3 Ultimate Reasons Your Company’s Social Media Marketing Plan is Failing

Are you a CMO, business owner,  or entrepreneur tasked with hiring a social media consultant? Have you carefully researched your brand’s goals and received buy-in from all decision makers? Have you identified a group of candidates to hire and vetted the group down to a final candidate? Are you now ready to turn the keys over to your new hire? If you answered yes to these questions then you just made a fatal mistake that will leave your new social media consultant’s marketing plans in disarray with ineffective results.

 3 Reasons Why You Are Failing in Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Are You Ready to Participate? Are you ready to provide the critical cooperation and help to your consultant to ensure success? Are you ready to authorize:

  • Enterprise Involvement: do you demand that your employees know and support your company’s social media marketing plan? Do you allow your consultant to brief participating staff on your social media action plan?
  • Measurement: gathering intelligence from your customers is critical. Do you require your staff probe brick n mortar visitors or online visitors for information on which channel(s) provided the motivation for their visit ie. Twitter, Facebook, mobile, email, postal literature, telesales, catalog
  • Database Integration: are you ready to bring your chosen data points such as  eCommerce, telesales, email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, mobile all together in order to create life-time value for your consumers in each marketing channel?


Are you ready to take responsibility for your organizations’ marketing success by demanding employee participation in the social networks? The most successful company social media marketing programs begin with a top to bottom buy-in of social media, willingness to spread the word, and understanding of what is at stake in today’s digital landscape: company growth, reputation management, customer engagement, and brand perception.


Who Are You On The Social Media “Playground”?

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=playground&iid=178818″ src=”0175/262ce8d7-0daa-471b-9143-d6ad7dcc1b6a.jpg?adImageId=10211886&imageId=178818″ width=”380″ height=”250″ /]Social Media networks are like a grammar school playground. There is a culture, different players, multiple personalities, all trying to have fun, meet people or stay relevant. Has your company ventured onto this playground without any idea of the rules or people they will meet? Is there a disconnect going on between what your goals on this “playground” and how you will benefit from being there? Before you can begin you should know the players.

Who’s Who on the “Playground”

  • Wallflowers: the shy companies and entrepreneurs unwilling to listen or participate
  • Bullies: the companies or entrepreneurs that know how to search, find, and steal your clients if you are not there in a network. They will also talk about you and your products in less than flattering ways.
  • Chatty Cathys: the companies or entrepreneurs who chatter away about nothing, with no strategies or goals, and wonder why they accomplish little within a network
  • Eggheads: the social media savvy companies and entrepreneurs who have strategies and measurable goals for their social media efforts
  • Know it Alls: the companies and entrepreneurs that think they know it all, refer to themselves as the “experts” in their field- yet they really don’t understand social media or the strategies involved in leveraging a social network
  • Shy Guys: the companies or entrepreneurs that are too shy to write a blog or participate in a social network yet they know enough to listen to the conversations about their brand~ even if they don’t have a tool to respond
  • Yard Teachers: these are the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These guys make the rules, enforce the rules, and change the rules at their discretion. If you don’t get to know the Yard Teacher you are destine to never get along well on the playground

Your Homework Assignment

Give yourself a “grade” of Very Good, Satisfactory, Average, or Below Average when comparing your company or personal social media playground “personalities” to the above menu. Do you know who you are

Twitter Strategies: 4 Ways Heathclubs Could Leverage Twitter

Charles AtlasCourtesy CharlesAtlas.com

Twitter strategies are applicable to a vast array of businesses in need of a broadcasting, lead generation, marketing, and audience engagement channel. The following is a Twitter strategy that can be utilized in a business niche that is extremely competitive: the healthclub industry. The primary focus for healthclubs are membership retention and new membership sales. Here are a few simple strategies to help these clubs connect with their audience in a step by step process:

Connect On Site: Laptop

  • Place two laptops at the front desk- one open to the club’s Facebook page, the other open to the clubs’ Twitter account
  • Place open laptops next to each bank of large TV monitors
  • Place a laptop in the Women’s and Men’s locker rooms

Benefits: Members and Management

  • Laptops provide open immediate access to club members, and prospective members, to fan the club’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter
  • Allows members to immediately comment on their experience in the club
  • Encourages members become involved in social media networks if they are not already using them
  • Provides a voice to club members who know that the club management is monitoring their comments and engaging
  • Builds your list of current club members and prospective club members by making the sign up process as a follower or fan as simple as possible

Twitter Hashtags

  • Initiate hashtags for Pilates, Aerobics, Ballroom dance, Karate, and any other classes or activities offered at the club
  • Create a #Followfriday type of hashtag day such as “#workoutwednesday”

Benefits: Members and Management

  • Provides specific feedback for each class taught
  • Gives members a voice as well as a “Twitter club” specific to their favorite club activity
  • A hashtag day like #Workoutwednesday could act as a networking event for members to meet new members, manaagement to comment on members or instructors, and prospective members to “meet” people from the comfort of their homes first

Personalize Your Staff: Make Everyone Accessible

  • “Celebritize” instructors by initiating Twitter accounts for individuals. Follow the bar-nightclub strategy and make your instructors “stars” that people follow and prefer
  • Tweetups-have staff-instructors organize “Tweetups” at the club like a party to act as a lead generation event, networking event, and to showcase the club facilities

Broadcasting: Hyper Local News, Discounts, Deals, Specials, & Events

  • Become the go-to source for community information about your state, county, city, town, district, or neighborhood
  • Vary the messages to include issues outside, but effecting members, the health field
  • Broadcast your club discounts, specials, deals on memberships, gear, food-beverages, or events
  • Broadcast events or news pertaining to your vendors, affiliates, sister businesses, local businesses, or networking partners

