Realtor’s Sales Tool For San Francisco


The latest tool available to San Francisco Bay Area Realtors, selling San Francsico real estate, is the new site Launched by city government, the site is a comprehensive housing mechanism for data sets about San Francisco. The data sets provide Realtors with crucial information that can detail life in the city down to the neighborhood.

What is DataSF?

“DataSF is a clearinghouse of datasets available from the City & County of San Francisco. Our goal in releasing this site is:
(1) improve access to data
(2) help our community create innovative apps
(3) understand what datasets you’d like to see
(4) get feedback on the quality of our datasets.”


The following is a list of the data sets collected by

How To Engage A Home Buyer Task #1: Perception Is Your Best Weapon and Your Worst Enemy:

US News & World Report, a very well respected media source, staff writer Marty Nemko authored “Overrated Career: Real Estate Agent.” The report has such perception crushing lines like:

“Because it’s an easy field to get into, there’s a real estate agent on every corner.” This idea challenges the reality of the “professional Realtor” a person dedicated to the industry with valuable experience and even better connections to the market–exactly what every consumer wants when they are making the biggest transaction of their lives.

Perception: the majority of Realtors are know nothing bored housewives or worse yet “trophy” wives, retirees with nothing to do, or part time entrepreneurs who figure they can wing it and make a few bucks.

“And demand for agents is declining, since the Internet makes it possible to buy and sell property with little or no help from a professional.” This is simply false and stupid information. Unless you are an attorney or former agent, you best not try to go it alone and buy or sell property, without consultation, online to save money.

If you are a Realtor and reading this you SHOULD be outraged! In fact you should be ready to challenge these perceptions. But sadly the majority of Realtors and their brokers do not have a blog that would help them defend their reputation, defend the perception of their industry ie job description, or provide rebuttal commentary thwarting the continued misconceptions that are being falsely ingrained in the public consciousness one media article at a time.

Task #1 Perception Is Your Best Weapon and Your Worst Enemy

Timing and Opportunity: Today’s housing market crisis is the greatest single opportunity for outstanding professional Realtors to ONCE AND FOR ALL distinguish themselves while locking out their competition–forever. By staying in business, selling homes, representing clients, and continuing to practice at the highest ethical levels you will set in stone your reputation and create the perception that is reality.

Substance Factor: Create a completely transparent profile of your business practices as a Realtor, your educational background, your complete career track record of sales, your involvement within the community(s) you sell or represent, and list any awards or honors you have received for your work both professionally and volunteer. You do volunteer within your community right?

Tone: Advertising in newspapers, radio spots, or even television is perceived as “a blatant sales pitch” something consumers will scrutinize rather than evaluate. The “tone” Realtors use is akin to a used car salesman’s pitch and so outdated it can be painful to watch. Stop selling yourself as the most reputable, most experienced, most intelligent, hardest working, or best of everything! Nobody believes these self ingratiating claims because they are coming from you the Realtor–they have no credibility with someone who has never met you.


Action Plan Perception to Reality

1. Start blogging today and write about your community, schools, small businesses, market, weather, and everything that makes up the areas you serve.

2. Speak in front of every civic group, rotary, grassroots organization, Kiwanis Club, association, and consumer lead groups you can convince to have you present. GIVE them valuable information with NO sales pitches–just information each group can use.

“State of Your Market” free weekly Town Hall meetings where you present and then allow the community to give feedback live.

3. Newsletter circulation begins with exposure so write about your State of the Market address, recent helpful homeowner tip, speaking engagements and groups you addressed, or a new development within the industry. Keep people informed and they will consider you an expert and perceive you as a professional Realtor.

“Blog Networks Series” Part 1: The Most Powerful Marketing Secret Real Esate Brokers Must Understand

In the series, “Blog Networks”, we will illustrate the sea-change blogging is bringing to mass media and it’s effects on your business, identify why blogging is where you should be placing your monies, and finally present Blog Networks-the biggest first mover advantage to brokers who wish to generate and close leads while locking their competition out of the market.

Revolutionary, sea-change, “Purple Cow”, first adopter’s massive advantage, and monopoly are all striking yet appropriate descriptions of Pat Kitano’s Blog Network predictions for real estate brokerages in 2008.

