Leverage Twitter “Favorites” Like Brian Solis

Are you strategically utilizing Twitter? Would you like to identify, understand, and successfully utilize the same strategy that thought leader and social expert Brian Solis uses? If your answer is yes, then the following post will help you take the first step. This post was complimented by Brian and received 173 retweets, 75 Facebook likes, 71 Linkedin shares, and 17 Google+ +1s. Consider the following post a road map into how Brian has successfully taken one feature on Twitter and made it his own recommendation channel.

Twitter’s most underutilized, outside of lists, and most valuable opportunity is the “Favorites” feature.You all know how it works but do you understand how to strategically utilize favorites? Do you use Favorites for anything other than to “bookmark” important tweets for research and future reading?

Brian Solis is a formidable thought leader in the digital space, author, and genuinely willing participant who engages with many who seek his help. Brian’s use of the Favorites feature is the reason for this post- it’s simple and simply brilliant.

How Does Brian Solis Utilize the Twitter Favorites Feature?

Granted, the vast majority of us, me included, do not have the name recognition, authority, and influence of a Brian Solis in the digital marketing space. But that doesn’t mean we can not utilize Brian’s strategy. Brian’s strategy is to Favorite the wide array of compliments, positive references to his work, and referrals he receives on Twitter. Like many websites that provide customer referrals, in quotes, Brian is leveraging his deserved popularity with people on Twitter.

References to Brian Solis’s Expertise

An example of people’s perception of Brian’s expertise:

Referrals to Brian Solis’s Work

An example of people’s referrals to Brian’s work, books, speaking engagements

People Quote Brian Solis

In what has to be the most flattering and effective use of Favorites is the collection of people quoting you, your book, or your speaking engagements. Here are some examples of people’s reaction to Brian Solis:

3 Ideas How You Can Utilize Twitter Favorites

  1. Showcase Retweets: every time you receive a RT that is about your work, favorite (save) that tweet. People who thank you for your work including writing, speaking engagements, or opinions sought should also be Favorited. This stream will provide prospective followers with reasons to follow you
  2. Tweet Your Favorites: as you begin to build your Favorites “bank” of goodwill, start tweeting the link to this section. Promote what people are saying about you
  3. Tweet Other Users Favorites: help recognize people’s work by tweeting the link to their Favorites section as I did above with Brian Solis. This will also place you on the map as a person willing to share content and help other users. In addition, you might catch the eye of a user by promoting their work

How Do You Measure Twitter ROI?

Full adoption of  Twitter as the choice social media engagement super tool is still in progress. Although many first adopter business niches and industries harnessed the power of Twitter early in the platform’s development, without demanding  white paper or ROI analytical proof, many American companies still lag behind. When the light does go on, some very important steps often are overlooked before launching a successful Twitter presence. One of the examples of an industry that still struggles to understand how to measure the ROI of Twitter is the wine industry.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=dick+costolo&iid=8522876″ src=”http://view1.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/8522876/twitter-founders-biz-stone/twitter-founders-biz-stone.jpg?size=500&imageId=8522876″ width=”234″ height=”155″ /]

Steps to Measure ROI of Twitter in the Wine Industry

  • Direct Channel: understand that Twitter, as well as Facebook, is a direct marketing channel that can be measured
  • Life Time Value: realize that consumer purchases can be attributed to Twitter, as they are for traditional channels, creating a bench mark and life time value for each winery’s customer utilizing Twitter
  • Control: institute employee processes to capture consumer purchasing information in the tasting room
  • Train: train all tasting room staff, within the conversation with visitors, to uncover which channel brought them to the tasting room. Was it a Twitter offer, a Facebook page announcement, a telesales campaign, a email notification, advertisement etc.?
  • Integrated Database: the biggest challenge for wineries is to create one place where they can house all of their customer purchase information ie. tasting room, email, telesales, advertising, postal
  • Measure: even if the challenge of finding one database to hold all customer purchases across all channels is currently improbable, there is a set of services that can measure interactions, responses rates, and CRM campaigns within the Twitter environment

Follower Influence: How Do You Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google?

Google’s real-time search indexing for messaging that originates within a social network is the next big breakthrough in SEO for businesses. Although there are many pieces to the algorithm that make up how Google indexes your Twitter, Facebook, and other messaging, one piece can clearly influence your results on Twitter.

The Influence of Your Twitter Followers

One of the pieces that influences how your tweets are indexed within Google is how many followers you have on Twitter. Yet this is not as important as the algorithmic measure that takes into account the people who follow you and the number of followers they have in their network.

Hubspot’s How Your Twitter Authority Affects Google’s Real-Time Search Results is a fantastic post on this subject.

Hubspot’s TwitterGrader

My Top 6 Influencers aka Followers


The ability of businesses to have their social networking messaging indexed within Google searches will be dependent upon how well they “target” their audience, attract followers-fans, and continue to engage each network with  specific goals designed to help them build their content online for SEO purposes.

Help Twitter Users Make Money: Rate Twitter ReTweets Via FAV Scoring

Businesswoman holding blank paper

In “Favorites the New ReTweet Measurement” we posited that by placing special tweets in the Favorites tab you could then ReTweet those favorites providing your network of followers a look at the tweets you felt were the most important. This would be accomplished by using “FAV” in front of the tweet. The FAV acronym would tell the reader the tweet was Favorited by you and that it was of the utmost importance.

Consequently it makes sense to create a scoring system for ReTweets aka a FAV score. Due to the fact that users are now able to sell their influence, via tweeting advertisements into their stream, on a per tweet basis- a rating system must be created. For more info on paid tweeting see the San Francisco Chronicle’s: Startups Cash in on Twitter with Pay-Per-Tweet

Rating ReTweets: FAV Score

  • Percentages: Twitter should devise a tab within the Favorites tab that provides percentage of Tweets vs ReTweets. How many of your tweets are ReTweeted?
  • Point System: Twitter could devise a point system based on an algorithmic formula rewarding users based on their percentage of FAV from their tweets that are RTed
  • Rewards: Twitter must begin rewarding users for their viral abilities. With the new influx of advertising dollars available to users with influential follower bases, it’s imperative that users have statistics to back up their “viralability”

Twitter Strategies: Favorites The New ReTweet Measurement

Forked road in park

Here is a simple and powerful viral Twitter Strategy I wish to propose. If you are like me you currently utilize your “Favorites” feature as a repository for the best tweets- a resource Twitter library of sorts. Why not RT your favorites section as another method of viral effectiveness for your network? Instead of using the automatic RT tab or “RT” tag the tweet with “FAV”-this would indicate it was a Favorites selection.

Favorites: The New ReTweet

  • Collect: tag every important tweet you find each day
  • Review: review and choose the best 1-2 tweets
  • “FAV”: ReTweet your favorite tweet but instead of using RT use “FAV” to indicate that you chose this tweet as a favorites selection
  • Rating: using “FAV” would give a tweet more influence or importance since it was something you were willing to tag and save as a Favorite selection
  • Measurement: using the “FAV” would be a way to measure your tweets importance as you could count and save (favorite) your own tweets which were FAV of your network