Jyri Engstrom’s Ditto: Future Check-ins Changing Geolocation

Combining both the algorithmic recommendations with recommendations flowing in real time from people you actually trust on your social network. That’s the holy grail, potentially that could replace the Google search we do todayJyri Engstrom

In his interview with Robert Scoble, Jyri Engstrom described what he called the “holy grail” as combining both the algorithmic recommendations with recommendations flowing in real time from people you actually trust on your social network. As a marketer, I have been waiting for somebody to provide a geolocation tool that gives us what Foursquare can not: future actions. Ditto the new geolocation iPhone app, created by Jyri Engstrom, is about to revolutionize the geolocation world and that of marketers.

What is Ditto?

Ditto is an iPhone app built by Co-founder of micro-blogging platform Jaiku and former Google executive Jyri Engstrom. Robert Scoble broke the news about Ditto and summed it up best:

“Foursquare lets you tell friends and businesses where you are. But today Ditto (an iPhone app) lets you tell those same people and businesses where you’ll be.”

Ditto: Leveraging the Future

Here are some of the interesting facts, significant differences, advantages, and benefits of Ditto for marketers:

  • Social Objects: unlike Foursquare, Ditto is not just about location. Social Objects according to Jyri are those things we “hang conversations around and pivot around”
  • Decision Points: people checking-in on Foursquare have already made their choice. Ditto allows marketers to “catch people before they arrive at a location or decision”
  • Discovery: according to Jyri, Ditto is about discovery. “It’s about a book to read, music to play and download, a movie to see, or a restaurant to go to
  • Lead Generation: it allows marketers to provide “advanced offers” that may solidify a future check-in
  • Competition: unlike Foursquare, Ditto allows marketers to compete for consumers and persuade them to change their decisions about a social object or location. Bring people to your product or service
  • Stream: a huge advantage Ditto has over Foursquare is the fact that Ditto allows users to see the stream of their friends and the stream of future check-ins by people they are not connected to in any way. Users can access information of future check-ins by vicinity
  • Partnership: Ditto has a syndication deal with Foursquare where upon arrival at a location of your future check-in, once within a predetermined distance, your arrival will be streamed to Foursquare as a Foursquare check-in

Mashable’s “Web Faceoff”: Foursquare vs. Facebook Places

Mashable.com, the leading social media news source site, has instituted Web Faceoff an “ongoing series comparing technology apps or ideas.” In this week’s Web Faceoff, Mashable asked their readers “which location-based service  do you prefer: Facebook Places or Foursquare?”

Foursquare vs. Facebook Places: The Winner is Foursquare

Mashable’s readers responded overwhelmingly in favor of Foursquare- a complete blowout!

  • 57.11% of the vote (1,611 votes), Foursquare remained the king of geolocation
  • 18.86% of respondents voted for Facebook Places
  • 7.73% (218 votes) said it was a tie between the two
  • 16.31% of you (460 votes) said that you preferred another location-based service

Visual Results: Mashable’s Poll: