Twitter Strategies for Entrepreneurs: How Not to Use Direct Messages

Direct Messages

The most annoying habit of Twitter users is the strategy of sending a DM aka direct message as a greeting to anyone who follows their tweets. Why would, what appears to be a smart method of introducing yourself to a new connection, a DM end up being detrimental to your ability to connect? The answer is automated response tools.

5 Reasons Not to Use Auto Direct Messaging

  • Perception: you are immediately perceived as not caring enough to personalize your message to your new connection because no name is attached to a automated tweet
  • Sales Pitch: 70% of the DMs I receive are direct hard sell sales pitches asking me to become a facebook fan, read a blog article, or follow other Twitterers.
  • Interruption: this is interruption marketing at it’s worst. If you want to be relevant re-read Seth Godin’s idea of permission marketing
  • Follow Strategy: most automated response DMs are the byproduct of a Twitterer’s follow strategy. Most entrepreneurs that auto tweet have follow strategies built to create mass numbers regardless of the value of the following.
  • DM Examples to Avoid: never do the following if you must use automated direct message tools

Yay, I’m on auto but that doesn’t mean I don’t care! You’re on Facebook? Let’s be friends there too “

“I have written a free quide on the ‘smart’ way to Twitter: (url link) it’s to the point and it’s free. Thanks for following me. Hey it is great to follow”

Thanks for the follow! I found you via this Twitter marketing tool: link and If you want a lot of followers (like I do), you should check this amazing website: link”