Newsflash: San Francisco Missing 100,000 People–Mayor Newsom Ready To Sue

In one of the more bizarre miscounts in recent memory, beyond the Bush Conspiracy in Florida, the US Census Bureau and a yet unnamed nonprofit organization are fighting over their “perception” of San Francisco’s population.

The Census Bureaus’ population estimate stands at 764,000 while the nonprofit, using economic factors according to Yahoo News, contends San Francisco has 864,000 residents.

US Census Bureau Reasons For 100,000 Missing “San Franciscans” vs Unnamed Nonprofit Organization’s Reasons Why 100,000 New Residents

1. CB: 49er, Raider, Giants fans due to prolonged suffering and embarrassment left the city under cover of darkness
NP: The San Francisco LGBT love of J.T. Snow former Giant’s 1b is undying

2. CB: “San Franciscans” discovered Sacramento
NP: San Franciscans discovered Sacramento

3. CB: The bubble burst?
NP: Isn’t Daat Calm the dispatched buddhist monk living in Noe?

4. CB: Every college kid from Austin, Chicago, and Boston beat it home under the cover of darkness
NP: Every college kid from Portland, Minneapolis, and the Villiage beat it to SF under the cover of darkness

5. CB: Transplanted City of Angel-ites beat it back to LA after the first 50 degree day this winter
NP: Transplanted Orange County-ites beat it back to LA after their first trip to Baker beach

6. CB: Free WiFi Plan was struck down by the pseudo working class wanna be radical San Francisco Supervisors
NP: Free WiFi (whatever that is) was struck down by the pseudo working class wanna be radical San Francisco Supervisors

7. CB: Coit Tower is converted into an IRS recruitment office
NP: Coit Tower is converted into haute cuisine organic vegetarian neighborhood kitchen

8. CB: Patchouli Cologne is redefined under the controlled substance act and made a felony drug offense by the DEA
NP: Patchouli sit-ins are sponsored by sister city Berkeley, CA in an effort to free the smell

9. CB: Cable Car drive-by shootings have crippled the tourist to resident’s industry
NP: Cable Cars go Green with passengers required to pull their own weight

10. CB: Cesar Chavez Day pisses off conservatives
NP: The 1st Annual Cesar Romero Day celebration sends the Castro into a frenzy


American News Media and Real Estate Industry: Your Business Models Are Changing Are You Ready To Survive? published this article March 17, 2008 

In a bombshell report on the “state of the news media 2008” the Project for Excellence in Journalism, a “non partisan-non ideological-non political” research organization reports some astute if not astonishing findings that show eerie parallels between mass media and the real estate industry:

The Original Posit

1. Critics Wrong?: The posit here is that critics tended, myself included, to seetechnology democratizing the media and traditional journalism in decline.” Audiences are “fragmenting across new information sources (blogs-social media sites) breaking the grip of the media elites.” That was our posit and stance.

2. Long Tail Theory: the idea that the millions of niche markets could be bigger in aggregate than the “old mass market dominated by large companies and producers.”


These points would lead to the perception that mass news media is losing it’s audience to bloggers, losing it’s readership, and battling a losing war of attrition to “citizen journalism.”

Reality #1

The truth according to Project for Excellence in Journalism is “even with so many new sources, more people now consume what old media newsrooms produce, particularly from print, than before.” Traditional news media is more popular than ever before but how?

Reality #2

Although the fact that news media popularity remains high, with readers clamoring to read their product, the problem remains that there are less advertising dollars leading to layoffs and staff cuts as a way to reduce costs. According to Joe Garofoli’s well organized article on this report “. . . the latest (example) is 157 Media News employees in the Bay Area were let go over the past few weeks.”

Outlook for American News Media and Real Estate Industry a Parallel

The crisis in journalism, in other words, may not strictly be loss of audience. It may, more fundamentally, be the decoupling of news and advertising. . .”

News people see as their basic challenge: somehow they must reinvent their profession and their business model at the same time they are cutting back on their reporting and resources.”

Real Estate Industry Challenge and Analysis

Like journalism, the market for buyers and sellers is still out there but the rules of engagement have changed drastically. The business model for brokers going forward will be to provide free unlimited information that is constantly refreshed, monitored, and provides real time engagement with it’s audience.

The Change

Real Estate broker-owners in the past could rely upon exclusivity of the mls information as the “secret formula” or carrot on a stick business driver. Broker’s had control of this information and the public was forced to engage with brokers in order to gain access to what they wanted to explore.

Today that old business model is gone and doomed to failure. The new model is total transparency in business, in information, and in practices and processes.

Mechanisms for Success and Survival

For Realtor broker owners the mechanisms for Success and Survival:

1. Incorporate blogging as the marketing tool
2. Search engine optimization tool
3. Advertising tool
4. Information-Value provider to the public

Killer Application

Within this strategy is the blog network which is a first adopter advantage that guarantees a broker the survival of his/ her business, search engine optimization that becomes the “killer” lead generation application of the future and the tool which can and will lock your competition out of Google searches pertaining to your keywords, phrase based on your location and niche market.