But in order to understand why this tool will change the face of real estate marketing-advertising and lead generation, brokers must first accept the fact that what used to work in the past is quickly losing effectiveness today moving into the future.

The days of Yellow Pages advertising, local newspaper advertising, and magazine advertising are quickly losing ground to the online information revolution that is Web 2.0. Newspaper and magazine advertising will always remain a part of a Broker’s marketing plan but now and into the future it will have a decreasing role and effect.

How do we know this to be true?

Technology Director and author of Reggie Nicolay provides the following eye opening statistics:

1. National Association of Realtors state that “72% of buyers begin their search online”
2. California Association of Realtors states that “84% of buyers begin their search online”
3. 35% of buyers and sellers begin their search online at
4. 100,000,000 blogs are in the blogosphere yet real estate remains a open niche
5. Hyper local blogs,, are capturing valuable search engine placement ahead of small, local news agencies in their area

Sign of The Times

Rupert Murdoch’s decision to change the Wall Street Journal from a paid online subscription fee to an advertising revenue based business model (free to readers) was a defining moment in how blogging is changing the media landscape.

According to prolific blogger Tommy of’s insightful article “Note To Sellers, Buyers Are Looking Online for Homes Not the Newspapers” ad revenue is down in the print media due to the influx of blogs providing valuable, free, time sensitive information which allows the reader to interact with the source in a real time format.


Consequently the first step to unleashing the unlimited power of your own Blog Network is understanding how the media landscape is changing. People are no longer going to their newspapers and magazines as a first step to search for real estate information. author Reggie Nicolay: Blogging Seminar To The Real Estate Industry

I had the pleasure of attending, and participating, in Reggie Nicolay’s blogging seminar presented to Realtors and affiliates at Fidelity National Title in San Rafael this past Friday. Reggie is the Director of Technology for Fidelity and a seasoned blog author and evangelist for blogging. His site, co-authored by wife Niki and good friend Chad Johnson, is a veritable mashup of tech information focused on helping Realtors and professionals with blogging, hardware, software, social media, and tips-tricks.

Reggie’s presentation utilized a fun and easy to understand powerpoint presentation punctuated with facts and information on blogging and marketing.

Highlights, Tips, Information

1. Call to Action–National Association of Realtors “72% of buyers begin their searches online” and California Association of Realtors ” 84% of buyers begin their searches online

2. Google–35% of buyers begin their online search on Google. Google is the most critical place for Realtors to establish name recognition

3. Trend–100,000,000 blogs are now in the blogosphere with the number growing everyday

4. Strategy–for Realtors Reggie outlined “Hyper Local” blogging with a great example as well as subject matter tips

5. List of Jargon–Reggie provides a list of blogosphere jargon and definitions such as pinging, the sandbox, links and linkage, social media, commenting, analytics, reach, traffic, stumble, content, and facebook to name a few

6. RSS–Really Simple Syndication is explained along with it’s role in increasing readership-traffic, providing a method for readers to easily find your content, and as a method to measure your audience

7. Content Writing–simple instructions on the length, time to write, methods to get noticed, and a simple how to were presented. Most valuable is Reggie’s ability to dispell the myth that finding content aka subject matter to write articles is the most difficult part of blogging

Realtor’s Blog Video Tool #1: Your Complete Source For Video Production

Ben Cope of provided a powerful tip with his succinct post about one of the most valuable one-stop shop sites for information on how to produce your own videos:Make Internet TV.” In fact Ben, who bills himself as the “Internet Genius”, summarized the value of

“Interested in creating your own video podcast or internet TV show, but don’t know where to start? The MakeInternetTV guide has step-by-step instructions for shooting, editing, and publishing online videos that can be watched and subscribed to by millions of people!”

Included on the site are step by step instructions in the following:

1. Video Equipment: What to use and how

2. Shoot: Camera basics and techniques how to shoot your video

3. Edit: 3 rich video tutorials on how to edit video using PC, Mac, or Linux platforms

4. License: information on how to license your video work via Creative Commons or Copyright

5. Publish: How to publish your work on your blog using video services like youtube or or utilizing video blogs a instruction manual on how to place your video on your blog.

6. Promote: this shows you how to set up your RSS subscription feed button and a very valuable piece onengage the network