The Most Basic and Powerful Steps to Launch Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

KnifeIf you are just beginning to invest in social media for your marketing efforts then you are in the due diligence phase of adoption. Although you may have had great reasons for not adopting earlier, the fact of the matter is your organization is playing a desperate game of catch up with the competition. Here are three tools you need to establish: a publishing platform for your marketing messages, a distribution network to spread the word, and a professional networking engine.


The most important piece of your social media marketing plan is a publishing platform. Blogs provide the publishing mechanism that allows small, medium, and global firms to publish their story, vital statistics, and ongoing activities. The most successful companies understand that their blog provides consumers with a look inside the organization, a place to learn, and a place to communicate and interact with the firm. The benefits of search engine optimization and brand awareness are ancillary byproducts of the firm’s efforts to provide the most compelling content on their products, services, and people.


Although there are many social networks available to individuals and companies, the most powerful distribution network that supports a firm’s ability to reach consumers on a massive scale with lightening speed is Twitter. With 200 million active users, Twitter is a ultra rich environment for many firm’s to find, listen to, and engage with their consumers and prospective customers.


Considered the business network for job seekers, Linkedin is an important solution for connecting. Whether your sales reps are looking for prospects, you are proving your expertise, networking, or distributing blog articles about your company’s offerings, Linkedin can play an important role in any organization.

In 2013 there are many new social networks and tools to support your organization’s marketing efforts. Before you begin, explore the new networks like Google+ and  Pinterest. Understand your goals and research what networks your customers are utilizing on a consistent basis.

Dean head shotDean Guadagni is Inner Architect’s chief communications strategist with 20+ years of business development, sales management, and national account management experience. Dean is the author of a nationally recognized self-help business guide whose articles have been published by,,, Ziff Davis Enterprise’s “Microsoft Watch”, Computer Shopper, and the Chicago Sun-Times. Prior to joining Inner Architect, Dean worked with management consulting firm Domus Consulting Group, whose mission was to help real estate brokerages and affiliates develop technology marketing strategies in real estate.

Dean is a frequent public speaker and workshop facilitator on social media strategies, blogging, and networking. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA degree in Speech Communications.


Twitter List Strategy: Create Lists For Twitter User’s Facebook Pages published this deansguide article 4-7-10
[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=stock+ticker&iid=87642″ src=”0084/7d4dcd29-6388-4187-82e1-140399da74c3.jpg?adImageId=12172707&imageId=87642″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]Twitter Lists are an important part of a business strategy if you want to build a viral marketing army, network, give back to your following, or monitor a person or brand. I believe this is a long overdue and over looked method of using Twitter lists: The Facebook strategy

Premise: Twitter Lists for Facebook

The premise here is to build a list(s) that showcases Twitter users that have Facebook business pages.

Twitter List for Facebook: Strategy

  • Announce: broadcast you have a great Facebook page and ask your followers if they have a Facebook page they would like to share
  • Collect: collect and record the Facebook urls people provide to their business page
  • Segmentation: separate and segment your Facebook lists by industry, niche, customer, consumer, prosect, affiliated business, geographic, associations and other filters pertinent to your business
  • Gratitude: build your lists much like the gratitude lists that keep popping up, a list that showcases Facebook page urls provide value
  • List Message: when naming your list fill in added description box with the instructions-“Tweet ur Facebook page url for followers to see”
  • Requirement: only list those people or businesses that have a Facebook page and require that person or company to tweet their Facebook page url at least 1x per week

Twitter List For Facebook: Benefits

  • Resource: a list of Facebook page owners available to your following
  • Networking: list to help others become fans and connect with other Facebook business pages
  • Research: another place to find Facebook pages that contain research information
  • Monitor: help people or companies monitor other brands
  • Eliminate DM: if enough people adopted this strategy, it could render the useless spam DM announcing a Facebook page url
  • #FacebookFri: adopt a new hashtag event that allows people to recommend their favorite Facebook business pages- more on this tomorrow

Do You Know How to Integrate Your Traditional Sales-Marketing Channels Into The New Social Media Channels?

The time for integration of your traditional sales and marketing channels with social media has arrived. The new social media channels of Facebook and Twitter are the next pieces to marketing success. The key is integration of old into new, measuring all channels, and understanding where your customers prefer to receive their information about you.

Traditional Sales & Marketing Channels

Facebook and Twitter: Begin the Integration

  • Identify your customers who are on Facebook and Twitter
  • Identify your customers who are Facebook fans and Twitter followers
  • Engage with your customers, on Facebook and Twitter, who are not fans or followers
  • Formulate a strategy to get your non fans and non followers to adopt you