a “favorite.” By clicking on this star, you will have “saved” the tweet with the important link for future reference

Research Strategy: Favorites

Here are the uses the Favorites section provides for your research on Twitter:

  • Repository: container that holds all your coveted tweets with important content links
  • Personalize: your selections  are a valuable  library that you build
  • Recognition: take inventory to determine who provides the most value and then RT aka retweet their content as often as possible
  • Create: create a spreadsheet or list of the top 5 Twitterers who provide you the most valuable content that is contained in your Favorites “library.” Tweet the results of your “Top 5 Favorites”
  • #FollowFriday: take your top content providers from your Favorites section and recognize them by recommending them with a #followfriday tweet

Twitter Transparency: Inner Architect’s Strategy

For the sake of being transparent, honest, and forthright, I feel it is necessary, as the Business Director for Inner Architect, to state our strategy on Twitter. Over the course of the last month I have reviewed the Twitter strategies, or lack of strategy depending upon how you utilize Twitter, of the National Association of Realtors and Wachovia bank. Let’s take a look at what we are accomplishing here on Twitter:

Two Account Strategy: deansguide


My deansguide has the following functions:

  1. Engage: Spend time investing in my Twitter relationships, my selected communities, conversations, individuals, and companies by following nearly everyone who follows me
  2. Communicate: Direct contact with people or companies
  3. Research: Gather content ideas, valuable links, and industry information for repurposing
  4. Go-To-Source: Try to be a go-to source and resource of valuable information by providing the best tweets as often as possible
  5. Recognize: Recognize great content, ideas, attitudes, and kindness by ReTweeting or writing about any person or company that is creating and giving value on a continuous basis
  6. Network: meet and network with people in Silicon Valley (near my home) and around the country

My goal here is to contribute to the twitter community as much as possible.

Two Account Strategy: Innerarchitect:


Our Innerarchitect account has the following functions:

  1. Research: Find content that matches our business goals, provides fresh perspective, and helps us build our library of value
  2. Follow: The main focus of this account is to find content, research our industry. Consequently we are less active in following. We try to follow people specific to our industry, read, and listen more on this account.
  3. Recognition: We will not follow everyone that follows us as that is not the focus of this account. What we will do is recognize people and companies that inspire us and provide value on a ongoing basis
  4. Activity: We will produce less content (Tweets) on this account because our focus will be to listen to conversations and gather information


If you are a company or individual concerned with ratio of followers to those you follow, then consider deansguide as the place to be on Twitter. On deansguide, I provide value and follow most everyone to build their network numbers.

If you are interested in our company mission, information, and writing consider following or checking in with Innerarchitect. We will focus on companies interested in social media and