Benefits: Members and Management

  • Members will  consider the club a source of valuable information and comeback to read club tweets and club Facebook entries
  • Management will be able to engage with their audience, sell their products and services, while adding value to their marketing efforts
  • Management will be able to point to their efforts to gain exposure for their affiliates, vendors, and networking partners
  • Management will be able to partner with networking partners by providing links for cross marketing
  • Members will be able to take advantage of discounts, deals, specials, and events specifically created for their Facebook fans and Twitter followers

Open House Tips: 3 Steps To Marketing On Sundays

Open House signCourtesy RealtySignXpress.comF

FoxBusiness.com published this deansguide article 9-24-09

How many of you Realtors are guilty of arriving at your open house, spending 30 minutes setting up flyers and marketing materials, and then sitting back and reading the paper? Making phone calls to friends? Feeling bored with nothing to do? Be honest and don’t lie to yourself. If that is the scenario for any of you, I have an alternative activity that will help your business.

Step 1: The Laptop

  • Display an open laptop, online, with pages open to your Facebook Business page
  • Display a second tab with your Twitter account
  • Call to action by asking Open House attendees to “fan” your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter

Step 2: List Building

  • Provide your standard Sign-in sheet but place it next to the Laptop(s)
  • Display a third tab that allows Open House attendees to sign up for your “newsletter” online giving them the option to join you in the “real world” or online

Step 3: Your Blog

  • Display your blog in a fourth tab
  • Call to action by asking Open House attendees to RSS subscribe to your blog
  • Write a blog article about your open house and describe the city, neighborhood, and the property-your online sales pitch

Conclusion: Benefit-Takeaways

1. If Open House attendees do not know anything about blogging, facebook, twitter or social media-this is an Opportunity to provide them with a nice introduction to social media-tutor them (on the spot) if they are willing

2. The Laptop becomes your “coffee table book” a point of curiousity and a conversation starter.

Children’s Tip: Kids hate Open Houses and parents drag them into open houses all the time. If you are bold and want to keep the children inline, set up (with client permission) a non violent playstation game for the kids to play while the parents stroll the property

Public Speaking Challenges: The 3 Toughest Audience Members

A child wearing a dunce cap in class, from a staged photo c.1906

So you want to be a speaker, workshop facilitator aka presenter? The benefits are exposure for your business and brand, lead generation, and networking. A public speaking platform can lead to far more business as well as a rewarding experience for you. We are public speakers, workshop facilitators, and presenters in support of our business at Inner Architect and we have experienced the challenges of public speaking first hand.

The following is a short profile of the 3 most challenging types of audience members you may encounter in your public speaking career. Take notice because if you decide to perform, you WILL run into all three of these people. For your sanity, I hope you won’t have all three types in your audience at the same time.

3 Most Challenging Audience Members

1. Dissatisfied Customer: this person is very negative, aggressive, and often verbally combative. They will make pointed remarks to tell you, and your audience, that your presentation is less than relevent, you are less than knowledgable, and they are dissatisfied with the entire experience. There is no appeasing or reasoning with this person; their purpose is selfish fulfillment of a need to lash out

2. Know it All: this person believes they know everything about the subject matter and have a burning desire to let the audience know how smart they are–to the detriment of you the speaker. They need the spotlight but they are unwilling to launch their own speaking platform. It is safer to be sitting in an audience than to stand up and become a target.

3. Disconnected: this person did not read the workshop-presentation description. They are normally complete beginners. They become increasingly frustrated with your presentation because it is not giving the “how to” beginner’s first steps.

Look For These Warning Signs

  • Do not listen, partially listen missing the gist or point, or selectively listen for what “they want to hear”
  • Abbruptly interrupt with a continuous stream of questions that goes beyond good decorum
  • Disrupt the class, workshop, presentation in a self serving selfish manner with little to no regard for fellow students
  • WILL provoke you to the point of placing you, the speaker, in the position of having to take action ie. asking them to hold questions until after presentation, asking them to listen since you answered the question, and in some cases forcing you to eject them from the class because they are ruining the attendees’ ability to participate, learn, and enjoy the material

Twitter Strategy: Eliminate Protected Tweets or Revise

Twitter etiquette and Twitter strategies do not always mix, go hand in hand, or remain inline with your purpose for utilizing Twitter. The best example of this dilemma is the locked Twitter account. The  message “This person has protected their tweets” is essentially a walled garden allowing only the people approved to follow a Twitter’s tweet stream and keeping everyone else out.

Protected Tweets

Protected Tweets: How Does That Make You Feel?

I have a number of people who follow me on Twitter who have locked their tweets. When I see this my initial reaction is to:

  • Ask if they will approve me as one of the “special few” in the club
  • DM them asking them personally to include me in “their” club
  • Block them so that they can not follow me to access my information–maybe it’s a content stealing competitor?
  • Ask my network if they request follow status from one of these locked accounts
  • Hammer them for their pretentious attitude
  • Remain very curious as to what I might be missing

Have You Been Approved?

I run the following Twitter accounts deansguide, innerarchitect, napavalleynews. I have people who follow us on all of these accounts who are protecting their tweets. With close to 5,000 microblog posts and tons of informative content, I have never been invited into the inner circle of a “protected account.” That is just wrong!

Protected Accounts Eliminate or Revise Format

The solution is simple. Only allow people with protected accounts to follow those who they approve. Do not allow them to share in my content with their walled garden account only to freeze me out. This is a simple sharing of information and sharing is the piece that makes Twitter so fantastic. Keep the walled gardens but eliminate their access to people they will never allow in to their domain