Help Twitter Users Make Money: Rate Twitter ReTweets Via FAV Scoring

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In “Favorites the New ReTweet Measurement” we posited that by placing special tweets in the Favorites tab you could then ReTweet those favorites providing your network of followers a look at the tweets you felt were the most important. This would be accomplished by using “FAV” in front of the tweet. The FAV acronym would tell the reader the tweet was Favorited by you and that it was of the utmost importance.

Consequently it makes sense to create a scoring system for ReTweets aka a FAV score. Due to the fact that users are now able to sell their influence, via tweeting advertisements into their stream, on a per tweet basis- a rating system must be created. For more info on paid tweeting see the San Francisco Chronicle’s: Startups Cash in on Twitter with Pay-Per-Tweet

Rating ReTweets: FAV Score

  • Percentages: Twitter should devise a tab within the Favorites tab that provides percentage of Tweets vs ReTweets. How many of your tweets are ReTweeted?
  • Point System: Twitter could devise a point system based on an algorithmic formula rewarding users based on their percentage of FAV from their tweets that are RTed
  • Rewards: Twitter must begin rewarding users for their viral abilities. With the new influx of advertising dollars available to users with influential follower bases, it’s imperative that users have statistics to back up their “viralability”