Miami “Dadeland Massacre” 1979: “The War On Drugs” Begins

Please read this article before viewing the historical starting point of the US “War on Drugs”

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In what was described as the worst violence in a US city, making Al Capone’s 1930’s Chicago look like a “Church Sunday Picnic”, July 11 marks the 29 year anniversary of the Miami “Dadeland Massacre.” The massacre was the flash point and resulted in the beginning of what was later labeled “The War on Drugs” by then president Ronald Regan.

Miami circa 1979

Miami became the most dangerous place to live in becoming the “Drug Capital of the world” with 100,000 persons involved in the drug trade. Drug lords killed each other fighting for their turf as they killed their opponents to control their territories.

July 11, 1979 2:28pm

Three Mac 10 machine pistol toting “hitters” opened fire on their targets, two rival cocaine dealers shopping at Crown Liquor store, killing the rivals and spraying over 100 .45 and 9. millimeters rounds. The shooters continued to spray the parking lot as they exited the store in a scene homicide detective Al Singleton described as “Dodge City” and “the first public shot in the cocaine wars.”

Griselda Blanco aka the “Godmother of cocaine” and more notoriously “the black widow” ordered the hits and was responsible for a chain of events which developed into the “Cocaine Wars” fought by the “Kings of Cocaine” ( see the book for reference) Miami’s version of hell on earth

Time Magazine

Time Magazine published the article “Paradise Lost” in November of 1981 and it was the major piece that blew the lid off the truth about the wide spread homicides and mass murder that was Miami in the late ’70’s continuing through the 1980’s.

If you want to explain to your children why the “War on Drugs” is being fought, where and when it started, and the history of this country’s continued fight against murder and mayhem you only need to look at the Dadeland Massacre of 1979. . . and follow the blood
The Players

Pablo Escobar

Photo by Oscar Cifuentes
Dadeland shooter Jorge Rivi Ayala
Jon Roberts associate to George Jung Miami Cocaine Kingpin and subject of the movie “Cocaine Cowboys”
Cold hard cash: Miami’s US Federal Reserve reported a “surplus of 5 Billion dollars” from drug trafficking
Mickey Munday Smuggler Pilot worked with Jung, Roberts and Barry Seal
What they were fighting over The Product-Cocaine aka blow, yeyo, toot, whiff and many other names

Where Is Ed Okun: Federal Bureau Of Prisons Inmate Locator Snafu Or Is There More? published this article on April 12, 2008

As if the Ed Okun embezzlement case does not have enough stress and heartache for the victims, aka “Train Wreck Victims” who lost their life savings, now a cursory check of the Bureau of Prison’s inmate locater shows the following status dated April 13, 2008 for Ed Okun: “RELEASED”

Although this is most likely an oversight, it is just another in the long line of shots these people have had to endure during their attempt to recover their lost fortunes.

This instance brings to mind the internet lightening strike regarding fabled drug kingpin Carlos Lehder of the Medellin Cartel. George Jung, a number of attorneys, and journalists have posited on the internet that Lehder never spent a night in jail–even though he was convicted for his part in the importation and distribution of over 250 Tons of cocaine.

Michael C. Ruppert’s killer story theorizes that Lehder became the US Government’s cocaine dealer, distributing cocaine to countries around the world, as a means to raise quick capital, covert off the records, utilized to support covert CIA operations in foreign countries. All of these activities, mind you, were supposed to be run without the knowledge of our government officials or citizens.

Ruppert also posits that Lehder’s wife was a high ranking manager for AIG insurance in San Francisco and that Carlos himself was hiding in plain sight in the Bay Area (East Bay) for years; all the while citizens and officials connected to the case were led to believe that Lehder was incarcerated for life.

Is Ed on his way to Virginia to stand trial, is he incarcerated in Miami, is this just a computer glitch, or is it possible that Ed Okun has more connections than we realize? Could Okun be useful to our government in a way that would facilitate his release? A far fetched notion but in the scheme of the many conspiracies and realities within American history–not impossible.