Twitter Strategies: Twitter_Tips’ Viral “Sharing” Strategy

Our deansguide article “Twitter Strategies: #FollowFriday to Recognize and Attract New Followers” was RT aka ReTweeted today by the powerful and important Twitter_Tips Twitter service. The results have been excellent with 195 page views from this one RT. The viral passing of this link is also impressive with the Twitter_Tips network of followers numbering 136, 050 and counting. During my due diligence in investigating where my traffic was originating, I discovered a neat trick that Twitter_Tips uses to save time and create more recognition opportunities. This is a great Twitter strategy that everyone should utilize.

Twitter Strategy: “Share”


Above is the RT by Twitter_Tips of the deansguide article. Twitter_Tips provided this RT without the traditional “RT”and they used it for #Followfriday further showcasing our article. Here is the cool tip:

  • 1st Shortened URL: this is the http://mp/mtdNg and it is a direct link to the deansguide article
  • Share: here is the cool tip. After the word “Share” is a link that when clicked on brings the reader directly back to Twitter with the RT already written out ready to be tweeted like so:


The finished product above makes it extremely simple and compelling for readers to:

  • Virally pass your article along to their network
  • No need to write a RT as it is already prepared for the reader
  • Waste time positioning links
  • Waste time deciding whether to RT or not to RT