Basic Google Analytics Guide for Small Business

builtvisible“Google Analytics is a digital analytics solution that collects data about your digital presence. How does it do this? Well at a high level you need to add the small snippet of code that contains your Unique ID pertaining to your specific GA property (UA-XXXXXX-X) on all your pages. This code collects information and sends it to the Analytics servers by attaching parameters to a single-pixel GIF image request.” –Kaitlin Ziessler

Google Analytics is a vital piece to understanding the data that represents your digital presence. If you are a beginner or interested in a refresher course on Google Analytics, I have a solid resource for you. In “Google Analytics Resource Guide of Epic Proportions” , author Kaitlin Ziessler of presents a thorough but approachable guide. The guide is long but chock full of very useful information.

Learning Google Analytics

The following is the outline of subject matter covered in Ms. Ziessler’s work:

Types of Google Analytics Tracking

Basic Setup

What Are We Tracking?

Improving Google Analytics

Frequent Issues with Google Analytics

Help Yourself


There is a lot to absorb but it will be worth the effort. If you are grappling with understand where your traffic is originating, how it impacts your website statistics, and how to lead visitors to the land of conversion then this guide is for you.’s Top 50 Sites March 2010: Bing On A Tear’s Top 50 Websites March 2010 provides a glimpse of the changing face of social media influence on web traffic. Most noteworthy is the changes that have happened within the Top 20. Facebook is catching Google for world wide traffic leader, AOL at #10 is still alive, and Microsoft’s Bing is exploding in growth with a massive gain of 25,337,988%!

Can you find your website?

Real Time Search: Revolutionary Change Marketers Must Understand OR Fail

“The days of SEO as the primary traffic driver to your website are over. Don’t get us wrong, organic search engine optimization isn’t about to disappear as a key traffic driver.  .  .   However, recent technology trends enable a brave new world of marketing. Ignore them at your peril.” —  Elyssa Pallai

“With all the capabilities these phones that are coming out have – like GPS, cameras – we think there is the potential to actually make this mobile Web better than the PC Web.”Google’s VP of product development

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Intersection&iid=200084″ src=”0196/c5fbed85-8b9e-46d9-b096-390e36855ab2.jpg?adImageId=9906004&imageId=200084″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

The dawn of a new age in how people find companies is about to break- search engine optimization experts and Google are in for changes. Over the course of the past decade, search engine optimization has created a path for companies, willing to pay, to gain access to top positioning in Google’s indexing for the most important keyword searches. The results of these well integrated plans are high ranking page one positions within Google searches relevant to the company’s keyword strategies.

Problematic Indexing

As a result of many SEO campaigns, companies are able to remain in high ranking page one indexed positions (1-10) long after the information from the article (post) is deemed obsolete and old. The results of Google’s indexing algorithm impacts the usefulness of information returned on many Google searches and weakens Google’s credibility to return relevant, meaningful information.

A Seachange In How We Find Information: Real Time

The coming wave of change in search is real time search. Pat Kitano principle at Domus Consulting Group LLC and many top thought leaders in the social media space have been announcing the coming transformation. In one of the most important articles to date about real time search, 4 Tech Trends You Must Understand To Be An Effective Marketer, Elyssa Pallai outlines 4 key trends to watch out for in the coming change:

  • Information Sharing Viral Opportunities: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become “a key link in the search and information sharing value chain.  .  .  These sites are an important information source for everyone. Importantly, friends’ recommendations are key”
  • Mobile Is Gigantic: “”With all the capabilities these phones that are coming out have – like GPS, cameras – we think there is the potential to actually make this mobile Web better than the PC Web.” Google’s VP of product development. The sharing of information in real time will be driven by the adoption of smart phones under way right now
  • Location Based Services: ReadWriteWeb’s Frederic Lardinois reported in June 2009 that 1 in 3 smart phone owners use location based services. Consequently real time opportunities exist, for many businesses, to market to individuals who are minutes from the brick n mortar location of the business
  • Google’s Real Time Indexing: Google’s launch of real time indexing of tweets (Twitter) and Facebook messages will revolutionize how people find businesses and communicate. Companies and individuals will eventually be able to have their social media messages indexed, consumers will be able to find fresh real time links more relevant than the old PC Web indexed results, and consumers will have the opportunity to participate-communicate in real time within these conversations

3 Steps To Foster Business Evangelists: Beat Your Competition Silly

Ali knockoutIt is one thing to understand the vitally important benefits of consumer evangelists for your business. It is quite another to understand how to give recognition and nourish these business assets. The biggest mistake being made by corporate America is simple: they are not listening or participating in social media. How do you recognize and nourish your consumer evangelists when you are not there (within social networks like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) to hear them describe their positive experiences with your product? You don’t and as a result companies nationwide are missing an opportunity to grow their businesses and survive this economy

How Do You Recognize Your Evangelists?

Step 1: Show Up

Step 2: Go Where Your Evangelists Go

  • Join Groups on Linkedin and Facebook
  • Ask and Answer Questions on Linkedin
  • Participate in #FollowFriday and other hastag discussions on Twitter
  • Become Friends or Fans of your evangelists on Facebook

Step 3: Speak to Your Evangelists

  • Thank them personally, by using their name, and publicly
  • Showcase their own business by sharing a link to your evangelist’s blog, website, or profile
  • Offer them a perk for their constant support

Step 3

Job Seeker’s List of Top 25 Social Media Networks

The Chicago Sun-Times published this deansguide article 2-10-09 published this deansguide article 2-10-09

In the first article in this series aimed at helping job seekers and entrepreneurs, I chronicled how not to organize your work day. I then provided a template for how to organize your day in the world of social media. The response has been overwhelming. People are demanding a list of the best social media sites aka social media networks available today.

The following is a list of the top 25 social media “networks” as ranked by traffic (visits per month) in a great retrospective article by Andy Kazeniac of “Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over the Top Spot, Twitter Climbs.” This is a retro look at Andy’s original ranking of the Top 25 last year.  Note: Twitter came in at #22 on that list–look at them today.

Top 25 Social Media Networks:

Courtesy of


If you are a job seeker you should be concentrating your efforts on establishing a strong presence on #5 and #3 Although is #1, it has more cache for entrepreneurs looking to capture audience for a product or service.