Realtor Marketing Meetings: The Most Important Networking Event You Can Attend

One of the most effective methods to market listings, meet like minded professionals, search for affiliates, hear industry news-updates, and build last relationships is the Realtor Marketing Meeting. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, most counties have at least one weekly meeting; with many counties having 2 or 3 participating associations that hold separate meetings.


In the last five years, I have attended hundreds of breakfast marketing meetings sponsored by Realtor Marketing Associations. My schedule was filled with four morning meetingsTuesday through Friday. After these meetings, the associations sponsored broker open house tours where we could caravan together and see upwards of 15 locations. It is a chance to network with other Realtors and see their properties.

My Favorite Meetings

1. Walnut Creek aka Contra Costa Association of Realtors: Tuesday mornings from 7:45 to 9:45. This is one of the most powerful meetings available with Realtors and affiliates coming from as far away as a 50 mile radius. The attendance level was 200-350. Many prominent Realtors, mortgage brokers, and independents attend this meeting faithfully. This meeting is held at the Concord Centre a old but huge meeting hall reminiscent of your high school auditorium.

2. Los Gatos aka Silicon Valley Association of Realtors: Wednesday mornings 8:00 to 9:30. This meeting is the best Association meeting in Silicon Valley (Penninsula) in my opinion. The power broker quotient is high with very prominent brokers and long time Realtor luminaries, like English royalty, dot the landscape. This meeting held at the Willow Street Pizza restaurant has, easily, the greatest breakfast spread of any meeting for only $5 and the most hilarious host in big Michael.

*Note: This meeting was where I received the tip, ahead of the press at the time, that the Ed Okun 1031 Tax Group scandal had just hit. 1031 Advance in San Jose had just closed it’s doors and my “contact” put me onto the story that day.

3. San Ramon aka Realtor’s Marketing Association: Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:45. This meeting is powerful like the Walnut Creek meeting but on a much smaller scale. Attendance runs between 50-85 but again there are a number of Real Estate broker owners, managers, and powerful agents. The beautiful people quotient at this meeting makes it look like a casting call from the 1980’s Dynasty series–fun people watching.

4. Pleasanton aka Valley Marketing Association: This meeting is held Fridays from 8:30-9:30 at Tommy T’s Comedy Club. The venue itself is special because it has a wonderful stage and the best tech gadgets for multi-media presentations. The attendance here is 80-150 with many luminaries coming from Livermore, Dublin, and farther outbound. Information is fresh and the speakers list in most cases is top shelf presenters. John Harper, he of theharperteam blog fame, is one of the long time attendees adding substance to this group. It is a fun meeting and a social event!

5. Fremont aka Tri-City Marketing Meeting: This meeting is held on Thursdays from 8:00-10:00 in a huge banquet room of the Golden Peacock Chinese restaurant a cavern of a space. The crowd is warm and diverse in cultural experiences. Attendance runs between 120-175 per meeting. One of the greatest drawings aka lottos of any meeting, I won the number in one meeting and walked out with $175. This is a more difficult meeting to break into as many Realtors and affiliates are long time partners and have their own cliques.


Realtor’s #1 Tool To Expertise: Economic Research Institute

salary surveys

The best source for Realtors to find free “calculator” tools and research, to help people decide the best cities in the US to live, are provided by the Economic Research Institute. The best page to find these valuable tools is the ERI “Career and Cost of Living Comparison” page. In addition a number of valuable reports are available for purchase.

Understanding Your Niche and Choices

As a Realtor or broker, you can elevate your perception with consumers as well as become more knowledgeable, if you are willing to research. Some of the best research available on cost of living, relocation, and economic conditions can be found at the Economic Research Institute. The information is global in scale and very detailed nature.

2 Career Cost of Living Comparison Tools

1. Salary Potential 2023: This tool “reports the estimated annual mean salary potential for 5,634 positions in the Year 2023.”

2. Cost of Living: This tool is a fantastic point of reference. It calculates cost of living for cities around the world and in some cases neighborhoods within the cities.

In my example I found the following information about San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood: “Student Cost of Living for Consumables as a percentage of the U.S. National Norm: 125%”

There are many more detailed reports comparing cities globally and nationally, cost of living conversion rates and economic condition calculators. Although these reports are not free, the descriptions of the reports can give you a starting point to becoming an expert.

Realtor’s Web 2.0 Crash Course Tool #1: MiloBlog published this deansguide article May 3, 2008

Are you a Realtor, broker, or affiliate who is interested in learning what Web 2.0 means, how it effects the real estate industry, and how to harness the power of this ongoing revolution? Even if you just want to look informed and with it, the best spot to begin is Miloblog. Miloblog’s tagline “Your guide to real estate marketing and technology trends” says it all.

MiloBlog’s categories contain articles for beginner-advanced lessons on Web 2.0

1. Blog Tips: Blogging the most powerful marketing tool to Realtors today
2. Finance 2.0: With the meltdown, this becomes a very important area to master
3. Listing Tips: Days of the local newspaper are fast approaching zero
4. Search Optimization: aka SEO aka How people find you and your business
5. Web 2.0 Marketing: Global reach, 24/7, online all the time
6. Web site tools: Tools that make your website effective

Substance Factor

The list of experts featured on Miloblog is a who’s who of major players in the blogosphere

1. Joel Burslem of Future of Real Estate Marketing

2. Brad and Inman News

3. The Trulia Blog

4. The wizards at Mashable

5. Jim at The Real Estate Tomato

6. Mighty Zillow Blog

Two additional sites you should read to round out your education

1. Pat Kitano’s transparent real estate a veritable looking glass crystal ball into the future of real estate

2. Tommy’s the real estate bloggers a split second news magnet keeping you informed ahead of the crowd

Newsflash: Ed Okun’s Bond Hearing Postponed To May 9

This just in from the Department of Justice and one of our train wreck friends Elizabeth, Ed Okun’s bond hearing scheduled for today (April 29) was canceled. The new date for Okun’s bond hearing is Friday May 9 at 2pm. The reason for the postponement? Okun’s appointed public defender asked for the postponement so your guess is as good as mine: preparation issues?

