Twitter Strategies: Twitter Jargon In Plain English published this deansguide article 12-30-09

Before you can use Twitter you must first understand the lexicon, jargon that people use within Twitter. The following is a list of 20 jargon words or phrases on Twitter.

Twitter to English

  • Twitter: a micro-blogging social network using 140 character messages
  • Micro-blogging: a shorter version of blogging
  • Blog: contraction of the words Web and Log. Think of Capt. Kirk and his “Captains’ log star date entries” yes I am a Star Trek geek
  • Tweet: a 140 character (or less) message sent by you to your “network”
  • Network: those folks who follow you on Twitter
  • Followers: people or companies that follow your Tweet stream
  • Tweet Stream: the log of messages (tweets) you have compiled since you established your Twitter account
  • RT: aka ReTweet is a way to recognize and suggest someone’s content to your network of followers. It begins with a RT in front of their message. There is a new feature that allows you to RT without using the RT
  • Following: these are people or companies you choose to follow on Twitter
  • What You See: you will see “tweets” from the people-companies you follow
  • DM: aka direct message. This is Twitter’s version of private email between users
  • DM Spam: unfortunately the vast majority of DM’s are spam sales pitches with no concern as to whether you have established a relationship with that person or company
  • MLMers: these are the worst DM spammers on Twitter. The Multi Level Marketing armies that promise you riches if you buy their products and recruit your “down-line”
  • Twitter Bio: this is the area where you can briefly describe your company. They allow you to place one hyperlink in your bio
  • Mining the Blogroll: many folks looking for the right people to “follow” go to the “blogroll” on the right sidebar that is a picture box of people-companies that person follows. From this list you can begin to build the people or companies you wish to follow
  • Twitter Search: this is the goldmine where you can input keywords to find prospective clients, current clients, people talking about your area-product-service etc.
  • Keywords: Ex you work for a hotel resort in Miami. You are looking for vacationers and people visiting Miami. Some great keywords to input into Twitter search: “Miami” “Going to Miami” “Vactioning in Miami” “Resorts in Miami” “In Miami”
  • #: hastags are pound signs you can type in front of a word. When you do this this sends your tweet to a tweet stream that is being followed by a large group of people. EX #Followfriday this is an event that happens every Friday where each Twitter user can “recommend” people or companies to other Twitterers to follow
  • Lists: a fantastic way to go viral or move your content to many folks. When you are listed by people you are showcased within a niche for folks to observe
  • Tweet-Up: this is a real world live meeting of people who use Twitter. There are Tweet-ups going on nationwide and they are fantastic ways to network within your community