Twitter Strategies For Realtors: Twitter Grader’s City Networks

Twitter Grader

Courtesy of published this deansguide article 5-13-09

Twitter Grader is one of the new tools that helps Realtors, entrpreneurs and companies measure their social media presence on the social network, micro-blogging sensation,  is just one in dozens of open source measurement tools available to Twitter users.  What stands out about this new tool is it’s special feature: CityGrader.

What is CityGrader?

City Grader is a listing of the top 10 Cities, calculated by number of Twitter users, with dedicated Twitter users. These users are consumers, companies, entrepreneurs, and public utilities. The list of participants is endless.

Top 10 Cities

1. London
2. Los Angeles
3. Chicago
4. New York
5. San Francisco
6. Toronto, Canada
7. Seattle
8. Atlanta
9. Boston
10. Austin

Twitter Strategies: City Networks

Here are some tips on how to utilize the information provided for each city network of twitter users:

  • Networking: mine city lists within your niche. Example: Los Angeles #12  prominent Twitterer is Jeff Turner Founder of
  • Jeff Turner Twitter Grader
  • Leads: mine city lists for prominent entrepreneurs, small businesses, or firms that could use your services. Build a list from these leads for each city and trade with partners who are located in those markets
  • Research: Compile a list of the most prominent consumers, competitors, and possible networking partners in each city and research the information they “tweet” on their markets. Gain a direct understanding of each city’s conditions by reading about the experiences of those professionals in each city network

Friday The 13th: Santa Clara County Association of Realtors Fantastic Meeting

Friday the 13th conjures up images of terror, accidents, ladders falling, black cats, and a thousand other luckless icons we all secretly avoid; yet today’s SCCAOR meeting was pure pleasure. The often hilarious and always entertaining “Rusty” ran the meeting with a Johnny Carson monologue flair.

People were pushed to tears from laughter or forced to hide behind any available facade when Rusty turned his penetrating attention on you. I found this out in a big way while introducing myself to the audience during the “First Timers” segment. Rusty found it quite funny that part of my business name has the word “transparent” in it. He proceeded to toss out a few “transparent” see-through one liners that I neither could avoid nor keep from laughing about myself. I survived the embarrassment with the caveat that Rusty’s monologue embedded our business name into the mind’s of the audience despite my red-faced appearance.

Another reason Rusty was so effective in garnering attention (via embarrassment?) was the fact that he moved about the room rather than remaining stationary behind a podium. The meeting is held at the Elephant bar; the audience is seated restaurant fashion. Rusty’s constant movement required us to pay attention, it kept things fresh, and (as mentioned) made us fully aware he could turn the white hot spotlight on you at anytime.

SCCAOR referred to as Campbell from here moving forward, has a different and refreshing set of rules. Unlike all of the other marketing meetings I have attended in the Bay Area, Campbell does not require you to pay a monthly sponsorship fee in order to address the crowd about your business. No need to shell out hundreds of dollars to buy the coffee, breakfast, or other perks for this meeting. Instead a company can simply pay a one time fee of “breakfast materials ie bagels etc. in order to speak about their respective businesses.

Another difference in Campbell is the fact that they do not allow for announcements in every meeting. No reason was given; judging by the length of the announcements today (15min) it is purely a time issue. Although this is not ideal, the networking opportunities (120 attendees) are abundant. The attendees I spoke to were very cordial and kind.

The following are a few highlights from today’s property listings:

52 South 12th Street, San Jose $1,199,950

5803 Killarney, San Jose $1,224,999

1114 Villa Street/176 Oak Street, Mountain View $1,400,000 7 unit Multi Residential

415 Kenneth Street, Campbell $879,000

1466 De Tracey Street, Campbell $768,800

1875 Harrison Street, Santa Clara $712,000

I attend Realtor Marketing meetings all over the Bay Area covering from San Jose eastward to Walnut Creek all the way north to Santa Rosa. If you would like further information about these meetings in order to market your business on a grass roots level, please feel free to contact me.