Twitter List Strategy: Create Lists For Twitter User’s Facebook Pages published this deansguide article 4-7-10
[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=stock+ticker&iid=87642″ src=”0084/7d4dcd29-6388-4187-82e1-140399da74c3.jpg?adImageId=12172707&imageId=87642″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]Twitter Lists are an important part of a business strategy if you want to build a viral marketing army, network, give back to your following, or monitor a person or brand. I believe this is a long overdue and over looked method of using Twitter lists: The Facebook strategy

Premise: Twitter Lists for Facebook

The premise here is to build a list(s) that showcases Twitter users that have Facebook business pages.

Twitter List for Facebook: Strategy

  • Announce: broadcast you have a great Facebook page and ask your followers if they have a Facebook page they would like to share
  • Collect: collect and record the Facebook urls people provide to their business page
  • Segmentation: separate and segment your Facebook lists by industry, niche, customer, consumer, prosect, affiliated business, geographic, associations and other filters pertinent to your business
  • Gratitude: build your lists much like the gratitude lists that keep popping up, a list that showcases Facebook page urls provide value
  • List Message: when naming your list fill in added description box with the instructions-“Tweet ur Facebook page url for followers to see”
  • Requirement: only list those people or businesses that have a Facebook page and require that person or company to tweet their Facebook page url at least 1x per week

Twitter List For Facebook: Benefits

  • Resource: a list of Facebook page owners available to your following
  • Networking: list to help others become fans and connect with other Facebook business pages
  • Research: another place to find Facebook pages that contain research information
  • Monitor: help people or companies monitor other brands
  • Eliminate DM: if enough people adopted this strategy, it could render the useless spam DM announcing a Facebook page url
  • #FacebookFri: adopt a new hashtag event that allows people to recommend their favorite Facebook business pages- more on this tomorrow