Mine Statistics For Twitter Strategies: Top 20 Twitter Locations


Courtesy Wikipedia London

ComputerShopper.com published this deansguide article in “Technology News” 6-21-09

Marketing firm Hubspot focuses on “inbound marketing software that helps your company get found online, generate more inbound leads, and convert a high percentage of them into paying customers.” Hubspot’s recently released report “State of the Twittersphere” has some interesting and thought provoking findings. Case studies and reports enable  entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations create Twitter strategies for their businesses. The best location to find research to build your twitter strategies: on Twitter.

Top 20 Locations Today and Past

  1. London–London
  2. Los Angeles–USA
  3. Chicago–San Francisco
  4. New York–New York
  5. San Francisco–Chicago
  6. Toronto–Los Angeles
  7. Atlanta–California
  8. Seattle–Toronto
  9. Boston–Austin, Tx
  10. Austin–New York
  11. Sydney–New York City
  12. San Diego–San Francisco
  13. Washington D.C.–Canada
  14. Melbourne–Texas
  15. Portland–Atlanta
  16. Houston–Washington D.C.
  17. Vancouver–UK
  18. Dallas–Los Angeles
  19. Brooklyn–Chicago
  20. Philadelphia–New York City