Mashable’s “Web Faceoff”: Foursquare vs. Facebook Places, the leading social media news source site, has instituted Web Faceoff an “ongoing series comparing technology apps or ideas.” In this week’s Web Faceoff, Mashable asked their readers “which location-based service  do you prefer: Facebook Places or Foursquare?”

Foursquare vs. Facebook Places: The Winner is Foursquare

Mashable’s readers responded overwhelmingly in favor of Foursquare- a complete blowout!

  • 57.11% of the vote (1,611 votes), Foursquare remained the king of geolocation
  • 18.86% of respondents voted for Facebook Places
  • 7.73% (218 votes) said it was a tie between the two
  • 16.31% of you (460 votes) said that you preferred another location-based service

Visual Results: Mashable’s Poll:

Slideshare: How to Share Your Presentation Content

Slideshare is a slick, easy to use,  tool for the masses to “upload and share Powerpoint  presentations and documents.” Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur, own a small business or a large company, Slideshare will provide you with a platform for training materials, communications of ideas, or sales presentation visuals. The following is a short tutorial on Slideshare: