Real Time Search: Revolutionary Change Marketers Must Understand OR Fail

“The days of SEO as the primary traffic driver to your website are over. Don’t get us wrong, organic search engine optimization isn’t about to disappear as a key traffic driver.  .  .   However, recent technology trends enable a brave new world of marketing. Ignore them at your peril.” —  Elyssa Pallai

“With all the capabilities these phones that are coming out have – like GPS, cameras – we think there is the potential to actually make this mobile Web better than the PC Web.”Google’s VP of product development

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The dawn of a new age in how people find companies is about to break- search engine optimization experts and Google are in for changes. Over the course of the past decade, search engine optimization has created a path for companies, willing to pay, to gain access to top positioning in Google’s indexing for the most important keyword searches. The results of these well integrated plans are high ranking page one positions within Google searches relevant to the company’s keyword strategies.

Problematic Indexing

As a result of many SEO campaigns, companies are able to remain in high ranking page one indexed positions (1-10) long after the information from the article (post) is deemed obsolete and old. The results of Google’s indexing algorithm impacts the usefulness of information returned on many Google searches and weakens Google’s credibility to return relevant, meaningful information.

A Seachange In How We Find Information: Real Time

The coming wave of change in search is real time search. Pat Kitano principle at Domus Consulting Group LLC and many top thought leaders in the social media space have been announcing the coming transformation. In one of the most important articles to date about real time search, 4 Tech Trends You Must Understand To Be An Effective Marketer, Elyssa Pallai outlines 4 key trends to watch out for in the coming change:

  • Information Sharing Viral Opportunities: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become “a key link in the search and information sharing value chain.  .  .  These sites are an important information source for everyone. Importantly, friends’ recommendations are key”
  • Mobile Is Gigantic: “”With all the capabilities these phones that are coming out have – like GPS, cameras – we think there is the potential to actually make this mobile Web better than the PC Web.” Google’s VP of product development. The sharing of information in real time will be driven by the adoption of smart phones under way right now
  • Location Based Services: ReadWriteWeb’s Frederic Lardinois reported in June 2009 that 1 in 3 smart phone owners use location based services. Consequently real time opportunities exist, for many businesses, to market to individuals who are minutes from the brick n mortar location of the business
  • Google’s Real Time Indexing: Google’s launch of real time indexing of tweets (Twitter) and Facebook messages will revolutionize how people find businesses and communicate. Companies and individuals will eventually be able to have their social media messages indexed, consumers will be able to find fresh real time links more relevant than the old PC Web indexed results, and consumers will have the opportunity to participate-communicate in real time within these conversations

5 Reasons Companies Must Adopt A Mobile Web Strategy Now

If you are considering whether having a mobile web strategy is a necessary piece to your business plan, the following should help you understand–it’s not just necessary but a must. Jon Cooper of the Philadelphia Business Journal wrote a great article outlining facts and a beginning strategy. Let’s take a look at Jon’s suggestions.

5 Reasons Your Company Must Support a Mobile Strategy

1. Four (4x) or five (5x)  times as many people have cell phones as have PCs.

In our opinion, PCs will be going the way of the cord tethered land line phone–bye bye

2.Mobile digital content “hitches a ride in the consumer’s pocket and may literally guide him/her to your store or office.”

In our opinion mobile users who share content, in real time, can share positive and negative experiences about your business. If you are not there to answer them they will leave this information unchecked on one of the hundreds of review sites (Yelp) available to them

3. Text messages far outperform e-mails in key metrics such as open rate. Ninety-five (95%) percent of text messages are typically opened inside the first 15 minutes. Your e-mail outreach program is struggling to maintain double digit open rates inside of several days.

In our opinion, the open rate and time frame of open, 95%, far out performs the traditional open rates (15-25%) of e-newsletters or email marketing (spam) campaigns.

4. Text messaging is short but they have the ability to carry, deliver shortened urls to a strategically targeted audiences.

In our opinion, this is a huge advantage in delivering messages in real time that provide call to action lead generation for a business

5. The combination of text messaging and mobile Web pages are “a powerful means of communicating important information to your audience.”

In our opinion, this is the key to the next generation of online communication and a wave that should not be missed.