’s Top 50 Sites March 2010: Bing On A Tear’s Top 50 Websites March 2010 provides a glimpse of the changing face of social media influence on web traffic. Most noteworthy is the changes that have happened within the Top 20. Facebook is catching Google for world wide traffic leader, AOL at #10 is still alive, and Microsoft’s Bing is exploding in growth with a massive gain of 25,337,988%!

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Job Seeker’s List of Top 25 Social Media Networks

The Chicago Sun-Times published this deansguide article 2-10-09 published this deansguide article 2-10-09

In the first article in this series aimed at helping job seekers and entrepreneurs, I chronicled how not to organize your work day. I then provided a template for how to organize your day in the world of social media. The response has been overwhelming. People are demanding a list of the best social media sites aka social media networks available today.

The following is a list of the top 25 social media “networks” as ranked by traffic (visits per month) in a great retrospective article by Andy Kazeniac of “Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over the Top Spot, Twitter Climbs.” This is a retro look at Andy’s original ranking of the Top 25 last year.  Note: Twitter came in at #22 on that list–look at them today.

Top 25 Social Media Networks:

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If you are a job seeker you should be concentrating your efforts on establishing a strong presence on #5 and #3 Although is #1, it has more cache for entrepreneurs looking to capture audience for a product or service.