10 Year Old Eddie Van Halen!

Reuters.com published this article on February 23, 2008

Have you ever seen a prodigy in any walk of life? Do you ever wonder if your kindred soul is walking around out there without any clue you exist? Well my “son” is this kid if I ever had a son-which I do not.

As a former associate to a EMI record company talent scout, I do understand what it takes to make it in the music business. I was lucky enough to see bands like Huey Lewis & The News, Journey, Eric Martin Band & Mr-Mr, and Ranger aka Night Ranger (Jack Blades you rock) in clubs prior to their ascension to stardom.

If ever there was a star in the making, this kid has it written all over him! If you understand “tapping” technique made famous by Eddie Van Halen, you will be astounded by this kid’s ability! The following video is his rendition of Eddie Van Halen’s dynamic, unequaled, and music industry turning point “riff” “Eruption.” Pay attention you rock fans–this kid is the real deal in raw, rough diamond form.

Btw, this video has 446,000+ views on youtube–this kid rocks!