The Summer of Our Discontent: Eight is Enough

Chicago Post-Tribune published this deansguide article 7-18-09

The summer of 2009 may go down as one of the most memorable times for the loss of so many influential people. Many would argue that the list of people who have passed away this summer is less than memorable. Yet we all have our favorites and what we value. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For me, a complete fanatic of social pop culture, these people mark times and memories in my life. The people who were my peers remind me of my own vulnerability to the inevitable. With each loss, we should remember and honor in the best way possible. In no particular order:

1. Farrah Fawcet: Iconic super model actress of the 1970’s spawned an entire hairstyle and look

2. Walter Cronkite: The  greatest newsman anchor who ever slipped on a microphone–period!

3. Michael Jackson: Greatest dancer, R&B singer, creative talent of my generation

4. Steve McNair: Crushing the myth of the black QB with NFL excellence

5. Ed McMahon: The Alltime 2nd banana

6. Arturo Gatti: Known for his two guns smokin style of brawling, Gatti gave his heart and soul to boxing

7. Karl Malden: A San Francisco institution right “Stevie Boy?” Streets of San Francisco loved Karl

8. Billy Mays: Pop culture pitchman, too loud but extremely sucessful in getting our attention even with the volume off!

Cronkite, Walter Jackson, Michael Fawcett, Farrah


Bodega Bay Seafood, Art & Wine Festival 2008 The Greatest Entertainment Value of The Summer

Chicago Sun-Times and Beacon News published this deansguide article August 23, 2008

The good people at bring you the 2008 Bodega Bay Seafood, Art, and Wine Festival from beautiful-rustic Bodega Bay, California beginning August 23-24. This is without a doubt the best family value in summer entertainment in California. To make this possible, the festival has a number of great sponsors including Comcast, PG&E, and Kleenex. The sponsors page

The beneficiaries of this event are the Bodega Bay Volunteer Fire Department and non-profit Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods an organization that works inconjunction with the Parks Department.


Where: Watts Ranch 16855 Bodega Highway in Bodega Bay, California

Times: 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday and 10:00-5:00pm Sunday

Admission: Adults $12; Seniors over 60 (I’m not there yet) $10; Ages 12-16 $8 and under 12 is Free


Featured Artist page includes jewelry, dolls, painting, sculpture, and photography

Food Vendors list and here is a taste of their awesome menu:

Barbequed Oysters; Fish Tacos; Crab Cakes; Coconut Shrimp; Salmon Cakes and you get the idea!

Entertainment Main Stage on Saturday includes 4 bands with the headliner The Tommy Castro Band

Tommy Castro

Sunday’s Headliner Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88’s

And of course because it’s California there is going to be a whole lotta this: Smiling Faces

Two women enjoying a glass of wine.

George Carlin: A Legacy Left Behind–Will You Be Remembered?

How do you want to be remembered? Does creating a legacy feel important to you? Would you like people to remember a contribution you made to your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it might be time to begin thinking about your own legacy. This article is written in memory of my best friend Charles Henderson who died of cancer in October 2006–this place will never be the same without these two guys for me.

George Carlin

George left behind a controversial, yet truth filled legacy of making people laugh while examining their own political values. He challenged everything from government, religion, status quo, and how we utilize our language. He was a champion of the little guy and proponent of the truth.

George made people laugh, gave them entertainment value, and he did it in a manner that often left people pondering their own ideals

What is Your Legacy?

Do you want to leave behind something people will remember you for, benefit from, and generally recognize as your contribution?

If you answered no or I don’t care then stop reading and go back to your bag of chips and soda. If you answered “I think so” or “Yes” then take heart you can create a legacy

What Do I Do?

1. Analyze what cause or interest you wish to support

2. Choose a charity or interest you wish to help, raise awareness, or raise funds to help

3. Consider ways your business or personal work can benefit people and how you can bring this to the masses

4. Can you teach?

5. Would you mentor a kid?

6. Create a charity event

7. Model your legacy after that of a person or organization you admire

Now What?

This is the easy part. Once you have decided in what direction to move–just move. Commit time to performing the task(s) that will move forward your cause, your work, or your vision. Bring it to the people. Be consistent and watch your efforts grow.


You don’t have to be famous or glamorous in order to be remembered. You just need to make an “impact” in one person’s life to begin crafting your legacy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder–go out and create a masterpiece.

Ode to George

I saw Carlin perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. 15 years ago. I have seen some amazing comedians but none as thought provoking as George. May his legacy and magic continue to touch people. We will miss you George!

Newsflash: Hell’s Angels Plot to Kill Mick Jagger Revealed on The Huffington Post


Courtesy of The Huffington Post and A.P.

In what has been suspected, written about in numerous books, and the subject of speculation, Mick Jagger was the target of a 1969 assassination attempt by his Altamont “security force” the Hell’s Angels. The source of this information, as reported by the Huffington Post, comes from an interview of former FBI agent Mark Young for the BBC documentary “The FBI at 100” to be aired Monday evening in the UK.

According to sources, the Angels, aka “the 81”, were angered by Jagger’s treatment of them during the ill fated 1969 Altamont concert. The venue and event has been, accurately portrayed, as the the end of the ’60’s. The Angel’s anger stems from what they feel is disrespect by Jagger toward members who were “taking care of business” during the concert. If you do not understand the term taking care of business, reference “Immigrant & Social Order: The Oakland Chapter of The Hell’s Angels 50th Anniversary.”

The results of this anger was a failed attempt to reach Jagger, while he was vacationing, at his Long Island, New York home. The attack was a sea to shore attack that went awry when the boat the “hit team” was navigating lost control in stormy choppy waters and capsized. No known or dared to be talked about attempts were made after the initial plot.