10 Content Ideas For Winery Social Media Marketing

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The biggest mistake being made by wineries in their social media marketing efforts is the lack of strategy in the messages they produce. Many wineries on Twitter are simply chatting with no apparent strategy to bring information forward about their product, service, benefits or features. Often times the messages are either too much hard sell or not enough “beef” about the winery. The following is a list of ten ideas that wineries can write about right now. The orgin of these ideas? The winery website-blog:

10 Social Media Marketing Ideas: What Do We Say?

1. History: what is the history of the winery, owners, and vineyards? Within this history, bring out the mission of the winery

2. Wine Club: features and benefits as well as the differentiating factor or why people should join your wine club

3. Harvest: every wine fan wants to know who is making the wine, what the harvest process looks like

4. Partnerships: if you have a restaurant, limo, resort partnership then give all details that benefit your customers

5. Education: if you offer hands on classes in wine making,  storage, or collecting give people the details

6. Discounts: in today’s economy always highlight the deals you are offering your consumers

7. Events: notify your audience about upcoming events

8. Tours: describe the tour(s) benefits, features, and history

9. Tasting Room People: many ultra premium bars in Las Vegas hire bartenders with followings and their own persona. Allow your tasting room staff to create their own persona and engage with your consumers

10. Food: food and wine go together naturally. Showcase the best pairing ideas

Miami “Dadeland Massacre” 1979: “The War On Drugs” Begins

Please read this article before viewing the historical starting point of the US “War on Drugs”

Wikipedia/GriseldaBlanco cited this article 4-9-10

In what was described as the worst violence in a US city, making Al Capone’s 1930’s Chicago look like a “Church Sunday Picnic”, July 11 marks the 29 year anniversary of the Miami “Dadeland Massacre.” The massacre was the flash point and resulted in the beginning of what was later labeled “The War on Drugs” by then president Ronald Regan.

Miami circa 1979

Miami became the most dangerous place to live in becoming the “Drug Capital of the world” with 100,000 persons involved in the drug trade. Drug lords killed each other fighting for their turf as they killed their opponents to control their territories.

July 11, 1979 2:28pm

Three Mac 10 machine pistol toting “hitters” opened fire on their targets, two rival cocaine dealers shopping at Crown Liquor store, killing the rivals and spraying over 100 .45 and 9. millimeters rounds. The shooters continued to spray the parking lot as they exited the store in a scene homicide detective Al Singleton described as “Dodge City” and “the first public shot in the cocaine wars.”

Griselda Blanco aka the “Godmother of cocaine” and more notoriously “the black widow” ordered the hits and was responsible for a chain of events which developed into the “Cocaine Wars” fought by the “Kings of Cocaine” ( see the book for reference) Miami’s version of hell on earth

Time Magazine

Time Magazine published the article “Paradise Lost” in November of 1981 and it was the major piece that blew the lid off the truth about the wide spread homicides and mass murder that was Miami in the late ’70’s continuing through the 1980’s.

If you want to explain to your children why the “War on Drugs” is being fought, where and when it started, and the history of this country’s continued fight against murder and mayhem you only need to look at the Dadeland Massacre of 1979. . . and follow the blood
The Players

Pablo Escobar

Photo by Oscar Cifuentes
Dadeland shooter Jorge Rivi Ayala
Jon Roberts associate to George Jung Miami Cocaine Kingpin and subject of the movie “Cocaine Cowboys”
Cold hard cash: Miami’s US Federal Reserve reported a “surplus of 5 Billion dollars” from drug trafficking
Mickey Munday Smuggler Pilot worked with Jung, Roberts and Barry Seal
What they were fighting over The Product-Cocaine aka blow, yeyo, toot, whiff and many other names

WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg Raises $2.9M In Funding: Blogging Can No Longer Be Ignored By American Media Or It’s Advertising Clients

Today marks the turning point and trumpets the arrival of the sea change in American media and culture; the revolution begins as the preeminent open source software platform for blogging, WordPress, creator Matt Mullenweg has received $29.5 million in a series B Funding for his company Automatic.

