Realtor’s Marketing Strategy #4: Top 10 Reasons Why Consumers Should “Buy” You published this deansguide article on April 23, 2008

In deansguide’s series on strategies for Realtors we have utilized the marketing ideas of book publishing houses and best selling authors. Staying with this theme, strategy #4 utilizes Jon Kremer’s, author and best selling book marketing strategist, idea of identifying the “Why Someone Should Buy Your Book:Pros and Cons” as a platform for Realtors. We will apply author Susan Hanshaw’s “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” as an example you can follow with your own real estate practice.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy My Book or Services

1. You need to find courage to acknowledge your pain and dissatisfaction with your work-life
Realtor: I am an expert in the real estate niche___

2. You want to embrace awareness of your ability to change but you don’t know where to begin
Realtor: I can help identify your needs and we can create an action plan together

3. You need a method to identify what lies between you and change
Realtor: Let me show you new ways to make progress toward your real estate goals

4. You want a Step by Step guide to changing your career and life
Realtor: I can show you how I have helped families just like yours create their dreams

5. How to Discover your passions and purpose
Realtor: I can provide numerous choices that you may not even be aware exist in the market

6. Help in giving yourself permission to believe in you
Realtor: No market is without challenges; let me show you how we can navigate them together

7. How to Identify and break the Cycle of Fear
Realtor: We can review solutions to any problem and find the answers that best fit your needs

8. Learn how to create an Action plan of change from someone who has walked the path of change
Realtor: I have _ years of experience lets put a plan together that addresses the challenges we face

9. Understand the Power of your Words and Thoughts
Realtor: If we remain positive we together may find the solution that is available in this market

10. How to Mentally Claim your New Life
Realtor: Within every challenge is a key to opportunity–lets find our key together

Realtor’s Marketing Strategy #2: Your Career’s “Positioning” Is The Why Of Marketing published this deansguide article April 21, 2008

In the world of best selling books, not unlike real estate, “positioning” a book is the “why” of book marketing. The example given by Dan Poynter of Para Publishing is “If you were writing a cookbook, write one sentence explaining why someone would want to buy yet another cookbook.” If you are a Realtor why should someone hire you with so many Realtors available to choose from in this industry? Answer this question in one sentence and you have the beginnings of the “why” marketing question answered for your business.

Strategy #2

In order to become a successful Realtor you need market “positioning” in your marketing plan. In my marketing plan for Susan Hanshaw’s upcoming book,Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live”, we are positioning this book as the essential step by step guide to designing a job you love utilizing your passions and interests.

What’s First?

Your goal is to be able to explain how you are different, better, or as outstanding as the best Realtor in your niche. Consider comparing your business to outstanding Realtors in your niche. Yes you are mentioning the competition but you are utilizing their reputation as a standard that you measure up to and surpass. When referring to someone who is successful you convey that you will “Be Like Mike” (see video) the old Gatorade Jordan marketing plan. states “Selective Perception serves as a suit of armor for the mind.”

What’s Next or How You Will Reach Your Market?

You can’t guarantee you will reach every media outlet. You can’t guarantee your target audience will respond to your marketing plan. What you can control is your research into the contacts you intend to make. Narrow your targets so that they match the best media outlets for your message.

Just like the media outlets, make sure you narrow your scope to the audience that will be most interested in your message. eHow’sHow To Benefit Financially With Target Marketing” four steps is a prime example of the work that will make you successful.

Don’t take the shotgun approach–that only leads to reputation suicide.

Realtor’s Marketing Strategy #1: Market Your Business Like A Best Selling Book

One of the most through, frustrating, rewarding, and intense marketing plans you can undertake is a plan that promotes a book. Like Realtors, there are thousands of new titles being introduced to the public every year. According to publisher Dan Poynter’s Para Publishing reference source roughly 190,000 new books are minted in the US every year.

And like a large number of Realtors, many of these new books are not properly introduced to their target audience, unprepared to go to market, lacking in the substance factor of knowledge or experience, and have no organized marketing plan.

If you are a Realtor and you believe that marketing is difficult, too time consuming, a necessary evil that should be governed by costs, or a task that an underling can perform for you then consider my latest endeavor–bring an author’s work to market.

For the next eight weeks I will chronicle my efforts to market author Susan Hanshaw’s upcoming book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live.” Within this series, I will document the steps that media-publishers take to bring books to market through a comprehensive Marketing Plan. This plan can easily be implemented in part or whole to support a Realtor’s current plan or act as an outline.

Strategy #1

In order to become a successful Realtor you need a plan-a marketing plan. Accept this as fact and you are about to begin to take the steps necessary to bring your “brand” to market successfully. In the book world the publisher does very little to market your book (a shocking surprise to me last year). It is up to the author and representative to create the buzz leading to an audience for the product–sound familiar?

What’s First?

The first step is to create a list of benefit statements about your business. Very successful Silicon Valley Realtor Andy Wong calls his business his “practice.” Why is your business different? Why is it better? Why would consumers want to spend time learning more about you? How will consumers benefit from hiring you? Write short, consise, statements no more than 25 words–create impact.

What’s Next?

Outline your marketing plan with the first two steps in our formula:

1. What Are You Selling? : Write an two paragraph autobiographical profile since you are the product. What are you selling about you? Include your experience, achievements, and your niche

2. What Is Your Market? : Who will want to hire you? Do you work best with new home buyers or the luxury market? If you are a tech savvy person, is a great source of ideas to utilize for that consumer market.