Judge Lauck’s “Specific Findings of Fact that Okun was a Flight Risk”: If This Is True-Hidden Assets Must Exist

Norman’s Cay Cocaine Kingpin Carlos Lehder’s hideout courtesy cache.boston.com/…/10/05/1191605832_7450.jpg

After rereading the US Trustee’s Newsletter #6 a phrase struck me even though I read it a number of times. At the end of the newsletter in the last paragraph from Gerald McHale US Trustee for the Ed Okun case “Trustee Newsletter #6”:

“Edward Okun’s bail hearing was held on May 9, 2008 and Judge Lauck in the Eastern District of Virginia, the location of the criminal proceeding, denied bond and made specific findings of fact that Okun was a flight risk.”

“. . . specific findings of fact that Okun was a flight risk.”

What Can We Assume About The Judge’s Statement?

1. Ed’s “crying poor” plan, with nary a dime to his name, was an elaborate ruse to lull the court into thinking he was unable to run

2. Ed’s new court appointed attorney, usually reserved for people without any money, could be considered part of this ruse in order to persuade the court to free him on bond

3. If Ed were broke then why was his Miami attorney Rosenberg, who does not work for free, in Virginia during the bond hearing-that according to the “mystery caller”?

4. If Judge Lauck has proof that Okun is a flight risk then it is not difficult to deduce that there must be stolen funds hidden somewhere off shore or otherwise–you can’t escape the US Government on the cheap!

5. If Okun is a flight risk with hidden funds, it only makes sense that he would need accomplices in order to execute an escape plan–is the “mystery caller” such an accomplice? Hidden assets are not only monies but people willing to help or harbor an individual

6. The Bahamas, where Okun had his ill advised cash infusion smuggled, has been a notorious fugitive hideout for centuries having harbored Medillin Cartel heavyweight Carlos Lehder and international embezzler Robert Vesco


Newsflash: San Francisco Left Wing Liberal Talk Show Host Bernie Ward Changing Plea In Child Pornography Case

Disgraced and fired Former San Francisco Talk Show host, liberal left wing proponent, Bernie Ward, charged in December 2007 with distributing and receiving child pornography via the internet, plans to change his innocent plea Thursday according to federal court records.

In breaking news tonight via San Francisco Chronicle writer Henry Lee, Ward a former Catholic priest is withdrawing his innocent plea one month prior to his trial. Ward’s attorney Doron Weinberg was unavailable for comment.

The suspicious “no comment” coming from a hired “mouthpiece” is telling. The government or prosecutors must have mined more evidence of wrong doing leaving Ward in a precarious position.

The Warm Up

Ward’s basis for his innocent plea was his assertion that he was conducting research for an upcoming book. The activity according to Ward, “consisted only of role playing as part of a book he was researching on hypocrisy.”

The “role playing” in question began “when he engaged in sex chats with an online dominatrix and allegedly sent her pictures of children engaged in sexual activity, according to a police report.

The Spin

Attorney Weinberg and Ward, according to the Chronicle story, “sought a ruling from the judge that would allow him to present a defense that he received and distributed “the charged contraband” for legitimate First Amendment purposes, namely to research and comment upon “social mores.”

The Gavel

That is *&%$#@) laughable and federal prosecutors agreed. In court papers prosecutors opposed any such ruling stating:

“. . .First Amendment defenses “would invite every defendant charged with child pornography crimes to suddenly become a legitimate researcher educating the masses via their Web log.”

I don’t know about you but my blog aka weblog has NOTHING to do with Bernie Ward’s weblog and I trust your’s doesn’t either!