This event validates, legitimizes, and transforms the once thought art form ramblings of a dissident few into the collective “citizen journalistic” revolution of the next generation multi media channel in America.

This event is akin to Ray Kroc applying factory assembly line processes to a small hamburger stand and changing the way Americans ate out. Food cooked fast, delivered faster, with a smile and little wreckage to your wallet.

If you remain skeptical then you MUST read Om Malik’s awesome article “WordPress.com Creator Raises $29.5M” which gives the story of creator Matt Mullenweg and his role in the explosion of the blogosphere crashing the traditional media’s stranglehold on news.

In my opinion we bloggers are perceived and mislabeled similar to the rantings that accompanied the name Andre Agassi when he first burst upon the tennis world. Andre was about “image” but as we all came to find out–Andre had great substance and style. He won with class and he won often.

Analysis: We (bloggers and consultants) continually stand up and make the unabashed statement that “Blogging is the sea change and next generation marketing that will change the media world as we know it” and today is another large granite block in the foundation of that posit.

* For those business owners, especially Realtors-brokers and mortgage brokers, to ignore the declining readership numbers and declining advertising revenue dollars of the large print media giants is to ignore the sea change.

* For those business owners to ignore the fact that former writers and prominent journalists are creating blogs and selling their offerings through ad based models essentially becoming their “own brand” is to lack vision. These journalists are leaving the constrictions of their newspapers and branding the same way real estate brokers have been branding their businesses for years.

* The most obvious signal that the real estate industry should adopt blogging comes with the simple fact that major print media newspapers are now requiring their writers to blog, they are hiring outside bloggers to write for them, and they are establishing their own ONLINE newspaper sites (ie. NY Times and WSJ) to capture the lost revenue they are leaking due to the internet and blogging revolution.

Resource Guide of Bloggers: The following list includes bloggers who are helping to transform and revolutionize the media landscape as we know it through their efforts. These bloggers are providing (free of charge) valuable and business changing information, strategies, tips, how to formulas, guides, and list. There are thousands of dollars worth of free information jammed packed into this list. Take advantage.

Patrick Kitano www.transparentre.com
Kevin Boer www.3Oceansrealestate.com
John Harper http://theharperteam.com
Tommy http://therealestatebloggers.com
Brad Andersohn http://activerain.com/blogs/bandersohn
Melanie Narducci http://condocontessa.wordpress.com
Director Tom http://thomasclifford.gaia.com/blog
Thomas Marban http://popurls.com
Zoli Erdos http://zoliblog.com
Susan Hanshaw http://innerarchitect.wordpress.com and http://innerarchitect.com

Top 10 Bloggers of 2007: deansguide’s Resource Guide

As a newly minted blogger, March 2007, I have met and read many bloggers in the blogosphere who have had a profound impact on real estate, business, and health. The following is a list of deansguide’s choice as the Top 10 Bloggers for 2007:

1. Pat Kitano www.transparentre.com and domusconsultinggroup.com: A former top Wall St. investment banker, Pat’s blog transparentre.com was voted one of 25 most innovative blogs for 2007 by Inman News organization. Pat’s continual stream of hard boiled analysis, Wall St. experience, and visionary instinct makes him a must read for real professionals, start up entrepreneurs, and Web 2.0 technology followers. pat-domus-pic.jpg

2. Susan Hanshaw www.sanctuaryforchange.com; susanhanshaw.wordpress.com; innerarchitect.com: Susan left a successful 20 yr corporate career in direct marketing which culminated in a position as VP. Her departure into spiritual and inspirational endeavors produced a book “Unleashing Your Soul: Finding the Courage To Follow Your Heart”, a successful appearance on Martha Stewart XM Radio channel, and a number of speaking engagements throughout California.


Her tips on positive energy, raising your vibration, and studies into the new frontier of spirituality meets science (quantum physics) make her blogs and website vast libraries of valuable information. Susan provides tools and thought provoking strategies for personal development for individuals, organizations, and corporate entities looking to strengthen their “Human Capital” through educational enrichment.

