What Country Has The Most Explosive Tourism & Luxury Potential Outside of Las Vegas: Cuba’s Castro Steps Down Will This Open The Doors?

Fidel Castro’s resignation, due to health issues, of the presidency of Cuba brings new hope that this island paradise–real life human rights nightmare could possibly change into an economic powerhouse.

Cuba could become an incredibly hot real estate, development, gaming, entertainment, travel industry paradise if opened up to democractic economic principles. The acceptance of outside investors who would clamor for the opportunity to develop this paradise location could drive an economic renaissance of the type seen in Dubai right now. Cuba’s potential is as bright as it’s politics are dark.

Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather series depicted Cuba as a cross between Hawaii and Las Vegas on the doorstep of economic boom and growth. History has painted a different story rooted in 50 years of socialist rule, shortages and hardships, a muzzling of free speech, and a general deterioration of civil rights the byproduct of dictatorship.

The question remains what kind of paradise of riches could the Cuban people thrive upon with real estate holdings developed, gaming empires created, tourism jaugernaut realized without a Fidel Castro or hangover of Castro-ism Cold War dictatorship?