Twitter Strategy: Eliminate Protected Tweets or Revise

Twitter etiquette and Twitter strategies do not always mix, go hand in hand, or remain inline with your purpose for utilizing Twitter. The best example of this dilemma is the locked Twitter account. The  message “This person has protected their tweets” is essentially a walled garden allowing only the people approved to follow a Twitter’s tweet stream and keeping everyone else out.

Protected Tweets

Protected Tweets: How Does That Make You Feel?

I have a number of people who follow me on Twitter who have locked their tweets. When I see this my initial reaction is to:

  • Ask if they will approve me as one of the “special few” in the club
  • DM them asking them personally to include me in “their” club
  • Block them so that they can not follow me to access my information–maybe it’s a content stealing competitor?
  • Ask my network if they request follow status from one of these locked accounts
  • Hammer them for their pretentious attitude
  • Remain very curious as to what I might be missing

Have You Been Approved?

I run the following Twitter accounts deansguide, innerarchitect, napavalleynews. I have people who follow us on all of these accounts who are protecting their tweets. With close to 5,000 microblog posts and tons of informative content, I have never been invited into the inner circle of a “protected account.” That is just wrong!

Protected Accounts Eliminate or Revise Format

The solution is simple. Only allow people with protected accounts to follow those who they approve. Do not allow them to share in my content with their walled garden account only to freeze me out. This is a simple sharing of information and sharing is the piece that makes Twitter so fantastic. Keep the walled gardens but eliminate their access to people they will never allow in to their domain