3. John Harper theharperteam: John Harper, Danville, CA Keller Williams agent, writes a template and guide map for Realtors searching for answers on “How to” write a hyper local blog. Recognized as a leader in the real estate blogosphere, John Harper incorporates local news, trends, and insider information that creates a window into the areas that he represents geographically as well as his niche business strengths. If I were a Realtor who was about to launch a blog I would study theharperteam.com extensively for direction and ideas. john-harper.jpg

4. Kevin Boer 3oceansrealestate.com: Kevin is a Yale MBA and former McKinsey consultant with vast business consulting experience beyond the norm found in real estate. Kevin’s blog is the ultimate template for strategy in google search placement, hyper local content, contributor panels, and how to capture your local market while locking out your competition. A co-founder of Domus Consulting Group along with Pat Kitano, Boer represents the new breed of Realtor: niche driven, Wall St. smart, technology savvy with global reach.


5. Tommy’s therealestatebloggers: this blog is a professional journalistic quality example of how to write a hard hitting fast acting real estate news blog without being an agent. He writes and reports with a national and international scope that attracts huge traffic. Tommy’s blog is a fantastic example of the power social networking, keen ad placement, and thought provoking-reader commenting content. This blog IS A MUST READ for anyone watching the real estate market and industry from novice to cutting edge professionals.


6. Brad Andersohn activerain.com/blogs/bandersohn : Brad is a title rep with fantastic advice, free information, as well as market analysis. This is a very valuable site for both homeowners as well as Realtors looking for answers. Brad writes about a broad scope of industry news as well as his specialty title insurance. Comprehensive and instructive in nature, Brad’s blog on Active Rain provides answers from a trusted industry professional at no cost. Thetone is everything the blogosphere is about: share information, be honest, provide value. brad-andersohn.jpg

7. Brasschecktv.com: For the conspiracy theorist in us all, this site provides a mountain of video on every type of conspiracy under the sun. From 9/11 to JFK, brasscheck has historical and vital documents which provide a living breathing record source that is easy to navigate, access, and utilize. If you really want to know the truth check out Jordan Maxwell. (No Pictures Available)

8. Joe Firmage www.firmage.org : Joe Firmage is a Silicon Valley legend who believes in the unbelievable, accomplishes the unthinkable, and stands by his principles like no other before him. A boy-wonder, Joe built US Web and then left the Valley after proclaiming his belief in UFOs and many other concepts scoffed at by his peers.

Firmage’s current project is to build the world’s largest network of free information portals that are manned by the most brilliant minds in each field:


“. . . an Internet-based visual navigation system for scientific knowledge, experience, and exploration, built upon a rich-media collaborative publishing system.”

The portals will not be used to generate advertising revenue thus they will remain objective and open to analysis without the dirty hands of self loathing, self importance, and self indulgent American media tainting the information.

9. Tom Voight zodiackiller.com: Although this is not a traditional blog, my friend Tom Voight (son to the writer) site added over 1,200 pages in 2007. Tom writes his own copy and currently runs what is considered the highest authority on the Zodiac Killer in the world. His site garners upwards of 2 MILLION visits per month. Recently a English tabloid claimed that idiotic Brittany Spears is a regular reader of the site. tom-voight.jpg

This site is super rich with content, forums, and social networking having to do with the long time hunt for the Zodiac. If you were a Bay Area native and lived through this terrible and frightening time ( I am and remember the Zodiac) then this site clarifies and focuses on what is known to this point today.

10. Blogosphere: The collection of blog authors around the globe who diligently and willingly produce content day in and day out. People who share their expertise, share tips, provide How to guides, and inform readers. Authors who express themselves by giving first and asking second.

To my fellow bloggers-we are the new generation of media. The old guard media is finally under attack and losing the war for readership. “Citizen journalism” is winning the war with our weapon of choice “radical transparency.” We are beholden to no corporations, no conglomerates, no undue influences. We ARE the PEOPLE, writing for THE PEOPLE, standing TOGETHER to DELIVER OUR MESSAGE.