How do you represent a criminal like Okun to a court of law in hopes of gaining his freedom-even if it is a short lived freedom?

Here are the challenges Okun’s attorney faces

1. Ed is reportedly flat broke
2. Ed may have hidden funds offshore
3. Ed is definitely a flight risk
4. Ed has embezzled, without recovery to victims, at least $132million
5. Ed’s credibility and word are worthless

Against All Odds: Cases That Attorneys Represented the “Unrepresentable”

1. The OJ Case–Simpson walked to the amazement of the world
2. The “Nightstalker”— Richard Ramirez sits on death row the best he could have ever gotten
3. Polly KlausRichard Allen Davis how could anyone represent this piece of _hit?
4. Scott Peterson–Did anyone and I mean anyone ever believe this punk?
5. Rodney King’s Cops–just change the venue and everything goes bye-bye

Pleasanton’s Valley Marketing Association: Tommy T’s Never Had it So Good!

May 11, 2007 marked my two and a half year anniversary of attending the VMA meeting and breakfast mixer. During that period, I have forged many friendships and initiated valuable business contacts. The impressive fact about this event is it’s ability to attract a loyal and consistent following, attendance is in the 150+ range, while in turn attracting many new faces as well.

One of the major reasons for this meeting’s success is the leadership of VMA and Alain Pinel Realtor Roy Dronkers. One of Roy’s best moves was to secure Tommy T’s Comedy Club as the event’s venue. Tommy T’s is an expansive two tiered layout with comfortable seating, great acoustics, and an elevated stage. The venue sets the tone for each event; it gives attendees a “show biz” feeling and it is a major draw for it’s comfort and privacy. Toss in the professional sound system and video capabilities and this meeting feels like a business trade show event.

In addition, Dronkers provides a wide variety of guests and information. Some of the past guests have been the Pleasanton Chief of Police and Bay East Association’s political lobbyists. Another valuable segment is Dronker’s Market watch up-date which highlights Pleasanton home sales, median prices, and inventory to date.

The final final is the money raffle at the end of each meeting. Friday’s meeting was special as a two night stay at the beautiful SandPiper House Inn in Mendocino county’s village of Elk, California was the major prize.

Networking happens at the end of this meeting. I was able to catch up with John Harper nationally acclaimed author of the local blog “The Harper Team”; Will Doerlich Windermere East Bay Realty; Pat Griffin budding comedian and Mobile home specialist, and Cheryl Makela of Marples & Associates Realtors.

Sponsorships are available in the following categories:

*Monthly Room Sponsor: $400.00

*Monthly Food Sponsor: $250.00

*Monthly Coffee Sponsor: $250.00

Annual Sponsorships run $250.00 per year which entitles your business name and contact information on weekly tour sheets, advertising on the affiliates table, and VMA website recognition.

Annual Membership costs $100.00 and is a discount off admission.

A few examples of listings presented:

*1599 Oslo Ct., Livermore $899,950 Mike Gama Century 21

*4160 Torino Ct., Pleasanton N/P Gina Piper Prudential

*1126 Santa Margherita Way, N/T Heidy Hurst

*7424 Stonedale Dr., Pleasanton $589,900 Karla Brown Hometown GMAC

*139 Windward Common Unit #1, Livermore $419,500 Nancy Sutorius Coldwell Banker

*55 West Bradford Ave., Sonora Cheryl Makela Marples & Associates

*73498 Joshua Tree St., Palm Desert, Ca William “Hopalong Cassidy” Boyd’s former retreat offered by Pacific Auction Exchange Stacy Kennedy.

*7292 Bedford Way, Dublin $599,000 Vicky Coker and Pari Kazerooni Windermere `

May 4th Pleasanton-Valley Marketing Association: People, Places, & Legislative Day 2007

Today I attended the Valley Marketing Association meeting in Pleasanton. As always, it was an excellent networking event with people, places, and Legislative Day 2007 as the focus. The meeting held at Tommy T’s Comedy Club, every Friday morning 8:30-9:30, has become a staple in my weekly informational diet.

People are the key to this meeting as it is well attended by over 150 decision makers. The attendees are very open to networking, listening to your business plans, and reciprocal about their wants and needs. The following is a sampling of participants at today’s meeting:

*Ada Quiambao: new independent loan consultant, Ada comes from the software industry.

*John Harper: John is one of the leading Real Estate bloggers in the country. His blog, The Harper Team, is a nationally recognized and acclaimed blog specializing in San Ramon, Danville, & Pleasanton real estate.

Places-a list of some of the properties presented this morning:

*6208 Woodvale Terrace, Randy Mustion Century 21

*2882 Sable Oaks Way, Randy Mustion Century 21

*8783 Davona Dr., Nate Womack Keller Williams

*2366 Meadow Lark Dr., Cindy Gee Prudential California Realty

*515 Burk Place, Ron Meyers Prudential California Realty

*2289 Camino Brazos, Daisy Borba Keller Williams

*1774 Paseo Del Cajon, Dale Turner Century 21

*3035 Crestablanca Dr., Nancy Sutorius Coldwell Banker Previews

*4303 Clarinbridge Circle, Nancy Sutorius Coldwell Banker Previews

[The Terminator] Legislative Day 2007: The annual event, June 6, allows Realtors to show their power by converging on Sacramento in order to listen to and be heard by Gov. “Terminator.”

If you are interested in more information about “grassroots” marketing methods for your business, please contact me for more details.