Realtor Career Evaluation Tool #1: Understand Your Options, Chart Your Destiny

Susan Hanshaw of personal development firm inner architect is publishing a book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” devoted to helping Realtors become aware of their challenges, find the courage to confront the idea of change, and take the final step by implementing an intentional plan of action.

“The Apprentice Contest” is a first step in giving Realtors and Brokers the opportunity to review Chapter 1 now and Chapter 2 of “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live” in the near future.

The Benefits of Ordering Your Free Copy of Chapter 1

1. Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” helps readers learn:

a. Identify Clues that tell you if your job is no longer working for you
b. Get Clarity about how well your job is working for you
c. Understand what this means to you personally
d. Recognize what your choices are
e. Identify which choice you really want to make
f. How prepared you are to make a change
g. Your personal steps needed to prepare you to create your change

Susan provides guidance through steps, questions, and measuring tools (reader exercises) which provide the foundation for the reader to honestly self evaluate their situation.

More importantly to the reader is the fact that Susan has lived and walked the walk of change in her life. She abandoned a very successful 20 year direct marketing career as a Vice President to create a better life.

Woven throughout the book are her personal accounts, and struggles, of leaving a career that no longer fit her life. In addition to Susan’s story, she fortifies the book with stories from former coaching clients, students of her workshops, friends, and family. This collage paints a truth for many readers who can not help but identify with many of the scenarios in the book.

Final Analysis: Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind to Consider Change” provides the building blocks and awareness to help you understand the value of an open mind (awareness) and believe in your right to live an “ideal” life in or beyond the real estate industry.

Realtor’s Guide To Blog Writing Tip #2: RSS Subscriptions–Grow Your Audience

The following video “RSS in Plain English” produced by childhood time tripping website, is a brilliantly simple way to explain the process of subscribing to a blog. RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” and it is one of the best methods to increase a blog’s readership, convert casual one time searches into daily visits, and to begin the viral marketing buzz a blog needs in order to become a vital marketing tool for business.

Added Tips:

1. is a fantastic source for blog “how to” articles

2. provides research content helping your knowledge base

3. is an expert in “explanation” saving writers time and words

Published Article Resource Guide: deansguide’s Real Estate Industry Articles Published on, Reuters, And

Today is the launch of deansguide’s “Published Article Resource Guide” page created to provide a quick, organized, and easy to utilize go-to source of how to’s, tips, guides, and steps to improve your business. This page and subsequent published article resource guide pages will be located on the right sidebar just below the “archives” page on deansguide.

The first installment is the Page titled: deansguide’s articles published

The focus is on the real estate industry but these articles can help anyone needing an infusion of new ideas, strategies, or solid advice.

How do I know these articles are worthy of your time?

Everything on this reference page has been reviewed by professional editors and published by Subsequent pages for articles published by UK World News and’s “The Professional Network Small Business Resource Center-Small Business Tools” will be created in a few days.

If you like this idea and have comments, questions, or tips please leave your impressions below or email us at

“Why Being First In Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business”: Cornell Study Latest Blast To Realtor Community

One of the must read blogs in the blogosphere,, outlined a 2006 Cornell University study that is a call to arms for real estate brokers and agents yet to adopt blogging as a marketing tool.

In the article “Why Being First in Google Will Really Help Grow Your Real Estate Business” the following points are vital to your business:

1. 1st Position in Google: ranking #1 on page 1 of a Google search “will get you more than half of the clicks on a given search.”

2. 1st Position vs 2nd Position in Google: Ranking “first in Google will get you 4 times the clicks that the second position will.”

3. Top 10 Myth: According to “The ‘top-ten’ (Top 10 spots-page 1 on a Google search) itself is a very diverse group with the number of clicks increasing almost logarithmically as your rank grows.”

The most important point–“The first five positions get over 88% of the traffic, and the first three – 79%.”

Another blog to check into if you are interested in Marin County real estate is Ginger Wilcox’s (Pacific Union Greenbrae) blog Ginger provides timely news about one of the most expensive counties in the country to live. Good job Ginger!

San Francisco City Guides: How To Get To Know Any San Francisco City Neighborhood published this article February 10, 2008

One of the most intriguing, history infused, hands on methods of getting to know a San Francisco neighborhood is offered by San Francisco City Guides. The service is sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library and it is free.

The mission statement of SFCG:

“City Guides volunteers are serious about sharing the fun of discovering San Francisco and its neighborhoods. Our purpose is to preserve and perpetuate the history and folklore of San Francisco and to celebrate its rich history of cultural diversity. And in the spirit of our primary sponsor, the San Francisco Public Library, we provide this service free of charge.”

The advantages of SFCG to Realtors:

1. Welcome Wagon-provides a welcome to any city neighborhood with history and insider tips on the neighborhoods past and present day life

2. Independent Source-provides clients the opportunity to see the neighborhood without the perception of sales pressure or a watchful eye following them around

3. Valuable Source-sets the Realtor apart as a valuable source on city and neighborhood life

4. Realtor Education-Realtors can gain insight into the neighborhoods they sell and the neighborhood’s prior history by taking these tours

5. Entertainment-Realtors could identify the landmarks, entertainment choices, and restaurants within the neighborhood and draft a short list/map. This would give clients a hit sheet of fun ideas on their neighborhood and add to the tour’s value