Honorable Mention: Walt Goshert’s Marketing blog has fantastic tips and inspirational messages and Gorilla Sushi a entertaining blog written by committee that has unique content from scientific experiments to comedy.

Peace in the New Year and Best Wishes to all!

Thank You My Friends, Family, and Readers: 2007 deansguide

Part 2 of the Top 20 articles on deansguide for 2007 is in the works.

History: My blog deansguide was launched March 30, 2007, thanks to Pat Kitano, and what it represents to me is nothing short of a minor miracle. Through my interest in blogging and writing, I have met many people and made many connections–none more important than Susan Hanshaw my new found love. In addition, 23 deansguide articles have been published, through news aggregating blogburst, by major news agencies Reuters, Fox Business, and Nielsen.

Without the support of my friends, new found friends, family, and readers I would not be having as much FUN as I am having with this blog. Before I publish Part 2 here is a graph, from wordpress.com, illustrating the progressive growth (page views) deansguide has experienced. Thank you one and all!


The Zero Point Field: Science and Spirtuality Intersect To Produce Greatest Discovery In Personal Development


http://innerarchitect.com website

The following is written by Susan Hanshaw non denominational minister, inspirational speaker, author “Unleashing Your Soul: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Heart”, and author of susanhanshaw.wordpress.com.

Lynne McTaggart, award winning journalist and author of The Field and The Intention Experiment, has discovered the “holy grail” of personal development through the convergence of science and spirituality. This discovery is the result of her quest to identify an explanation for homeopathy and spiritual healing. So important and intriguing are McTaggart’s discoveries, I feel that they have the potential to change our world-provided we do our part.

Those of us who have studied A Course in Miracles have been taught of a universal connectedness to God that flows through all of life and of an illusionary world that we have created which is founded on the belief in separation, scarcity, and fear.

How interesting that scientists have produced evidence which shows that a field of energy exists that connects everything in the universe, and that each one of us is a part of this energy. They call this field the Zero Point Field. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that we are each like a wave of pulsating energy that is constantly interacting with this field of energy, and that we have the capacity to direct our thoughts to change physical matter. This sure seems to me like two versions of the same story; one is the spiritual law and the other describes the laws of the physical forces. Could this possibly be the mechanics of God that we’re now studying?

I find this subject so exciting and I could go on and on, but I’ve got to stop somewhere. If these ideas intrigue you, I invite you to join me as I explore them more this Wednesday evening on my ACIM Gather Radio segment, Science and the Sonship from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Pacific time, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern time. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Legend Evil Knievel Dead at 69: The Greatest Stuntman To Ever Live Is Gone


Courtesy www.ruppbikes.com

FoxBusiness.com picked up this article 

As a little boy one Halloween my mom asked me “What do you want to be for Halloween?” and my answer “Evil Knievel” was not received warmly. My mother scolded me saying that Mr. Knievel was a brave but crazy man for the stunts that he pulled. My mom, and rightly so, understood my fascination with Evil Knievel and motorcycles. She did not want to encourage me in anyway; she feared I would jump off of our roof, climb a power pole, ride my Schwinn 5 speed bike off an embankment, or attempt to walk across the top of our back fence.

I ,like so many other kids, had Knievel fever. In honor of my new hero I asked that Christmas in 1972 for a mini-bike. The answer was a hopeful “We’ll see.” I have asked “Santa” for a mini-bike, go-cart, or motorcycle every Christmas since then. The running joke is still alive today, and thankfully so am I, with my Mom chiming in every Christmas “We’ll See” to my question “Can I have a Mini-Bike for Christmas, you know the Bull Taco kind?”.

Today I write with great sadness that the man that made my heart fly out of my chest, made me want a mini-bike then Harley, the man that showed me what crazy really means is gone: Evil Knievel gone at age 69.

The following are some of the famous stunts that Evil is best known for in his great career. For me his greatest stunt of all was his charisma of the like that made me, a fearful little kid, want to take as many risks as I could take. This Christmas when I ask my mom for “my mini-bike” it will be with a tear in my eye: