Twitter vs. Blogging: 6 Most Common Excuses Not to Blog

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Blogging is the most powerful tool, with multiple uses, that an entrepreneur, small business, or large corporation can leverage in building their brand. Microblogging, Twitter being the best example, is a miniature version of blogging. Both tools have their push backs. Twtter strategies like blogging strategies help answer and discredit many of the most common excuses people have for not adopting blogging or microblogging. The following are the 6 most common excuses not to blog, reasons why they are myths, and how Twitter compares.

6 Most Common Excuses Not to Blog: Myths

  • Articles Must be Long: the fact is that the useability or readability of a blog article is best when it is short, 250-500 words, due to the reading habits of blog readers aka skimming. Check out the F Shape theory by Jakob Nielsen
  • Twitter: 140 character messages allow brief easy to write “posts”; the barrier to entry for writing is nil
  • Must Write Every Day: writing every day is best but it is not mandatory. It is beneficial to write 1-2 times per week
  • Twitter: again every day is best but it is possible to connect by writing 2-3 times per week
  • Fear to Write Publically: write about expertise do not write in diary format. Stay on business point
  • Twitter: the same holds true stay on business point, give value, and do not write in diary format
  • Resistance to Technology: learning the technology is about using the technology. Experience breeds confidence and efficiency
  • Twitter: far easier platform to learn, no coding, and much shorter ramp up period
  • Nothing New to Write: every subject has been covered but not by you with your expertise and skill. You must demonstrate your expertise
  • Twitter: same idea here but in far shorter messages; showcase your expertise
  • Who Will See My Blog: if you provide SEO, fresh relevant content, and network in the blogosphere your target audience will see your blog
  • Twitter: if you follow the right people, recommend them, and garner their respect through a follow back then your target audience will see your tweets

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