4 Ways to Increase Clicks and Sharing of Your Content on Twitter

The numerous, vital, and long lasting benefits of social media networking for companies today place pressure on a marketing team to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience, within the right social network. Combine these “must haves” with the right testing procedures for each campaign, and companies begin to realize and uncover the ROI of their social media networking. In my opinion without question, the most powerful social network for viral marketing is Twitter the micro-blogging platform. One of the simplest and most effective strategies for companies to increase more clicks and viral sharing on Twitter is through the Retweet.

Viral Sharing of Your Content: How to Get it Done

When consumers and companies begin to recognize your brand’s content via the Retweet,  try the following steps:

  • Curate Content: write a solid article and showcase it with a succinct tweet:

  • Thank You Tweet: write a tweet thanking the person-brand that RT’d your content. Do not cobble your thank you at the end of their RT of your content. Instead, honor their kindness by thanking the person-brand first:

  • Copywriting: after completing your thank you copy, describe (“adoption & measurement”) the post you are referencing. By referencing and describing your post, you help your RTing partner to remember their RT of your content easily. More important is the fact that this description may be viewed by Twitter users who may have missed your article when it was originally tweeted and subsequently RT’d

  • Link: remember to add the original shortened link at the end of your Thank You tweet. This completes the strategy by giving those Twitter users who missed your original tweet or the subsequent RT the opportunity to click through to your content